Photos of Marshall Trails


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I dunno what happened. This trail started off great! I was having a nice walk through the woods, enjoying the scenery and going at a pretty good pace. I kept my app open as I read the other reviews here and saw that it could get tricky in places. I did briefly start going down a part that branched off, but quickly turned around and got back on track.

Then, the path started getting overgrown. Really overgrown. Luckily, when it just seemed like the whole thing was going to be swallowed up by grass, it cut to the right and was visible again. A little narrower, but visible and I was still on track.

Up to that point I was thinking that this trail would be great for a bike ride on, but then there were two consecutive trees that were blocking the path that you have to climb over. Nothing bad, but you'd definitely have to carry the bike over them as well.

Then, I arrived near the creek and that's where it all went south.

I have no idea how I lost the trail. I was keeping right along with the app, but somehow it seemingly disappeared. Next thing I know, I'm crossing the water a couple times, trekking through some thick thorny weeds and undergrowth and trying to get back on track. It looked like I was only a few paces off.

I wend up getting off the trail, though, and going a bit farther south parallel to the water. I managed to start working my way back over to the trail, or where the app showed it supposed to be, but I was still off. After getting turned around for another ten minutes, I decided to climb up the side of one of the hills, which was steep and tiring. I finally made it back on track, but was so tired from getting turned around multiple times that I just sort of stopped caring at that point.

The point where I reconnected was all overgrown, wet and muddy and muggy. Still, I figured the hard part was over. No. Getting lost was actually easier than the slog up the never ending hill during the last third of the trail. Had I not already been burnt out, it may have been a little easier. But the hill just went on relentlessly.

Finally, it plateaued and started to descend. Great! I was ready to get back to the car and wrap this thing up. But, no. Surprise! Another hill with a slight plateau and then two more hills! How did it go so wrong?

It was comically tragic, but I was beyond spent by the time I finished. It shouldn't have taken as long as it did, and I'm more than capable of hiking these trails. But as you can see from my recording of this hike, something went terribly wrong and I goofed. Luckily I paid heed and had the app running during the entire hike.

So yeah, bring your app. Hopefully you won't have the stupid problems I did and will be able to enjoy this trail. It is "easy" for all intents and purposes, but if you screw it up like I did, get ready for more than a moderate workout. I'm going to go pass out now.