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Decided to go on a hike here at the resort before attending a late July wedding. So, for us as resort guests the trail was free.
This is 100% our fault but we ventured in without bug spray and made it about 2 miles up before having to bail and run down a ski slope. I have never in my life been on such a relentlessly buggy trail- it was impossible to breathe without inhaling them in- this could be due to the recent constant rain. Adding to this mild frustration was the fact that we lost the trail, despite having a map, right after we crossed over the ski slope. Essentially we came out of the woods to cut through a cleared out section with a lot of ski equipment and couldn’t figure out where to pick it up again in the woods across the way.
If not for the bugs I think it could have been really great. It was challenging in parts- a few downed trees to climb over and a mix of rocky and smooth terrain. A moderate uphill climb. Glad we tried, and worth it if you’re a guest of the resort- just go prepared with some hardcore deet.