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Luzerne, Pennsylvania Map
trail running
4 days ago

Nice for trail running, mountain biking, and dog walks. Recommend good trail running shoes as it can be wet in some spots. However, big thanks to the guy who has been filling in wet spots with gravel on the trail part from the Trucksville FD. Awesome job!


My wife and I love walking our dog here. It's very peaceful and if you like planes you can often get good views of them flying. This "trail" would also be good for biking or running!

21 days ago

It's pretty good. Nice, easy hike above the roadway which can get noisy, but the views are pretty nice. I wouldn't rate it the best but it's nice to just have an easy hike sometimes. We parked in the Knights of Columbus lot and there were a few homeless around, so watch leaving anything in your car.

So. Many. Junkies.
This trail shouldn't even be listed on here.
If I had a dog or kids I wouldn't expose either of them to this place.
Stay classy Dallas.

6 months ago

Easy trail that leads into town. Great for walking your dog as many others will be doing the same.

My husband and I have walked the dyke many times and enjoy it. We've also written our bikes up there. It's good for beginners because it's even and level and paved

nature trips
Saturday, September 09, 2017

Great variety of plants and trees such as chestnut, oaks, catalpa, birch, tulip poplars, pine, cedar, firs and more. Goldenrod, Jewel weed, and a collection of other wildflowers line the trail too.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nice easy walk with the dog or good way to get home after drinking

Monday, December 26, 2016

Decent little trail, most of the reviews are accurate, it is a rather easy trail that stays groomed, and it does not offer much of a challenge unless you go off trail climbing the mountainside in select areas which can be fun, or carrying a pack. Overall nice hike and walk to away from people and outdoors. The road noise is a bit distracting, but if you hike early enough it isn't bad. Nice part is that it is accessible year round.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

There are two sections of this trail the lower half which is shown is nice. Pretty boring. Not to far away from a busy highway. You can throw a golf ball from the trail to the highway. So for me it's not to much since all you here is automobiles and horns! The second part is much longer from Trucksville to Harveslake same deal though.

mountain biking
Monday, June 13, 2016

road not paved no parking lot or bathrooms and if you get dizzy looking down off the cliff to the highway below its not for ya

mountain biking
Sunday, April 03, 2016


Thursday, September 03, 2015

It's not a hikiing trail, but a really nice level walk along the river. My two dogs love walking here early in the morning.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

I regularly walk this trail from Luzerne (starting at the Knights of Columbus parking lot) to the waterfall and back, about 2 miles round trip. The walk is easy, and is a great way to be able to walk in the Wyoming Valley away from cars, although you do hear them constantly on the highway.

I have walked the tral up to Trucksville, and the trail is nice for about the first 2 mi9les, then there are more roots and other bumps in the trail, and the trail narrows a bit, including one short section on the shoulder of a road.

The lower portion (up to the waterfall) is great at almost any time of the year because someone actually plows the trail to make the walking easier. After some thawing and refreezing, there can be icy portions, but that isn't too big an issue, but I do wear Yak Trax for added stability at those times.

In warmer weather, you will see people walking dogs, others enjoying the trail on foot and mountain bike... but never what I would call crowded. We have seen deer feeding along side the trail, especially at about dusk, a mother deer and 2 fawns seemed to be there quite a bit last year.

Definitely nice place to get some fresh air and exercise. I would give it 5 stars, but I don't like the highway noise, although you are able to ignore it after a while.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Looking at the reviews I would say there has been improvement. It was well marked except where it was on streets. But there you just follow bike trail signs till you pick trail signs again. I road nearly the whole 5 mile. Short by less than a quarter mile. It was a little rough in a spot or two. Could use a little easier way to get though the 40 or so steps at Trucksville. All in all a good ride. Used Android app to submit review

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's an okay spot to go for a jog or to drive a Jazzy. The funny thing is that the signs say bike trail, yet there is a spot with 4 sets of about 10 stairs. There is a sharp left and right bend between two of the sets of stairs, otherwise I'd try to ride down them. It just seems stupid to put stairs on a bike trail that is meant to be easy. There is a track built into the railing, I'm guessing its for a jazzy(hence the Jazzy comment)?? I'm all for rails to trails, but it just sickens me to see our tax dollars wasted by people who clearly haven't thought things through...

Sunday, July 03, 2011

This us a great trail for introducing kids to hiking. As a Cub Scout leader, it is great for the younger kids and new Scouts. It can be a short hike (just up to the falls and back), something mid-range (Luzerne Fire Hall to Carverton Road and back), or longer. And to make it better, if you start in Luzerne, it is a slight uphill grade to start, and the return trip is downhill. It is a bit too basic for advanced hikers, but perfect for rookies.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

... Not a place to go hiking or mountain bikeing. It is a paved dick. Not a place to hike. More like a place to walk or jog

4 months ago

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