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This trail is good for walkers, joggers and bikers. It's not for hikers! We are avid hikers. There are too many people at this trail.

Surprisingly a great place to go to see tons of wildlife. Well maintained trails, easy walk.

3 days ago

Good trail and easy to access. We went on one of the first warm weekends of the year and the parking lot was packed. Be ready to have lots of company on the trails. It was heavily used by mountain bikers and people with pups. (We had our two pups leashed and all but one dog we passed was also leashed.) We also had our two year old with us and she was able to hike with us (with assistance of course.)

Great time with the family. The only trail we could not figure out was the orange trail return loop. Good trail to get the legs warmed up.

Really just a sidewalk or shoulder along a moderate to high traffic road. Fairly accessible but not at all what I look for in a trail.

it is one of my favorite places

Moderate to slightly challenging hills. lots of different trails that connect. beautiful scenery. It's not as close to route 22 as I thought as others stated.

One of the more strenuous trails I've hiked, with the gain being somewhere around 900 feet / mile. The trails coming off the AT - particularly the North Trail - are not the best marked, but when you find them you will be blown away by the views!

Great hike. Trail to the top of the mountain was very steep and icy. Easy from that point forward other than the deep snow and eater covered bear meadow trail. Some fantastic views from the ridge.

It’s a classic! I don’t think it’s “ hard” but I did grow up around it. Some really steep hills though and mud! Wear shoes with good tread!

Took North and South scenic trails, which are more difficult and have a lot of sun exposure. The AT sections were easier and had coverage. Great loop. Wear sunscreen and a hat!

I love that Peace Valley has two separate “worlds” to it. The first is the paved trail around the lake, where bicycling and pets are also allowed. It’s a very peaceful walk. My husband and I have done it a few times, typically taking some lunch with us to enjoy at one of the many picnic tables situated around the lake.

The second “world” includes the variety of nature trails that are offered, all of which are meant for foot traffic only and no pets. These are unpaved, usually grassy trails. Most trails are pretty basic, but there are some moderate paths where you’ll run into spots of swampy, muddy terrain, and a few trails may have you cross the creek (usually on stepping stones set up to allow passage). You can usually see quite a few deer, as well as some other smaller wildlife when traveling along the nature trails, which are on preserved land.

Because of the variety of trails and activities, Peace Valley is definitely my go to park.


12 days ago

12 days ago

It’s a nice trail, saw some wildlife while we were out. Overall it’s a bit busy in the surrounding area but hardly anyone was on the trail. The markers do indeed get a bit confusing to follow. The vistas weren’t as impressive as most people said and there really isn’t too much to see besides woods. Well maintained though, not great, not terrible overall.

Nice paved walk for when the weather or ground is not good for hiking trails

There are several trails and you can loose your way pretty easily. But if you follow the river you will find your way back eventually. Very pretty. A lot of foot/bike traffic.

Just a great trail for all seasons. On a cold day (38 degrees) we saw deer, a woodpecker, a titmouse, several redwing blackbirds, Carolina wrens, cardinals; truly an amazing display of wildlife. Do yourself a favor and break from the paved trails. Take the rough route. It’s worth it!

Had a great time with my husband on a beautiful day!❤️

The recent trail revamp is great. They did a LOT of work rebuilding the bridges and securing water-side paths. A quick hike and great for jogging. Perfect for exploring families.

Nice moderately difficult trail. Nice things to see and well marked. We will be going again!

This is a really great trail. Has information on tons of bird species with viewing platforms. About halfway through it tells you exactly where the eagle nest is. The boardwalk over the water is a really nice touch that I haven’t come across in any other parks in the area. A lot of the park is also handicap accessible.

Great scenery once you get to the top but very steep and rocky towards about the halfway mark. Lower levels were very washed out and muddy but great nature walk. There was no good spot to cross the stream at the very beginning but we got creative and balanced across the fallen trees, which the kids enjoyed very much. No real good places to stop for rests but overall a beautiful trail.. well worth getting the whole way to the summit!

25 days ago

A pleasant trail with moderate rocky terrain and hills. It is quite wet as it is part of a large watershed are. Pay attention to the route since the Makenna Trail intersects and joins it; you can go right past some of the turns if you’re not careful! The Mt. Hope School foundations and a Spring house were lovely caveats to the sights.

Pretty short walk. Nice surrounding with the creek and view on top over the gorge. Wasn’t expecting making an ascent up a steep, rope-guided hill at the end- not the easiest.

25 days ago

Great views and love the trail up high above the water. Really lovely- a nice surprise!

It was so pretty! My friend and I drove up here to take some photos and it was raining. I definitely don't recommend wearing shoes you like if it's wet outside on this trail, the entire lower half of the path turns to mud.

26 days ago

Great little hike! Extremely beautiful especially today since it was a rainy day the water was really flowing. Was very very muddy though. So many cute little waterfall areas! The big waterfall is pretty big and was flowing! Very pretty! Love it!

This is a great place for hikers, photographers, birders. Do not bring your dog or bike. The land is for the plants, animals, and water protection.

cool place to see some birds and a little wild life right in the city not to bad

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