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Lehigh, Pennsylvania Map

Blue up - White down

I take the blue up to get a good leg burn and feel like you get better views once you get to the top while walking going this route. Watch out for poison that sometimes sticks out on the trail.

A nice rock formation at the top that needs some sure steps and a hand down in case of a slip but if you have a little experience this isn't bad. May be a little overwhelming if this is your first hike. If you scale the rocks to the peak you have amazing views.

The treck down on the white trail starts with some rocks on the top. Take your time and find an easy way down, the trail isn't clear here, you just need to make your line and follow the markers. After that it's an easy walk. Watch out for thorn bushes.

This is my go to hike. I haven’t done the whole thing but the part that I have done is a great workout!

most beautiful hike around Poconos

I am typically very happy with All Trails and their evaluations of trails. Sometimes the mileage may be off a little, or something is a bit harder than anticipated, but this basically sets you up for failure. Well in my case left me ill prepared and coming off an unfamiliar mountain by myself at 9pm.

I’m an avid hiker, as are my two trusty Pomeranians and we’ve done our share of hikes (of varying difficulty) to be able to estimate an appropriate amount of time needed to complete a 2.5 mile moderate hike. Well error 1, it’s a 3.5 mile hike. Minor set back, had time to spare, no biggie. Until...

Error 2, they fail to mention that the entire first 1.25 miles is a straight shot up rocks. Literally needed my hands to hoist myself up to the next rock on more than one occasion... and they seemed never ending. Needless to say, my Poms needed some serious assistance.

Rock climbing and shuffles are fine for some people, but I’m not about that life.... especially without warning!

So to ensure no one else finds themselves in my unfortunate predicament, fair warning, it looks like there will be a little bit of climbing/scrambling involved.... there’s a lot!

(Low score based more on experience/expectations than trail quality)

2 months ago

Love coming here.. a bit of a challenge, especially on the way down, but very fun and scenic!

The AT trail up the rock wall was very challenging and you need both hands and feet. If you have a great fear of heights this part can be a bit scary. However the views were spectacular. Blue trail down was very peaceful.

Great hike! Maybe easy for a lot of hikers, but the white trail blaze Appalachian is not great for small children or dogs. My dog usually does great in all terrain but there were at least 2 parts she needed help. Blue trail was a nice relief after the climb up, well marked with and a little further than GPS was showing. Beautiful views and worth it if you know what to expect.

This is NOT easy! We've been told this is one of the most difficult sections of the AT in Pennsylvania. You will need to do some rock scrambling to get to the views but they are gorgeous!

5 months ago

Very beautiful falls and trail. However we did visit after a snow storm and it was very icy in spots. Locals saw eagles, bears and bobcats up in the mountains. A very very nice hike.

on Glenn Oko Falls

9 months ago

What a paradise!!! a place to defenetly be.. sometime in August I visited.. Collado was here.. lol

Should be set moderately difficult. There is some rock climbing to see the view no matter what while going on the white marked trail. Best plan would be to follow the white trail up and come back the blue marked trail. Other than that, it was worth it.

It is definitely not in the easy category unless you consider using your hands and feet climbing up a rock face a few hundred feet easy. Great views though.

We took the white Appalachian trail for the first .8 miles. It took some rock climbing, at points vertical. This may be "easy" for the young and spry but certainly not for the non seasoned hiker. We finished with the blue trail which is much easier and easy too follow but poorly marked. The bulk of the really beautiful views are on the Appalachian trail.

I do not agree that this is an easy trail. The AT side (with white blazes) has a stretch where you scramble up a rock field. I am 6' tall, but I have creaky 58 year old knees. Even at my height, some of the rocks were difficult to step up on to. Might be "easy" for a very fit person with young joints, but I think the majority of hikers would consider it moderate. Folks expecting a groomed, easy trail are in for a surprise. I went up the white side, down the blue side. Then took a second lap up and back down the blue side. Blue side might be considered easy (setting aside the 15-20% average grade going up the hill), but not the white side. All in all, a good hike. Some nice views, especially on the white side.

Nice and easy. Beautiful views.

10 months ago

Went today with my wife and it was awesome. The falls are absolutely worth the jumping from rock to rock on the path. Trail ranges from easy to pretty damn tough in spots. Be ready to make it up as you go trying to get up some of the rocks. You will be grabbing tree roots and branches to pull yourself up. Wear proper hiking boots or be prepared to slip on the wet rocks. My wife wore sneakers and cursed them the whole way lol. You don’t really need much else for the trail but be ready to really keep an eye out for the trail markers as sometimes they’re not the easy to spot.

I brought a back pack with water and medical supplies just in case as I always do but you can make it with just a bottle of water.
All in all we had an amazing time and will go back.

Great views! Worth the uphill hike!

The Appalachian white blazed trail is not easy. Make sure you go up right at the sign and come down the blue blazed trail. If you do the loop the opposite way, you will be climbing down a steep Rocky Mountain. We took my 9 year old daughter, an experienced hiker, and I was quite nervous going up because we didn't know what the trail down would be like. The view at the top was well worth it though. Wear good hiking footwear, its very rocky at the top.

3 months ago

3 months ago

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