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My adult daughter and I hiked the trail on a Thursday afternoon in the fall. Saw one other person. Didn't see any wildlife. Not even a bird or a squirrel. Hike up to the boulder area was easy. The boulder area was moderate to challenging depending the route you choose. There are no trails in this area. Reaching the summit was anticlimactic. Decided to take a different route down. Went southwest off the summit following the trail on the AllTrails app map. Then turned east on a trail to head back to the parking lot. I use the term trail loosely. There are no trails. We were rock-hopping for the next 1-1/2 hours. If you're into rocks, the south side is for you. The good part of being in the boulders is you don't have to worry about the hunters. You couldn't get an animal out of there if you were lucky enough to see and shoot one. I'm glad I did this trail once. But I won't be going back.