Kennett Square

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Great advice, thank you Jim Walla! I walked the Yellow and some grey trails with my wife and kids (9 & 7) - the sections across the fields are hot in the sun, but large amounts of the Yellow trail are in the forest.
It’s not the most exciting hiking (no changes in elevation, or peak to climb to) but some nice scenery and wildlife. There are two stream crossings to do on the Yellow trail, if you’re careful where you put your feet you’ll be fine, but my kids managed to get wet! All the trails are VERY well marked, and easy to navigate- no need to follow someone else’s recording on AllTrails. Kids were able to navigate fine with the paper map we picked up at the parking lot.
The Nature Playground is a lot of fun for elementary schoolers! My two mustered up enough energy for 30 mins playing even after 2hrs walking!