The trail was quite nice, we took a stroller and a razor style scooter on it with our three and two-year olds and there were no bugs and a beautiful breeze. The trails allowed us to throw some stones in the water and the kids have a little bit of aesthetic fun. A great trail for jogging walking hiking birdwatching anything else on a level ground it would be a great trail for anybody with injuries or if injuries that are looking for rehabilitation the ground is forgiving but also sturdy.

19 days ago

Great trail! There is a good loop trial if you follow my recording. Overall easy trail and you can easily run on the trail even off the main trail

BEAUTIFUL trail. But this is really more of a mountain bike trail than a road bike trail. Some very intense climbs on rocky/gravel paths. Very fun but also very challenging. We connected to this trail from the Path of The Flood Trail starting in South Fork.

Clear trail, level good for strollers, bike rides and walkers

As below, there are a lot of trails not included on the trail map here. Despite being surrounded by Westmont and Brownstown, it's very easy to get away from people by choosing anything other than the main trail that runs the length of the park's horseshoe shape. Some litter, some broken glass but myself and others regularly clean it up. There were a lot of trees blown down last year but most trails are completely clear.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite places to take my 4 yo daughter to ride her bike. The recent storms look like they did a number on the hillside and I’m not sure how much longer until there’s a massive landslide.. Otherwise, this is a very easy, flat trail that is moderately trafficked. There is a waterfall that is only visible when someone cuts back the brush.

Clear trail, bridge, trains, tunnel

If your looking for a nice flat hike I would start at the Johnstown end hike through the tunnel and return to the parking site. To my knowledge as of 4-11-20 the path from the tunnel to Mineral Point is OPEN not closed as the "All Trails" app indicates.

private property
2 months ago

couldn't even find the trail. pretty sure I ended up in someone's backyard. didn't wanna get shot, so I left.

If your into Geocaching there are a bunch along this trail. The trail is easy to hike and bike. Remember this was once a road so some parts of the underlaying ground are asphalt with potholes and some uneven terrain. Great views along the path on both sides and a good hike for a weekend.

mountain biking
8 months ago

This ride includes street and trail riding using the Jim Mayer Trail and the Johnstown Greenway. This is an easy ride which also includes the Inclined Plane.

This trail is mostly shaded, beautiful waterfalls, tunnel, and history markers along the way. The trail will narrow with steep inclines. There are bike route signs so keep a look out for them.

terrible. went out to explore this trail last week. it was impossible. the trail started being blazed and easy to follow. blazes stopped after maybe a half mile. appeared to be on a trail but wasn't sure if I was on an ATV trail, or a game trail. turned around because I wasn't sure I would be able to find where the blazed trail resumed. the only good thing about this one is I just got new hiking boots that needed broken in. confirmed they are waterproof and didn't mind the mud lol

mountain biking
washed out
11 months ago

Nice scenery. Don't know why it's listed for hiking. This is a biking or walking trail!

Mon Dec 31 2018

There are an abundance of trails in this park that are not logged on this site! I grew up in this area and enjoy these trails whenever I’m in town visiting.

very nice trail, love going there

Sun Aug 26 2018

quiet,nice place to walk a dog

Nice trail for a walk. Can get pretty hot though, as alot of it is out in the open sun. The river makes it nice too.

The most poorly marked trail I’ve encountered. Also, wear waterproof boots. Nice area; scenic reservoir — of which there is not an unobstructed view from the trail.

Really nice trail !!

Mon Feb 05 2018

If you begin at the kayak launch and head towards the woods, the river walk is quite breathtaking, especially during Fall. Moderate hike, as you can go off-the-trail to the train tracks which leads to a gorgeous view near the bridge.

Sun Dec 31 2017

Stackhouse Park is the best place in the west hills of Johnstown to walk your dog.

Nice 1.3 mile trail from the outskirts of Franklin (Johnstown) to the Staple Bend Tunnel Trail, joining that trail right at the historic tunnel. Well maintained, only a mild incline near the end, benches and historic informational signs along the way, and a picnic table on the other side of the tunnel. Great for walking with kids or pets. 2.6 miles total to the tunnel and back, or 3.5 miles one way from this trail head to the parking lot at the far end of Staple Bend Tunnel Trail.

The trail could use some surface improvements. The gravel surface is a bit rough and throws bicycle tires off track, so it is a little slow going up the trail. Some large potholes extend the whole way across the trail and should be filled. Erosion is an issue in some areas where it has washed out. That said, it's a fun trail with great potential. It's really fun when included in a loop with the Johnstown Greenway and the Staplebend Tunnel Trail.

The trail is quite nice for a walk or short bike ride. It has been extended into Hornerstown but at this writing, the extensions do not appear on the main AllTrails map.

nice trail

Thu Jun 30 2016

decent with nice scenery. most of the trails are a good hike for beginners

Very nice mostly flat wide trail. Used to be RR tracks

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