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I ran my first trail run on here. I stuck with the red trail but ventured off on some other little side trails closer to the lake which made it a little more interesting then the regular open grass and gravel marked trail. It was beautiful and added some extra challenge. Do be scared to be adventurous. Keep the lake in view and you won’t get lost.

3 days ago

We went there on Sunday January 13th, the road was horrible and full of potholes, the directions were not correct, we couldn’t find the trailhead or the falls, we did trek through the woods and timber to the creek, which was beautiful with the ice, the next person to go there, please mark the trailhead with a sign or something , so others can find and enjoy!

6 days ago

Went on a winter day. Had the falls to myself. Easy trail with rock garden towards the top. A nice place to photograph.

6 days ago

Great trail to take a dog on.

6 days ago

This trail is beautiful in the winter! The nice, flat trail makes for an easy walk in the snow with various ponds and streams along to enjoy. We crossed the road at the end of the trail when you reach the other game lands parking lot because we wanted to see Springfield Falls. We weren't sure if we were allowed to keep going because it looks like somewhat of a continuation of the trail but goes right behind people's houses, but we saw someone out sled riding with his kids and he greeted us and asked if we'd hiked this trail before, so it must be fine. Unfortunately, the trail leads to a gated small bridge over a creek that you aren't able to cross (the man I mentioned previously told us it's apparently unsafe) and the creek was fairly deep, so we couldn't continue to the falls. There may be a way to keep going along it or a shallower spot to cross, but we were just ready to turn around. In the warmer months that wouldn't be a problem regardless. A very enjoyable and scenic trail.

Nice hike. I think I did the blue loop trail which is blue and orange much of the way. I started to the right of the pavilion. it was muddy early on. About mid way you have to cross the creek a few times. This would be difficult to do without getting your shoes under water. I took my shoes and socks off for 2 crossings I wouldn't have been able to do without getting my shoes wet so I was able to finish with dry socks and shoes. About 4 miles. Moderate uphill at the end. Rest of trail was not too difficult except trying to keep from getting my feet wet or muddy.

Great trail, if you start on the paved path, lots of beautiful creek scenes, cover bridge. Once you hit the blue its a mile of uphill. You get a break before its uphill again. Then you get to the orange you are at the peak, its up and down. By the end I suggest tucking yourself into a ball and roll down the hill, your legs are useless by now

Awesome trail, a little rough in some areas from the horses. Major cardio and your legs will be jellified at the end, lots of elevation changes. Use the app and you won't get lost.

Great trail- we parked at the inn and started/ended our loop there. Orange out and white back. Very cool 5 mi hike- it’s easy to get off on a side trail, but you can’t really get lost

Definately would rate this as an short easy trail but with a little creativity one can make the hike a little more challenging. Well marked and well maintained. OverLl a nice local trail, easy to get to and easy to use and train for more challenging hikes.

Beautiful trail. One side of the creek had a lot more terrain and was good for a workout hike. Would 100% recommend

Good little loop for an easy spin, great views of the lake!

17 days ago

Close to Philadelphia, muddy being that we’ve gotten so much rain. The hike is very easy but not well marked—trail is obvious but which trail not so much. We saw three deer and a fox and we tired our dog out after going for 5 miles.

great for running/walking. I would not bike on it though because it is heavily trafficked, especially on holidays. great scenery. not a lot of shade though so be prepared on a sunny day

Great trail. But without this app I would of been lost. Sometimes the markings were sparse enough ( especially along the creek) that I thought I missed a marking. Trail criss crosses across a creek which can be very confusing. But, nonetheless I had a great time exploring the landscape.

20 days ago

We started to hike in from the road and came across heavily posted signs including a log gate blocking the trail with posted signs. Posted by Tumbling Run GP, which is the darker green area on the map, private property. Not sure if you can get permission to hike up it or it is not accessible. The area along the road was extremely wet and difficult to navigate crossing several small streams. We ventured up toward upper Happy Hour trail then found our way back down on a trail not on Alltrails. This trail was exactly following the border of the GP. Was disappointed we didn't get to go up to Lewis rocks but still some good alternate trails to explore.

My son & I spent 6 hours hiking the perimeter trail. Scenic & challenging hike. Severely muddy from almost 10 straight days of rain so we expected & prepared for it. I do wish the trail was better marked. My only real "complaint" would be that the trail ends at the creek with no way to cross. It took about 1 hour of brutal backtracking to get to a place to cross. I will certainly do it again, and simply avoid the dead end.

Wonderful scenery and decently well marked trails. just make sure you look up every so often to not miss the trail markers. We followed the yellow markers for a bit until we reached the train tracks and the open river. Almost missed the continuation of the trail that turns blue right after the white train track bridge. Many skinny portions to the trail and lots of rocks to climb up and around. Towards the end we got a little stuck and had to cross the creek to make it to the road. Overall the trail was a lot of fun with some sketchy parts that are a little slippery. Parking lot is a little small so be careful.

23 days ago

The Border trail has some nice views and gives a decent workout, but I would suggest mixing in some other trails along the way to get the best scenery the Trexler Nature Preserve has to offer. The trails are well marked and the maps are clear to read, so it's easy to map your own route.

Nice trail for younger children.

Fun trail with some elevation change and interesting sections. Very quiet, I basically had the place to myself. Some very muddy areas right now (12/26/18) requiring some creative routes.

24 days ago

Not super scenic, but a nice afternoon hike. Very quiet this time of year (12/26). Some sections were seriously muddy, but all in all, it is nice and not too difficult. Just enough challenge to keep it interesting.

An easy walk and great walk down memory lane. ❤️

on North Loop Trail

1 month ago

Hubby needed a nice easy trail this weekend and his was perfect. Slight elevation gain / loss but relatively flat, well maintained, well marked trail. Definitely on my keep list and want to check out the other county park trails and St Peters Village too.

That was fun. I enjoyed the first part of the trail the most along the creek.

Wasted two hours trying to find this coming in through Sheffield. Save yourself the aggravation and just drive to Marienville. At the intersection in the center of town turn right (west) past the fire hall heading towards Abraxis. Drive approximately 7 miles. You will pass Abraxis and come to an intersection. The road turns to dirt and full of potholes so you’ll want to slow down or drive like a drunk trying to avoid them. Turn left onto Forest Rd 180. Go exactly 2.3 miles and the pull off is on the right. You’ll see the path going down over the hill. Round trip down and back is only .7 mile. I’m not sure who came up with directions on here, but I’m guessing they were half asleep or stoned. Anyone can do this “hike”. If your old or out of shape, just wear appropriate shoes and take your time. First visit here, 12/4/18 with maybe an inch of snow on the ground. The trail was pretty clear. Not bad at all. The winter views are amazing.

Well this was my first time at the falls, I went with my brother in law and nephew. Our plans were to take the shorter trail due to it getting dark so early again. We accidentally ended up in the lower parking lot and said the hell with it and took the longer route. First and foremost the extra hike was definitely work it. Just the few extra waterfalls on it alone are worth it.
Once we got to the loop it was beautiful, but holy steps Bat-man!! lol. It was a hike up hill. Since we had some snow recently it was definitely very dangerous in spots, I understand why they have so many warnings posted.
Over all, with the careful footing for to the ice and the MANY pictures we stopped to take, the whole trek took us 4.5 hr's. And we finished just in time as the sun was going down and the rain began.
Overall a great first time experience at Rickets Glenn. We must have discussed or future trips back half a dozen times over the hike.

1 month ago

Nicely marked trails, good views of the water, a tad on the short side for hiking. But there are plenty of other activities available.

We had a blast! My father went down the one trail with his walker. Grandson enjoyed hammering on the rocks.

1 month ago

Great hike but be aware that you cannot complete the loop with the dam construction going on. We did this hike Thanksgiving morning and when we got to the bridge over the dam it was fenced off and we had to turn around.

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