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Small lovely waterfalls with water holes- large enough to relax during the hot summer months. Great area to hike/take pictures any season.

Most of the trail was in the woods, but also had an open field which was really pretty. Awesome little pools of water from the creek flowing down to the river that was fun for my dogs to get in. Would hike again.

Love this hike. Second time doing it Nd we went backwards which made it so much nicer. Great for the whole family (fur babies too) and lots of water for hot days!

Hiked the northern section from Pequea Creek campsites to Bridge Valley rd area. This hike is certainly challenging and rewarding. Orange blazes were sometimes tough to notice but you catch on. The views of the river and the occasional bald eagle are terrific. This section of the trail brings you to some of the best tectonic caves on the east coast and the cold air blowing out of the openings feels awesome. It’s a great stop on the trail to do something different but bring head lamps. gloves a prepare for a dirty diversion into the caves. SO COOL! Good spot for a rest too. Don’t miss this portion of the trail. The caves are not far from Bridge Valley Rd crossing.

Great day hike. Enough to work up a sweat but enjoy a nice loop and some great views of the river along the way

This hike is really special. Just a beautiful walk along rocky hills, plunging (though small) waterfalls, and through lush forest and meadows. The “difficult” rating by the County Conservancy is probably accurate, but the trail is not too challenging; you probably want to be in decent shape if you expect to enjoy the entire loop, however. Lots of stream crossings and wet, slippery rocks, so bring proper footwear.

this is a great place to hike! I've gone here a couple of times with my family and had a great time every time!

This is a very difficult hike but the views were amazing .This was my longest hike ever and I will do it again . I have no complaints at all .

I did this trail with another person and we parked one car at one end and another car at the other end. I really kicked our butts. Make sure you bring the necessary supplies. There are plenty of water sources along the path. Lots of hills but nothing too difficult.

This was one of our first hikes, we loved it, especially the multiple steam crossings!

This was a beautiful hike. It's a little challenging at spots around the creek. I would suggest going through the meadow first and then looping around to the creek especially if it is hot outside.

Second time on this trail. Got a bit confused at one point. A lot of different colored trail markets at a creek crossing. Needed to turn right instead of left.

Great trail. The terrain is moderately rugged in some spots. One trail marker was on a felled small tree by the stream and I missed it. Ended up on a dead end trail but backtracked and got going the right way. This is a must-hike trail!

A truly awesome trail on a beautiful day. We seriously underestimated the waterfalls and the stream, which were the gems of the hike. The simple beauty of the open spaces, fields of wild flowers really, added to the experience. A great day!

Mind blowing!!! Worth every second, I’ll be going back soon!!!

2 months ago

Awesome trail!! Your feet will get wet! Took about 1.5/2 hrs!! Muddy spots and some slippery rocks! Totally not a stroll in the park that’s what hiking is though!

Definitely a challenging trail but was awesome! Can’t wait to go back!

Four words: this trail is HARD. The views and setting are awesome, but the trail is not moderate by a stretch, unless one hikes the Colorado Rockies or the like on a regular basis. I started out at 5:30 am at the parking area for Kelly’s Run trail (Holtwood), and ended at the Pequea Boat Club parking lot and pier (Pequea) before returning — the entire course, plus. I hiked about 17.5 miles total, of which about 12 miles were recorded. Water is definitely an issue and that’s another reason why this course should not be rated “moderate”. I agree that you will likely run out of water, as another reviewer posted. But, It’s everywhere! Next time I will take purification tablets (Katadyn Micropur) and/or a water filter (Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter). You can refill along Tucquan Creek and several other places. Otherwise, people may have to help you out, like they did for me.

The course is well marked, but often in inconspicuous locations. Sometimes you will have to look around carefully for the markings. And, although it can be used for trail running, I don’t recommend it on the initial visit, especially if you’ve never been here before. I think the trail is intended more so for hiking. There are so many angled slopes, dips, quick turns, and sharp inclines and declines that you will run right by the markings the first time out, going off course and having to double back again and again. After doing this several times, I realized about 2-3 miles in that I needed to hike first, look around carefully to learn where the markings were, and determine where the trail was going.

Hiking this trail in spring-summer is an insect-a-thon — spiders, mosquitoes, gnats, and other critters. You will be sweating and swatting the whole way. Waterproof repellent worked fine for me, no bites. The return from Pinnacle Overlook back to Holtwood is a very strenuous workout, and that’s just hiking. Be prepared for that as well.

Finally, the part of the trail along Tucquan Creek is almost otherworldly, reminds me of some of the trails back in Hawaii. The views are spectacular, peaceful and natural, and yet adventurous, making for an awesome hike.

2 months ago

Awesome afternoon hike... will go back again. Very beautiful right along the water.

The Mtn Laurel and Rhododendron are thick on the trail prior to descending the creek and in the creek area. If anyone can confirm those are in bloom yet this season of 2018 and when that was observed, I'd appreciate it. Am hoping to hike this when blooms are in full color. thanks.

3 months ago

One of my favorite spots. So beautiful.

Was great to hike this trail before all the leaves returned onto the trees. Felt so different than when doing this hike in the summer. This time we had often brilliant views of the river, not obscured by the leaves. The river crossings were tricky since the water was high and covered many of the stones. Bring a walking pole for balance for these crossings, if you do not have good balance. Some of us went up to the Pinnacle and had great views of the river under threatening skies. Saw many hawks who played around with the wind gusts.

love doing this trail with my dog

Just completed this amazing trail for the first time. The water features were beautiful. Thought I was in a rainforest.

Loved this trail! Very well marked. Definitely go left at the beginning. You will be walking through water and mud so dress accordingly. Well worth it!

4 months ago

One of the most beautiful and peaceful hikes I have been on. Definitely go left! Loved hiking along the water and all the water crossings. We will definitely do this hike again!

Great varied trail with moderate hike and plenty to see. I did not take the trail to the left as suggested first. The trail to the right is a short hike down to the creek, crossing over the creek several times before coming to what looks like an abandoned road. Once you get to the top, the trail varies between wooded and grassy areas before getting back to the lot. Great day hike, beautiful scenery, and not overwhelming. It is a moderate hike and I wouldn't suggest bringing your pet unless they are used to a rugged terrain.

Fantastic little trail. Definitely go left at the beginning so you come up the little gorge instead of down it.

I did this in the winter and it was gorgeous!

Most beautiful & most difficult trail in the area. Love this hike!!

5 months ago

Tried this trail for the first time today and I loooved it! I definitely think the rating of moderate is appropriate. I would recommend starting on the left side as you really do get the more lackluster part of the trail out of the way. You’ll know when you find that magical part for sure! Definitely some tricky rocks and water crossings. I brought my dog but he became nervous about some of the climbs/crossings and I had to assist him. Overall I really enjoyed this hike and can’t wait to return!

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