From a scenery and wildlife perspective the trail is a five. We saw deer, porcupine, beaver, skunk, multiple toad/frog species, and snakes. The meadows and swamps were spectacular. Here is why the trail gets 2 stars. The trail gets inundated with water. This makes sections very complicated to traverse. It’s frustrating because their is high ground were the trail could have been routed. The all trails map is not accurate there are reroutes in the south loop that are not indicated. However the most overwhelming reason the trail gets 2 stars is TICKS! My cousin and I pulled or flicked over 50 ticks of us. Once home I brushed and washed my gear. I must of knocked 20 more ticks off while cleaning. Only had 3 bites and not one tick was a deer tick. Still you had to be super vigilant monitoring for ticks. It greatly detracted from the trip. We cut the trip short due to the ticks. Winter is the only season I would hike this trail again.