Fort Loudon

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Hiked the Tuscarora Trail SoBo to Pa Hwy 16 (9.58 miles). The trail starts with a vigorous 700 ft climb out of Cowan's Gap. Once you reach the summit, it's a ridge hike with a few ups and downs. As expected for the area, the trail is rocky most stretches. Several nice overlooks. Do yourself a favor and SKIP the short section from Augwick Rd to Pa Hwy 30. This section drops approx 300' to cross a busy road at a blind curve, dumping you onto a poorly maintained section strewn with trash from the nearby road, and requiring you to climb 200' back to the road. Instead, take Augwick Rd to the left. This leads you to Hwy 30 @ Mountain House. Pick the trail up again right behind the Restaurant / bar.