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Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania Map

On reports that the trail itself is difficult, but knowing that there were several amazing views along the trail, we opted for this day to drive to the two amazing views and do some hiking in and around them.

For the first amazing vista, simply go to the Mountain House restaurant/bar at the intersection of Route 30 (at the Tuscarora Summit) outside McConnnellsburg. There is a small dirt road behind the bar leading to two hang gliding ramps. Amazing views west. Reportedly, hang gliders jump from these ramps and can fly for miles on the updrafts and currents.

The second vista along this portion of the Tuscarora Trail is found by going to the intersection of Tower Road and Aughwick Road, along Aughwick north of Route 30 in Cowan's Gap Park. Take Tower Road to the end where there is a small loop. Incredible views south east.

A third and less know vista, but just as impressive, is at the top switchback in Broad Mountain Road. It's about 10-15 miles east of Cowan's Gap and in the Buchanan State Forest. East of Fannetttaburg. Take Route 4004 east from Fannettabirg to Bear Valley Road to Broad Mountain Road to the Summit.

Hiked the Tuscarora Trail SoBo to Pa Hwy 16 (9.58 miles). The trail starts with a vigorous 700 ft climb out of Cowan's Gap. Once you reach the summit, it's a ridge hike with a few ups and downs. As expected for the area, the trail is rocky most stretches. Several nice overlooks. Do yourself a favor and SKIP the short section from Augwick Rd to Pa Hwy 30. This section drops approx 300' to cross a busy road at a blind curve, dumping you onto a poorly maintained section strewn with trash from the nearby road, and requiring you to climb 200' back to the road. Instead, take Augwick Rd to the left. This leads you to Hwy 30 @ Mountain House. Pick the trail up again right behind the Restaurant / bar.

In January this year I hiked a loop in Cowans Gap SP:

Parking lot - Tuscarora Trail S. - Geyer Trail - Cameron Trail - Plessinger Trail - Lakeside Trail - Parking lot

Total 4 miles long.

All sections of the loop were well maintained. Saw a few people fishing on the frozen lake near the end.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Love that mountain. There's no place like home!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Todd Trail connects the Tuscarora Trail and the Standing Stone Trail (SST) via a very steep ascent (or descent). I used this trail to make a 9 mile loop trail hike from Cowans Gap State Park. You can head north on Tuscarora Trail to Todd Trail and go up the mountain to SST. Head south until you get to the Horsetrail (an even steeper trail) back to Tuscarora Trail.

I think this should be called the Tuscarora Trail which is a spur trail to the Appalachian Trail. Two miles of it goes through Cowans Gap State Park. From the main parking lot you can take the trail south to a beautiful overlook of Path Valley and Franklin County (about 9 miles out and back). Or you can take the trail south until Geyer trail to Cameron trail then to Plessinger Trail which will get you back to your car (about 5 miles). There are two pretty steeps areas on both these paths and the trail is rocky at times.

Friday, November 27, 2015

This should be called Cowans Gap Trails (plural) There are a number of trails within the park so, depending on your fitness level and amount of time you want to spend out in the woods, you can combine a number of trails. Keep in mind, some of the trails take you up to the top of Tuscarora or Cove Mountains which means the ascents can be steep. I gave this trail a five-star since the trails were well marked and well maintained. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

We only hiked 6 mikes of this link trail but the back half was straight up a mountain side with a 40 pound backpack in the rain. Other than that the mountain side scenery overlooking the park was amazing.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I did this trail with my 6 y/o son. The trail is easy and well marked. I have been going to Cowan's Gap since I was a little boy, but never walked the trail. The trail is approx 2 miles and goes completely around the lake. Cowan's Gap is a man made lake built during the Great Depression. It has a swimming area and camping, which are the two big draws to the park. If you live near by and want to have a weekend of swimming and mild hiking, I recommend it. The park is clean and well maintained.

Sunday, July 05, 2015