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Very pretty nature trail, both dirt and paved paths, the Conestoga River is very peaceful and there is a trail that runs right next to it with lots of hamocking oppurtunities

Great for all!

nice trail..great pics to come

5 hours ago

Great views, the trail was more rocky than expected, trail is well marked for the most part. I was very happy to have this app as a guide. The trail is well maintained, easy walk. Perfect for a beginner.

I love Neversink, run or hike it frequently. But holy poison ivy! After the real steep incline on the long/orange loop it is unavoidable .

7 hours ago

great introductory hike for teaching our kids backpacking. There ages were 14, 11, 7, and 3. There are campsites at about the ¾ mi mark, and about the halfway point ( 3-3½ mi). Has plenty to keep it interesting for kids (Creeks, water, views, unique rock features) but not too long. Does have some cliffs/ledges to be aware of. Love this place!

8 hours ago

Trails are well groomed. Definitely nice for those slightly out of shape, nice mix of terrain.
A little confusing at times up on top but either way you go you loop back towards your car. A nice pavilion and restrooms. will go back and do more trails.

Maybe this trail is nice in cooler weather, but today, the start of the path was very overgrown. Barely a sliver of path was visible. My husband went down the trail a minute or two to see if it was going to get better, but it didn't look hopeful. We opted not to hike it. Another distraction was sounds of gunshots. Maybe a nearby gun range? I wouldn't call this kid-friendly. At least not today.

11 hours ago

Should be marked as moderate/difficult. In some spots it was challenging.

Very pretty , casual hike. Great relaxer.

This trail is awesome!

Haven't done it yet but curious how far in the Hertlein campsite is?

This trail was fun, it rained the day before so it was a bit slippery when it came to the mud I suggest wearing boots in that case or have an extra pair of footwear in the car to change into because my sneakers and socks were muddy. There’s not that many views but the little views they did have we enjoyed and ate lunch.

Easy, beautiful hike! Took our two dogs and they absolutely loved it too! Walked in from center of town in Jim Thorpe via Broadway and walked to the entrance of Switchback Trail just off Flagstaff Road. Trail is straightforward, simple out & back with pretty scenery and a stream that runs along side for most of the way. There are a couple of smaller trails that break off, though we didn’t explore them. Trail ends in a HUGE open field with access to Mauch Chunk Lake. Gorgeous scenery, so peaceful and relaxing. From Jim Thorpe to the Mauch Chunk Lake and back was 6-7 miles total, took us about 3 1/2 hours with the pups in tow.

Overall great hike!! We took the Seneca trail all the way up and around and back down. Strenuous on the uphill but beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful! It is hilly on the way up and downhill on the way down. A very beautiful area. Glad we chose this hike. Lots of little trails intersect with this trail making a big loop. Very well maintained. Nice areas to camp.

Hiking with my Great Dane Dima. It was a super nice walk! Beautiful hearing the creek and the frogs and birds. It’s all new to her since she’s just about 4 months old. What a blast. Definitely doing again!

We did a short part of trail. Was beautiful even though we got a little lost and it rained! Wear sturdy shoes and note that areas can be wet.

Pretty nice trail. Kept pretty well. Blazes could be marked a little bit better though. Boulder Field was well worth the hike though.

1 day ago

Beautiful Trail with plenty of water and sights. Pretty busy and the trails are pretty tight.

Could be so much better. Trails, when marked at all, are confusing due to graffiti. There’s no signage to denote where each trail leads and the blaze color. If you hike with a dog be aware that there are no trash cans at the trailhead or in the immediate vicinity so be prepared to drive with a smelly poo bag. At the least the county needs to step in and clean things up. For a nicer time, head down the road to Warwick Park

Hiked after the rains. Agree that it was pretty muddy but watch for bees depending on the season. There were many small yellow jackets on the trail. Several of us were stung about 10 times in the vicinity of a nest in the ground. The next was barely visible and bees were. hard to tell they were bees. So just watch for these in late July and August. Trail was rocky but not difficult.

Really nice trail, well maintained, however some graffiti on rocks along the way. Not very difficult, but some areas are rocky.

Good hike but not a loop trail as I thought it was only 3. 1/2 miles

Dog friendly with access to fourmile creek. The creek has some small waterfalls and the trails have some other scenic spots. I gave it 4 stars because it is heavily populated and parking is inconvenient. The parking areas are usually full. You can park on campus by getting a parking pass.

on Hawk Falls Trail

2 days ago

This is a busy park, so all of the attractions are usually populated, but it is still a very cool place to take the family. Check out my full write up with directions and things to look out for.

Absolutely beautiful park!

Well its nice and cornfusing at same time lol... wanted to do the whole loop but didnt make the right when i should have . my fault . seen the overlooks and going back and doing loop!!!

3 days ago

Great challenging hike. Got there late and had to book it up to the outlook before sun down, which is NOT a good idea. Large incline in a small amount of distance. Take your time, plan accordingly. Only thing is was we got the lookout at around sundown and there was a timber rattlesnake den about 50 yards before the lookout on the trail. Saw about 6-7 in a span of 10 feet, which is what we could see. Lots of ledges, and downned logs for them. Those suns of guns were rattling at us and we couldnt even see them. Very nerve wracking to go back through that in the dark, but yet it made you feel so alive. Remember NEVER jump away from a rattlesnake. They have heat pits that can sense if there is 1/10th of a degree change to their surroundings. & they can only attack/lunge at you when they are coiled, be cautious and safe, or as my friend said before we headed back "Stay frosty"

Awesome workout! Treacherous hiking! Short trails, beautiful falls.

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