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Ephrata, Pennsylvania Map

We always take our Cattle dog on the trail with us! She LOVES the exercise and there a couple streams along the trail that she loves to splash in. One of our favorite trails to go on for a warmup. Be careful after it rains because the trail can stay muddy for a while. Other than that, the trail is generally well kept!

nice easy Trail. Flat nothing difficult about it. a lot of bikes and walkers. it has some pretty views but it's mostly residential. a nice walk for a lazy afternoon.

I been on a few trails already and I really like this one... it's good for all ages

nice trail

awesome trail!

Great place to bike with kids. No hills, wide path and beautiful scenery. The only drawback is that you have to cross multiple roads.

love this hike! Trail is always well kept and it's just the right length for the kids! Beautiful flowers, butterflies, and birds can be seen throughout the whole trail

Awesome job. Very picturesque trail.

Clean, well maintained, restrooms available, shaded, wide trails that are paved or gravel. I would recommend this for anyone looking to get out for an hour or two on a scenic and easy trail.

I enjoy this trail for a more leisurely relaxing hike to get outdoors.

Very easy, flat trail with scenic views. Good for all fitness levels.

I would recommend for road biking. Paved and some parts are shaded by trees. Very well maintained.

Great trail for running or a quick bike ride. But very busy on Sunday afternoon.

I really enjoy this trail. It’s very flat and scenic. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I walk my dog and there are always a lot of bikes. So if you have a dog that may not be all that great on a leash this might not be the best for you. Very clean, you feel safe

A very well-built, well-maintained trail. It’s not going to get your heart rate up to peak (flat as a board), but it’s a nice break from regular road work.

Beautiful trail for all ages. Nicely maintained. And a neat little BBQ joint opened up recently near the Ephrata end.

Clean easy walk on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Easy, light, and doable for kids. Very beautiful view of the lake.

Nice clean trail. Had to keep a watch out for bikers coming up from behind. Loved the goats and gnome village as well as the Dick Winters memorial and statue port o potty was full on a Saturday.

I live near the trail, and walk it a few times a week. It is well maintained, and relatively flat. Some areas have nice views. My kids love walking with me so they can see the little gnome houses, and the goats near the trail. If you’re looking for a challenge, look elsewhere.

Great for skating outdoors! The app doesn't have skating as an option, but it was great for an outdoor skating session. There were almost ten of us skating on quad skates for the length of the trail and back. Paved and smooth for a little under 3 miles, one way. Would definitely skate/walk/bike there again!

great for an easy hike

I ruck (wear a backpack with heavy weight, and love with purpose) on this paved trail often and it's fantastic. Well maintained, great lighting when it gets dark early, and lights are spaced pretty evenly if you're looking for interval exercise. Just watch out for people on bikes if you have your earbuds in!

I measured the length of this trail at 2.9 miles. The 5.3 miles is incorrect. This was a bit disappointing, as I was wanting to get a 10 mile run in. Other than that, The trail is very well taken care that goes through part of Ephrata and through the countryside.

Great walk. Is this trail how many miles 1 way! It's says 5.3. From what is beginning and what is end? We started their at Lake St.

great trail for beginners

we are just getting back into bike riding. this trail is awesome

Great nice walk just wish it was longer and people didn't let their dogs shit everywhere

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