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Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania Map

For waterfalls it was a nice trip but It involved a gravel road with cabins. I almost turned back but the two guys at the cabin at the entrance of the falls (could hear them more than a mile away). gave me permission. And then you see the sign where the hunting club lies at a dam above the falls. It is not clear to many if the falls are part of that complex or state. To me it felt like I was in their yard and I feel for them. Many don’t ask to go in and they have literally rescued hikers as the trail is a bit steep around the falls and across the creek there are unmarked trails where people have gotten lost as well. It was a pretty sight after heavy rain we had yesterday. (And most of the monsoon summer NEPA has).. trail wise this is one star as it is mostly a gravel road but waterfall was cool. I hope this post keeps people from being dumb and walking through peoples yards without permission. I was hearing back when they said come visit.



Trail is open now. Nice hike that does loop around and connect to cliff trail and others but very poorly marked. We did this hike first to Hackers fall and tried to loop around to cliff but missed it somehow so ended up back on same trail. Right across the street is the Raymond trail and falls, easy and short loop. Raymond and Hackers are not the same loop! Raymond Falls is on other side of the street. Overall there was plenty to see and falls are worth the hike. We spent 3 hours there between three trails and falls.

I've been to these trails before so I can tell you it's very nice however the trails are closed right now, in fact the entire road is closed.

this trail has been reopened. its a great hike!

I have been using this trail for the last 30 years. Before it was posted and maintained by parks & rec. We referred to the Indian ladders as the horse tail falls. Several places to swim and fun to climb the Indian ladders.

Great path

This is actually the Raymondskill Falls trail and it is open

Started at trail head off 402 going counterclockwise. Stopped after just over 1 mile near Saw Creek due to poor trail maintenance (several dozen downed trees or large branches) and tons of poison ivy.

This was a beautiful hike. Beware, the trail is not prepped for the season. Meaning, there are a lot of lot hanging branches and logs to jump over. Since it had just rained, there were several places that were too soft for trail shoes. Hiking boots are recommended. All told, it's long, moderate and gorgeous.

Even though the trail is closed I attempted to hike it anyways. And sadly there are way to may fallen trees. I made it to the first 2 falls then the trail became super sketchy. I'm not to sure what happened in that area but it had to been a nasty storm. At least 50+ trees need to be cut and moved away from the trail. It's a shame , this trail is one beautiful gem. Was pretty upset the trail is in this condition. The last couple waterfalls are rewarding. Hope this information help guys! Happy hiking!

Very short hike, the falls are beautiful!

I read that this park is closed indefinitely. sad.

this is a hidden gem.

loved this park soery to hear about the damage hoping they restore it soon

This trail, along with many others, is currently closed due to significant storm damage. Unfortunately Childs Park had over 100 trees come down, damaging the many boardwalks and paths. Restoration could take up to 2 years. :-(

Just went today. Amazing place however the recent storm has left the trail rather impassable close to the first falls before going up the stairs. I highly recommend waiting at least 3 weeks to maybe a month for trail rangers to clean the trail up from all the fallen trees

7 months ago

I did South Loop as an overnight. Parked car at lot on Bushkills Falls Road at Flat Ridge Road since my overnight destination was to camp along Bushkill Creek. This divided the loop almost equally in half. West side of loop is wetter and characteristic of wetlands. Expect wet feet. Tricky stream crossings due to recent rains and snowmelt causing higher water levels over what would normally have been a simple rock hop, but there are bridges over the larger streams. East side is higher and drier through logging activity areas, down and up small ridges. The best camping is along south end by Bushkill Creek and Red Rock Run although you are free to camp anywhere along the loop. If you are a hammock hanger, you have even more options. The footpath is typical PA rocky footing, tedious at times . Good winter destination in my opinion because it is obvious where trail could become overgrown quickly with plenty of ticks and mosquitoes in other times of the year. A good example of PA wetlands if you have never experienced it. Also deciduous trees dominant - should be pretty in fall. Plenty of water sources and solitude ( at least this particular weekend in February). I only saw one dayhiker on my way out from camp. Day 1 mileage 8.5 miles. Day 2 mileage 9.7 miles. Next time, I might explore the side trails into the swamps and natural areas.

Pretty short hike with 3 waterfalls. Very well marked and maintained.

Usually very busy with lots of people but the waterfalls are pretty. Very easy hike, great for kids, not great for strollers because there are some stairs to climb.

Spectacular. Loved this hike with all it’s wooden pathways and waterfalls!

Cute little easy trail

I did one big loop at the Pocono Environmental Education Center. If memory serves it was at least seven miles. It's a beautiful place to hike.

Hike kind of lame. But the waterfalls were amazing and worth the hike.

It is very family friendly! there are options to walk around falls or take a few trails that surround area. This place is compared to BushKills but not as extravagant and it free

This is a really nice hike. The first mile is very easy, more of a walk in the woods than a hike. At roughly the first mile you'll encounter some moderate steepness, a narrowing of the path and some mildly rocky terrain. The views at this point are excellent, as you're right next to the first waterfalls. If it's rained recently use caution as the ground is somewhat slippery and spongy and there are some steep drop-offs. The trail splits a number of times, giving ample opportunity to walk close to the falls / stream, but the trail also blazes through the woods on a well-cleared (But not marked) path that leads up to Emery Road. I would put the majority of this hike on the easy side of moderate. There is no rock scrambling or bushwhacking necessary on this hike at all, but be prepared for a couple of very short steep patches. Loved this one!

Went here a few weekends ago by myself and was presently surprised how easy it was. Got in around 10 with not many people around and by time I left close to 12:15 tons of cars in the parking lot.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

It was a nice walk in the woods on the Burnt Mills ATV trail. Thunder Swamp Spur trail yellow marker begins right after the bridge on the right side but it was so old and overgrown I did not feel like fighting my way through it. Maybe another time. To make the loop you have to walk on the Red Burnt Mills trail to yellow Thunder Swamp Spur trail and to orange Thunder swamp trail back to yellow and back to red.

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