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Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania Map

This trail was fun, it rained the day before so it was a bit slippery when it came to the mud I suggest wearing boots in that case or have an extra pair of footwear in the car to change into because my sneakers and socks were muddy. There’s not that many views but the little views they did have we enjoyed and ate lunch.

About a 6 mile hike with a moderate hike up the white blaze trail from the parking lot in the town of Water Gap to the top and back down the less strenuous fire road. Took me 4 hrs with my 10 year old son who loved it. Highlights include: several stunning views of the Delaware Water Gap as well as views of Mt. Tammany; a cool and refreshing stream to cross; and, a very cool rhododendron tunnel. Would definitely do it again.

This trail was enjoyable. If you follow the path to the left from the parking lot, the best lookout was a short way up the trail. However, at times the markings were not clear. Several times I went down a path that lead to a dead end and had to turn back and check for the white trail markings again. If you follow the All Trails map, you will be fine. Overall I enjoyed this trail!

Awesome hike, took kids 13 and 3, both tired out by the end but both made it the whole way. Yes there is some noise from the road as you walk but not so bad as some make it out to be. The one thing i would have liked is more opened up areas for pictures. We had a great time!!
Next time i will bring the dog, very doable.

We did the AT side up and the fire road down. The AT side is much steeper but also much prettier. Wasn't anything too tough but there are a couple of scrambles. So we broke a decent sweat on the climb. The road is more of a gradual walk through a rhododendron forest. Particularly on the AT side, you will hear some vehicle traffic and probably encounter some thru hikers along the way. The hike is a good test for your boots; the terrain is quite rocky.

Not bad. it's nice but with car sounds it does tend to ruin the whole out in nature away from everything vibe. Other than that, it's cool.

Usually I hike Mt. Tammany on the New Jersey side. This was my first time on Mt. Minsi. It's much less crowded than the trails on the Jersey side. Nice hike up the AT to get to the top of Minsi. Took the fire road down which is very easy. There's definitely road noise as other reviews had mentioned. It's much more prominent on the AT than it is on the fire road. Great hike that I am looking forward to doing again.

Great hike! Strenuous, for sure. Very up hill. Bring lots of water, and maybe a snack or two to enjoy at the top. The lake is really the highlight of the hike, but there is sl much other beauty to see on the way up.
Beautiful scenery, ferns everywhere. There were a few spots where the vegetation had grown over a little and you had to walk through the ferns, which was a little unplesant at times. We saw a little stream a couple of times, which our pup enjoyed jumping in, since it was so hot.
Sunfish Pond was amazing. Not really water you wanna go sink your feet in to, but it was a natural beauty well worth the hike up with tons of bullfrogs and tappoles, cool rock piles around it and a couple nice places to rest.
Definitely recommend.

Great trail stayed at the AT campsite not crowded on a Friday night. Rocky, yes but no worse than most other sections of the AT in PA/NJ. Good hiking shoe is certainly recommended. There is a water source 1/4 mile south of the campsite on a separate trail. Parking off I80 can fill up very quickly. I got packed up and down to my car by 830 am and the parking lot was already full. The nearby creek has some popular water features many families coming early in the AM for just the creek. Many many options from this trail intersection include the Mt Tammany trail.

The lower part of the trail feels like you are walking along the highway because the noise from the cars below are so loud. There are a couple nice views, but there were not many lookouts and the top felt anticlimactic. If I were local I would do this hike regularly because it had a decently steep accent that I as fun, but I don’t plan on making another drive up from Philly for this one.

Nice summer trail.Take the AT scenic route(White marked) from trailhead bottom & descend via non white marked gradual down path.

If you’re doing the loop, I would do the AT up and the fire road down. The AT was fun hike, but you
get a lot of noise from the highway. Fire road was much easier, but more peaceful.

Very shady and generally easygoing. A few nice peaks to stop at as well.

2 months ago

This is a great hike along the Appalachian Trail. Incredible views and a great workout. Check out my full write up that includes directions and things to look out for.

Got there early in the morning with a slight drizzle. We hiked the easier section to make the summit and when the rain began to come down rather steady. On the way down, we moved down along the ridge line. This portion is much more rocky and challenging with multiple switchbacks and narrow paths, but is marked well.

Even with the rain, we ran into multiple groups oh hikers both day trippers and Appalachian Trail through hikers. The views from the summit and multiple vistas are spectacular.

Completed in a little under four hours and that was at pretty leisurely pace. Would definitely do it again.

Great views, steady uphill at the beginning

Nice hike!

nice views the only thing was the sound of the highway below. the back half was quite.

This greenery was absolutely breathtaking. One of my favorite hikes.

A fun hike with beautiful lookout views of the Delaware River. Bring lots of water on a hot day.

Great trail, lots of pretty views

I prefer this hike over MT Tammany mainly because it doesn't get nearly as crowded as Tammany and the views here are still amazing! Plus it's a little longer in distance which is nice. Perfect trail for beginning snow shoeing too!

It starts at a stone staircase up the waterfall a mile up it turns into a gravel type stone road with lots of colorful wildflowers there’s a vista overlook great for camping and continues 6 miles to wolf rocks kirkridge shelter a mile from 191 wolf rocks great for clearing out my head.

Great to accomplish something on a beautiful day, soaking in God’s amazing creation.

Hiked Fire Road up- it was empty, took AT down, a parade of hikers. Beautiful day though, clear sky, nice views of Mt. Tammany

Awesome. scenic views all along the way to the top

The terrain isn’t too rough but given the length of the hike, it can be challenging. The views make it worth it

Great hiking trail, some small inclines but
moderate enough for beginners. Gives a great view of the Delaware River!

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