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Beautiful views in the fall and Summer. Starting at Ellendale Forge in Dauphin to Lebanon is about 17 miles. The Appalachian Trail intersects the Trail with views of Rouches Gap and the old Cemetery. The Stoney Creek runs close by at all times but sometimes you have to make a short detour. Pass by Rattling Run - about four miles from the gate at Ellendale Forge. It is open one day a year to drive through.

Historically, the area was used in the 1800’s as a resort to heal sore muscles believed to be because of the minerals in the Water.

You can still see remains of the housing and if you are lucky, you can still find pieces of plates of the time period. Horseshoe Trail is worth exploring if you have the time and stamina. Their is also Saint Paul’s Trail which is very steep. The Devils Run is worth the effort but be prepared for the elements and ensure you bring the correct gear for Hiking. You can drink the water from some springs but it’s recommended for you to either boil or use purification tablets particularly in the fall and hunting season.