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Dauphin, Pennsylvania Map
2 days ago

Fun trail. I love walking through the creek along the trail!

6 days ago

I thought it was fun. It’s kinda on a dirt road the whole time. I would just keep driving until u get to the point where it cuts left and there’s a gate. Park there to start. It’s long so make sure u have plenty of hours of daylight. Like at least 3. The tower has a run down barbed wire fence around it with a gate open to get in. Nice views.

off trail
1 month ago

This was my first PA trail in the snow. I loved it. I was able to find peace, stillness, quiet, and beautiful nature not far from the city.

2 months ago

It’s a short loop. Crowded on nice days but nice and scenic

Decent hike with a really awesome view at the top. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to find the trail. Here are some directions:
You can park where these directions take you, or drive about a mile down the road to the start of the uphill hike. You'll recognize it by a path leading uphill on your left blocked by a gate and a small parking area in front if it. If you drive past this area about 3/4 of a mile further you'll reach a dead end, a larger parking lot and another hiking trail. This is NOT the right one.
Furthermore, around the last mile of the hike the trail forks with no directions pointing to the tower! Take the LEFT path. I'm not sure where the right path leads...

5 months ago

Beautiful views in the fall and Summer. Starting at Ellendale Forge in Dauphin to Lebanon is about 17 miles. The Appalachian Trail intersects the Trail with views of Rouches Gap and the old Cemetery. The Stoney Creek runs close by at all times but sometimes you have to make a short detour. Pass by Rattling Run - about four miles from the gate at Ellendale Forge. It is open one day a year to drive through.

Historically, the area was used in the 1800’s as a resort to heal sore muscles believed to be because of the minerals in the Water.

You can still see remains of the housing and if you are lucky, you can still find pieces of plates of the time period. Horseshoe Trail is worth exploring if you have the time and stamina. Their is also Saint Paul’s Trail which is very steep. The Devils Run is worth the effort but be prepared for the elements and ensure you bring the correct gear for Hiking. You can drink the water from some springs but it’s recommended for you to either boil or use purification tablets particularly in the fall and hunting season.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Nice little hike. Will be going back in the summer when everything is alive and green.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Great trail in fall. i take away one star for summer, when there would be no scenic views, and bugs are likely a problem. I started from Victoria Trail parking lot on route 325. I picked up Whitetail Trail at intersection near the peak and took Whitetail down to Ibberson main entrance, then pick up Victoria Trail again to make it a lollipop loop. a little over 5 miles.

the most challenging sections are the inclines near the peak. Many of the inclines consist of rock steps rocks 1 to 2 ft wide. on the day I went rock traction was excellent but I would watch out if the Rocks were wet. I did have some slippage on areas with loose and or wet Leaf bed on trail. I recommend trekking poles and appropriate shoe traction (no sneakers).

During fall you can see Charming Village through the trees on the north side, but trees would obscure view during summer.

Rating the tower, not so much the trail. We took the H. Knauber and did some trailblazing to get to this spot instead.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Just a reminder to hikers to where orange at this time of year, as the area is in State Game Lands territory!

I would rate this trail on the lowest setting for moderate intensity. Nothing too difficult, only a few decent climbs in the beginning. Trail levels off remainder of journey. Not a real trail, more so a service road. One part is somewhat overgrown, as in shin-high grass with brush on the side. In retrospect, I can only assume the moderate intensity is due to length, which isn’t long at all. Overall, it took nigh three hours to complete, and that was milking it.

I did this hike solo today, and it was very tranquil. It had rained earlier/last night and the cool weather deterred pretty much every single flying insect. There's not too much to look at on the way to the tower, it's a gravel path for the majority of it. I did see a black bear on the path as well as some mountain lion tracks (they were fresh). I let the bear wander off for a bit, before I continued moving again. Fortunately, I was downwind, so I didn't have much to worry about.

The tower itself had an amazing view, despite the low fog in the valley. But, if you don't like heights or get a little uneasy because the platform flexes underneath your weight, you probably don't want to climb the tower. (But I promise it's stable and worth it.)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The trail was hard to find. We actually walked the roadway thinking it was the trail. No view of the creek which I was expecting.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Great trail, no real frills or points of interest but still a good trail. My old dog was able to do it as well. We hiked up to the AT and then walked till we hit the downhill trail which bumps you right back into Victoria trail.

Good hike. Good camp sites. Plenty of water.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Very pretty trail! About 0.4 miles in and you reach the creek. Parts of the trail are wet. Kind of like hiking through an extremely shallow stream. This is even better than hiking along the creek. Our dog could get short drinks along the way.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Solid hike. The beginning requires the most effort going up the switch backs, leaving plenty of trail that is much more pleasant. No significant overlooks during the summer, but overall a good hike with enjoyable scenery.

Gravel road most if the way. More like a path than a trail but a decent walk and not too difficult.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

A nice, relatively shorter hike that offers nice glimpses of forrest scenery and, at the top of the mountain, views of the adjacent valley. Started off Rt. 325 and made the turn-around at the Ibberson Conservation Area. I agree with the "moderate" rating for this hike -- it definitely features an incline over its duration (with slightly steeper grades going 325-->Ibberson) and rocks that add resistance, but it's relatively shorter and steadier than more strenuous uphill hikes. Bring hiking boots and water, and enjoy the hike!

Great ride, a bit rocky! Beautiful canopy of trees covers most of the trail.

I decided to make it a loop by riding down to water tank trail and taking that up rattle run and back down. If you decide to do that, make sure you have the proper footwear, because it gets extremely steep with loose rocks and logs. Plus, you have to carry the bike for 90% of water tank trail, which I was not expecting. Easy ride down after that though.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A nice moderately challenging trail. Probably the second most difficult trail in the conservation area next to the janie trail.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

A little hard to find but definitely worth it! Gorgeous rail trail and not very many people. The gate at the cold spring road entrance is open, definitely need 4 by 4 vehicle to get to the lot.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Incredible trail. My personal route was this: I parked at the Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area State Park main parking lot, took the Victoria Trail all the way to the other side of the mountain (to the parking lot on Rte 325), and hiked back over the mountain to where I started. At first, the trail isn't that rough. You'll hit some slight elevation, and begin climbing the mountain, but the elevation change isn't very demanding. There will be a gate that you'll pass on your way up, and at the summit, the Victoria Trail will cross the Appalachian Trail (which goes east-west, perpendicular to the second part of the Victoria Trail). Swing around to your left to continue following the trail, and prepare to give your knees a workout! If you hate large rocks, are out of shape, aren't wearing hiking shoes or boots, and/or if you have weak knees or ankles, the second part of this trail is not for you. The elevation change is much sharper on the southern side of the mountain, and you will be scrambling down rocks and roots the entire way to the Rte 325 parking lot. The best part is that you'll get to turn around and climb the insanely steep and rocky path you just traversed!

Victoria Trail is only 3.0 miles long (in one direction), but don't let the low mileage fool you. The mountain climb is very challenging (and I was carrying 15 pounds of supplies on my back when I hiked it). It's probably my favorite trail in the area. It's great for anyone looking for a truly challenging day hike.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Nice, well marked trail but fairly steep all the way up. Lots of rocks but most are flat and step like. Parking area ample with room for at least ten cars.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

The directions on here are not accurate. You can park at these coordinates and start your ride from here (40.398604,-76.853798).
The trail eventually splits and you can travel to the right and up an incline after crossing Stoney Creek. The other way goes on for miles. I only completed about 8 miles before I turned and headed back. The trail is hard packed and is easy to navigate even for children. The woods are peaceful and the trail is shaded. I highly recommend doing even a portion of this trail if you are in the area.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Nice walk from Clarke valley rd to AT

To get to the trail, Google clarks ferry bridge. The hike was moderate but wonderful views! There are a lot of rocks so hiking boots are a must! Great way to spend an afternoon!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Complete this section of the trail Easter sunday to Monday morning. Easy walking path we fogged out at the top passed 4 other hikers. Trail is mainly on the northern slope very little sun in the early hrs, But Shelter was very nice. water and plenty of camp site. A little boring ending coming into the highway. be careful crossing the road.

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