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Nice hike made up of various trails. Would be more enjoyable when the weather is dryer. Some sections open to horses and bikes.

Multiple trails, lots of hills, dog friendly.

The trail that my bf and I hiked was very scenic and decent for hiking. What I didn't like was that it wasn't a separate trail. On the map, it showed all trails connect to other trails. It would be easier to follow if it remained its own trail.

Since each trail has it's own parking area, it would be hard to go on other trails. The hike back to my car would have been exhausting if I chose to switch trails.

Worst trail ever. No trail markers at all. Without our gps we would have been lost. Had to cut across to get back to our vehicle.

This is to be an awesome place to take novelist mountain bikers and to go horse riding. It had a little bit of everything. Then somebody with their Infinite Wisdom decided to make it off limits to everybody except hikers. This caused all the trails to get overgrown with weeds and jager bushs. Very sad.

An incredible find on Presque Isle. It was literally a sidewalk in the middle of a marsh. Fantastic views. Super easy. Even saw a turtle in the middle of the path!

beautiful trail, but not marked well. got lost lol.

Only giving 4 because I came here in hopes of hiking... although it's not much of a "hike," there were a lot of really great walking paths. They aren't very long distance so this is a nice place to go if you want to be in nature but are on a time constraint. There were a lot of areas completely washed out and muddy that older people might not want to risk but we did okay walking on the very outsides of the mud pits. There were some folks near the lake and pond, but trails were completely empty. There is also an awesome play/learning area for children that even I enjoyed, including a section of wildflowers dedicated to butterflies! Beware to anyone or anypup spooked by other dogs, most of the dogs I came in contact with were not leashed. !!!

trail running
18 days ago

My favorite place for morning cardio! The Bradament trail is my favorite quick cardio route.

i did finally finish it was very nice

Well marked trail. Easy to follow. Perfect evening hike after work.

great for kayaking

Awesome bike trail. Very easy to ride.

26 days ago

The trail followed a creek most of the way, it was very muddy and overgrown in sections. We were thankful someone left orange ties as it was confusing at some areas where to go. We stayed at the Morrison campground which is a must. The waterfront view was the best part of the hike. We took swimsuits to enjoy a swim. It cost 12$ to stay at the campground and there is a fee collection drop box. I was surprised there was cell phone service at campground and we saw many boats come through. Fire wood wasn't easy to gather for us, as everything was damp. We took a snake bite suction just in case. Water needs to be filtered before consumption. seems to be pretty popular trail on weekends. glad we checked it out but will check out others before going back.

I hiked the J walk and South Park sections of this Trail. Came up at 7.5 with the Eastern Loop still to do. So I think this is actually more like 10 miles. The jaywalk is easy to moderate. The South Park though is more along the lines of moderate to difficult. It's heavy Rock Trails reminds me of the Appalachian trails in Pennsylvania. Some beautiful scenery and Midway through I found a surprise at one tree. I don't want to give away the surprise so you would have to see it for yourself. It's on the South Park Trail. All in all, this was a great hike and especially challenging since it is geared more toward mountain bikers which means that the path is not level like most hiking trails. Lots of ups and downs, and curvy pants. It annoyed me at first, but I actually quite enjoyed it toward the end.

one note and update though. They closed off the road at the southern intersection of the South Park Trail and jaywalk Trail. so there is no access to the spillway. It's a shame because it looks nice, and they built additional fencing to keep people out. I could have probably gone around it, but I didn't want to take a chance on poison ivy or something else going through open Woods and the plethora of no trespassing signs kept me from going further.

one thing that did bother me a little bit about this Trail was the limited amount of rest points. There are two benches one Midway and one toward the end. But the Trail is so narrow that it makes taking a quick stop along the trail for a drink or snack quite difficult.

overall, great Trail for a single or couple hiker. Might be more difficult in large groups due to the width of the trail.

Great area to hike and fish

mountain biking
30 days ago

Great single track that is well maintained. The full loop is a bit more than 20 miles not 13.8. There are some challenging rock gardens near the end by the Boy Scout camp. It may not seem like much, but with nearly 2000 feet of climbing already in, your legs are begging for mercy by the time you get to the roots and rocks of the last bit of trail. The high points are, crossing the dam in which you must put your bike on your shoulder and make your way across ankle to knee high water. Then, nearing the end you’ll run up against a challenging rock garden with massive boulders. You’ll ride from one boulder to the next to get to the finish. The trail will come out from the woods and ends at the highway. So you’ll ride down from there to the entrance of the park. I’d like to see better signs and indicators for the trails, other than that I loved it.

Between the bridge and campsites on the opposite end of the lake from the dam, beware of fishing trails that lead off actual trail.

Nice trail overall. Takes so time, but all in all a nice trail. Nice to ride to Downtown Saltsburg. People at the Fox's Pizza were really great!!!

trail running
1 month ago

10/10 trail run. 100% runnable. Rooty and craggy, be careful. Fell 1x and tripped 6x. Beautiful fern forest, diverse and well marked / cleared trail. Top views and rocks at the end. Be careful timber rattlers here at the rocks overlook please check your surroundings before taking in the views. If you choose to scramble on the rocks check hand and foot placements carefully. 4.4 miles minimal elevation change. Perfect perfect perfect.

I love this trail. It is a peaceful place and a great trail.

1 month ago

trail is very poorly maintained. I was trenching through thick tall weeds for a good ½ mile after the bog. lots and lots of downed trees on trail. a few were about 4' above the trail. I love the outdoors so I can't knock it but I did it once and that was enough for me.
I thought with the black forest trail being nearby, I was in for a treat but it turned out to be much less than expected.
overall I won't say terrible but I won't be returning to that section.

love this place

My 5 year old and I did the red loop on 7/82018. I was going to do a completely different trail but at the last minute figured we could get on it early and just take our time. About 1/2 way thru the trail just kind of disappeared. Being that I had my mini me in tow, I really wasn't paying attention to the numbered posts more that I was just following the arrows. Totally my mistake. I ended up using one of the maps that I grabbed at the the trail head and a compass and ended up back up, after maneuvering thru some tricking terrain, in the middle of "a" trail. Unfortunately, it was the black trail. This time I paid attention to the numbers and realized i where I was in the loop and and headed back to link back up to the red trail. Once I was back on the trail it was smooth sailing from there. We were out there for about 6-7 hours (stopping at the rivers, big rocks and anything else a 5 year old wants to stop for) and only saw a grand total of 5 people and a dog. 1 was a runner, 2 + the dog lived near by, and a man and his son were doing some fishing. All in all, this is not for kids (the description doesn't say kid-friendly) and is off the beaten path. The markings could have been better (in lieu of some official signs, there were pink ribbons tied to the trees...when they stopped is when we ended in no mans land) but for a more experienced hiker this was pretty good. Just a few streams but no major waterfalls/rivers. If nothing else from this reviews, like others said, grab a map or else it will be some tough sledding.

1 month ago

Took the Old Mill Trail from the gravel lot on Deerwood Lane to the river crossing and then through the woods to the Quarry Trail. Stopped for lunch with hammocks next to the lake and followed Quarry Trail back along the lake and back onto Old Mill Trail. Old Mill Trail was pretty muddy after a heavy rain on previous day, but manageable with waterproof hiking boots. Not a very scenic trail, but wide and well maintained. Frequent horse manure. Saw a few fishermen and other hikers, but not many. Old Mill Trail had pretty wildflowers and butterflies were abundant. Even the walk back along the lake didn’t afford many views. Nice trail, with gradual inclines, but not much to see.

This isn’t an official trail but a random collection of different trails in the park so nothing is marked but it’s not terribly difficult to follow. Tracked it at 5.5 miles in 2 hrs.

What a gem! Loved the cross country feel of this run and the scenery is pristine!

Scenic and relatively easy ride! Something we will definitely be doing again!

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