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Did the blue trail. Very well marked and easy to follow. Easy hike as well. Will be doing the black trail next trip for a little more distance and hopefully more elevation gain. Didn’t take as long as predicted.

mountain biking
4 days ago

Nice rugged trail for well ridden mt bikers, beginners need not apply.

Red trail..

6 days ago

It was a nice short hike for me but I did get confused when I came off the trail onto a road with cabins.... turns out I needed to follow the road just a short ways down to get back on the trail.

Beautiful scenery! Good hike. We took the dog he loved it too!

It starts at a school. We parked in a residential area and at first it wasn’t what we expected. It goes under a highway and past some houses but starts to get very pretty approaching the quarry which the trail also runs right through. The trail use to be an old railroad. The variety of sights we saw were well worth the hour drive to this little trail!

A nice hike with no real elevation. Very wet and gushy at places. Pinchot is a very nice park and great for camping!!

A nice trail in an urban park. Some parts are surprisingly secluded from the city. However, the trail is very confusing and could use more signs for navigation.

Great times with friends out on the trail. Didn’t quite finish but conquered 2/3 of the trail. It’s been an annual trip every summer.

1 month ago

Clearly marked, easy trail, excellent for kids! Took my 4 boys on this trail after school (ages 7, 4, 2, 2) and all four of them want to do it again. I would say if taking this trail in the spring or after a good rain fall expect to get your feet wet, unless you're wearing boots. Beautiful trail!

nice little walk. took about 1.5 hours.
through fields and a little through woods.
not bad views over fields.
well marked red trail.
parking enough for about 20 or so cars.

Enjoyed this trail to snowshoe, well marked and easy to follow along with trail map from visitor center.

1 month ago

This was a great hike. Views are absolutely spectacular. Trails are poorly marked though.

Great scenic route..Obviously would be better in spring/summer

1 month ago

The forest is very pretty and the Susquahannock State Park is well worth the visit. This loop needs a clearer, more detailed description in the app to be of best use. We had to do quite a bit of backtracking and with the heavy snow weren’t able to complete the loop. Note that for the first part you will need to follow the orange blazed trail until you hit the crossing where the blue trail splits to the left (Elm Hollow), the orange goes straight, and the red goes to the right. Turn on to the red trail. This trail isn’t well maintained— many blazes are faded and you’re often walking through bushes. After walking along a stream this trail ends at a road. You need to turn left and walk along the road for quite a ways before you get back to anything that looks like a trail.

this would be great if you could actually cross the creek where it tells you to. There's no bridge though it looks like if the water is low enough you could cross at that point but then you have to go up an incredibly steep incline.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great mountain bike trail at the end of Tower Road off of 611.

My brother and I did the 11.9 mile loop today in 5 hours. If you want the 8.5 mile loop, you’d probably need to hop from loop to loop; there is no dedicated 8.5 mile loop. Contrary to the review below me, we felt the trail was fairly well marked, and quite easy, even with some snow. Just grab a paper map at the trailhead and it’s very easy to figure out. Yes, the portion of the trail that goes along the river could use a little work, but it still wasn’t bad at all. Overall, nice trail, decent views, pretty easy. Great day hike! I love the Ohiopyle area.

Love love love this trail, never crowded and great mix of up and downs

3 months ago

The TL;DR...IMHO, a brutal trail system. Treacherous footing due to miles of baseball sized granite chunks hidden beneath leaves. Signage can be very confusing. Numerous picturesque footbridges over Bear Run (and their on/off ramps) are extremely slick (rain and snow).

Although I just hiked part of the Black as well as the Yellow, white and Orange (which is marked in yellow on Park’s handout!) in Dec., lm assuming the trails are covered in fallen leaves regardless of the season... unless the beleaguered trails crews rake the trails. My point is...although the trail surface looks uniform and “smooth” (as trails go), it ain’t. For about 4 miles I was walking on baseball sized granite chunks which were hidden by the fallen leaves most of the time. IMHO this is a brutal trail system. If you don’t mind a piece of advice...DONT FOCUS YOUR EYES MORE THSN 2 FEET AHEAD of your current footfall. OR... you may sprain an ankle and/or end up in a greenbrier clump after you trip and fall (which I did once). For those who may be unaware...greenbrier is like organic barbed wire.

Also, take the paper map (avail at trailhead) with you BUT don’t rely on the color-coded circular trail medallions. They are inexpertly attached to the “milestone’” posts (which are from .25 to 1.0 miles apart). I.e., sometimes the trail markers arent visible, and therefore not useable, as a guide from the direction of approach. To be CERTAIN you must check each side of the post or you may end up in Scranton. As a result, it very easy to take a wrong turn OR just stand there and fume about the confusing signage. I found the most reliable orienteering was to gauge progress by referring to the NUMBERS on each periodic Oak 8x8 “milestone” posts. Check the top of each post for a metal emblem. Using them in sequence (and this app for contour lines) I was able to decipher the trail labyrinth.

I was hiking for about 4hours, but TBH, it stopped being fun after 2 hours mainly due to the extremely treacherous footing...no matter how wide the trail was at some points. It goes without saying, these trails should not EVEN be attempted once snow covered in deep winter. Imagine walking on a pool table, after the break, blindfolded.
PS, there are several picturesque trail bridges over Bear Run and tributaries...most snow covered and slicker’n owl shit. Especially the ramps at either end. Should have used stairs IMHO. Even in summer, the combination of moss on those wooden bridge decks and on/off ramps, drenched after a rain, could be daunting.

No wonder Kaufman built a house in order to enjoy the views of Bear Run. JK...kinda.

Great trail with beautiful views.

3 months ago

It's very pretty decorated right now for the holidays! A very nice walk!

3 months ago

1st snow of the season this morning.

Thanks to the directions in the previous reviews I was able to find this trail and go right to the falls. It's a nice hiking area. Bring orange during hunting season. Nice waterfall and trail along creek.

Mixed it up...looped fireline into Skyline then down to the railroad along the Lehigh River. 3 miles in all.

3 months ago

Easy footing and mostly flat trail, but very long and deviates away from the lake for a good portion of it, I was expecting to be more along the "lakeside". Nice variety of tree species and good for bird watchers. The hunters and gun noise made me a bit nervous - be sure to wear orange during hunting season. Enjoyable hike but no "wow" moments.

3 months ago

Took my Jack Russell Piper out to hike there today. Lots of fun we had the place to ourselves, she wasn’t a big fan of meeting the horses but other than that we loved it. It’s got just enough inclines/declines to keep it interesting but manageable with my repaired knee. Will be taking all three dogs the next time!

trail running
3 months ago

Great trail for an easy trail run. Pretty, quiet, well-maintained. No major hills but just enough to challenge if you go fast.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Decent cinder biking trail. Fairly scenic.

Nice place. What a great use for a large retired farm.

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