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Corydon Twp, Pennsylvania Map

Love this trail, will definitely be back. Very wet though in spring. The campsites are great, awesome views.

The trails are good and there is an abundance of water. There are way more trails then what are shown on alltrails.

was good trail from red bridge to chapple cove along lake but no camping back tracked to other side of lake along highway 31 found campsite an was just getting set up for sleep when we encountered someone or something throwing rocks in water an making weird noises so we packed out in the dark which ruined our morning hike out trails were not maintained like was told an saw evidence of fresh cut trees to make a bed with not impressed at all with ratings that you people gave you must be blind ..

Hiked the north country scenic trail to handsome lake Campground. The pump at the well does not work so be prepared to filter water From the Kinzua Reservoir. But the Great View's of the sunset at the campground made it worth the hike. Trail is a little slick when wet but not a very difficult hike just a long hike through the woods, not very many changes in scenery like I'm used to in West Virginia.

Great trip! Did a 2 night backpacking trip for my first time ever backpacking. The pictures don’t do the actual views any justice. The scenery is unbelievable with mountains and and the reserve. Great for experienced backpackers or even first timers like me. Don’t overlook the elevation because there are parts of the trail that are entirely uphill (don’t let that discourage you). Great experience well recommended 10/10

Good hike, nice climb in. Beautiful camp ground

Pretty trail, fairly easy going. Well marked, I did the internal loop solo and it took about 4 1/2 hours at a steady pace with lots of stopping for photos.

Was a really nice trail but it seemed as though one of trail markers was numbered wrong which caused me to back track for 2 miles. other than that, it was very easy going and super relaxing. would recommend for beginners or anyone looking for a relaxing weekend. keep an eye out for streams as I wasn't able to fill my water up until I made it to the camp sites.

Very nice forest and I had a very enjoyable day hike! My hike along Tracy Ridge was very nice and well marked with white diamond trail markers. Scenic Trail was beautifully marked with freshly painted blue blaze and had some wonderful views through the trees to see the Allegheny Reservoir. But my hike on Johnny Cake trail was very brutal!!! Many of the trail markers were missing and had to depend on following the herd path from other hikers and pink ribbons placed by a trail angel. Lots of down trees to climb over or go around, and mini streams to forge from run off water from the top of the mountain which is expected this time of year. The only downfall going this trail head, was that there is a gate at the road which was closed and locked. So I had to park my car there at the gate instead of the parking lot at the trail head, because it also serves as a camp grounds, which is closed this time of year. So there is additional 1/2 mile hike from gate to trail head that I was not expecting, and did not have calculated during my planning stages of my hike.

Love the area. It may not have vistas and not overly difficult but the area is great to hike in. Plenty of trails to do 10 miles to 40 in a weekend. Very nice camping spots along most of the trails as well and established camp grounds, with privys, if you're not interested in backcountry camping.

Hiked here many times. Sweet!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pretty forest trail. The trail is well marked with maps posted in some locations. It was/had been raining when I went, so not surprising that it was muddy, though all of the streams had overflowed their banks. There are a number of places where the trail crosses the streams. The run off streams were still easily passable, but where it criss-crossed the larger stream several times the overflow made it a challenge. The trail itself was also a run off stream for long stretches, so between the crossings and the trail be prepared to get wet if it's been raining.

Monday, October 02, 2017

I did a solo like of this trail from 346 to Sugar Run Road out and back. The trail is in great shape and well marked. Thank you all the volunteers that have worked on this trail. The majority of this trail is on the edge of the Allegheny Reservoir. You will get some amazing views of the reservoir. I hiked this trail in mid August. There was plenty of water available. There are also a couple camp sites along the reservoir. As you get to sugar run the elevation change makes the hike a little harder. Its over 500ft up and back down again as you get closer to Sugar Run. Over all this is a great hike!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Though I had some difficulty personally, I recommend this trail for several reasons. Campsite was great. Trail was in decent shape, but with many fallen tree obstacles- no big deal. As always, be in shape, drink water, be smart. Enjoy this loop. Definitely easier climb up Johnnycake.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Super awesome hike. Love how quiet it is around that area. All the trails are well marked. Walked all the way down to the closest scenic vista. Wasn't as scenic as a expected, but the overall hike was definitely worth it. I will be 100% return to check out the other trails.

My wife and I are day hikers, so we did this section on two separate weekends. Sep. 24th and 25th, Oct. 15th and 16th. We stayed at the Kane Manor for our overnight which is a B&B. Excellent place to stay, and re-live a little history if your into that.

Our goal for 2016 was to hike the entire NCT through PA and find as many geocaches as we could along the way. This particular area we found 45 caches on the trail. Speed was not important to us, but just enjoying the trail was. We did see a bear, right at the Route 59 crossing.

The trail was in excellent shape for this time of the year and very beautiful in many spots especially in October with the leaves changing color.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Trail was a bit muddy and the humidity was bad... but the trail was VERY WELL taken care of! We booted it NW 16.8 miles from Sugar Run boat launch to Rt. 346 in 9 1/2 hours. The last two were quite brutal but a challenge. Very challenging but well worth the true connection with nature. Found 21 geocaches too!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Perfect hike and campsite! It is pretty muddy and has several spots where you have to cross a stream, so definitely have waterproof boots. There's a pretty challenging hill, but most of the trail is easy to moderate. Very well marked as well! This was my first trip backpacking and I think it's a very good one to start out on. Be prepared to see deer, snakes, and other wildlife.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Perfect hike and campsite! It is pretty muddy and has several spots where you have to cross a stream, so definitely have waterproof boots. There's a pretty challenging hill, but most of the trail is easy to moderate. Very well marked as well! This was my first trip backpacking and I think it's a very good one to start out on. Be prepared to see deer, snakes, and other wildlife.

wet and muddy boots and a walking stick are good ideas. couple creek crossings. stay at a no fee campsite down by Johnny cake, and the reservoir.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Just went there this past week for two nights. Started at Tracey Ridge Trail and then turned onto Northern Country Trail and up Johnnycake Run Trail back to Tracey Ridge Entrance. Many streams and the views were amazing. First backpack adventure with a few friends and it was a success. The only trail markers hard to find were some on the way back up to the entrance on the Johnnycake Run Trail. Very good still, will come back!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I parked at Quaker Lake and hiked the Tuscarora Trail and connected to the NCT and hiked south on the NCT to PA 346. I stealth camped just north of PA 236 and hiked back to my car the next day. I hiked it in February and was very wet and still had some snow. The trail conditions were abysmal (the reason i stealth camped, did not make it to where I was planning on going) but still was a nice isolated short out and back. FYI if you do this route, the Tuscarora trail was by in large the hardest section of this trip. The last 100yd of that climb is no joke.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Sunday, November 06, 2016

This trail starts out easy and grows more challenging where it combines with the North Country Trail along the Alleghany Resevoir. I didn't do the loop described but chose a variation that I hiked to Hopewell Campsite. Reaching the campsite added an additional 5 miles to hike. There were considerable hills, and the trail often narrows dangerously on steep terrain at points throughout. Bring your trekking poles. Views were pretty non existent throughout this hike, except when you make it the NCT and have views of the Resevoir. The trails were hard to determine at times because proper blazing for trail turns were not often used. Especially heading to Hopewell campsite, so be careful.

I hiked in mid October and was surprised to find little water sources which force me to fill my 2L Bladder, and 1L water bottle at a drizzling creek bed. I did this just in case there wasn't water at Hopewell Campsite. This added an additional 6.6lbs to my pack which was an additional challenge when climbing and descending hills. I found that I did well to top off the water because the only water source that I did have access to was the Resevoir itself. Believe me I wasn't a fan of drinking water from it even though I had a filter.

The Hopewell Campsites were great, clean, and well situated. They even had picnic tables. There is a $12 fee per site per night on the honor system. Be honorable ;o). There was a privy nearby as well which was an added bonus no matter how bad it smelled.

I left camp early because my return trip was primarily an 8 mile trek back to the trail head. The beginning of which was a 4 mile ascent which added additional challenges because I learned that I should have worn my trail runners instead of hiking boots the day before so my toes were angry at me.

My only gripes are 1) the blazes and signage need to be revisited and executed so that there is little chance of missing crucial directions while on trial. 2) The trail has a lot of over growth in areas so be prepared for that.

Overall it was a very good area to hike. I'd recommend heading to one of the campsites along the Tracy Ridge system via North Country Trail heading North To South for an added challenge!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

We (spouse, 22 year old son and Teddy our dog) spent two full days on these trails in early October, 2016. gorgeous hiking, saw very few people even on the weekend.
We covered almost 30 miles. the trails are well marked and even have distances for each section showing. This made it easy to adjust our route to fit our time.
We were surprised by the lack of wildlife we saw. except for chipmunks and hearing some birds chirping, we did not see another type of animal.
There was very little available running water, so fill up when you can or at the well pumps at the campgrounds. Probably different in the Spring?
We did not camp at one of the campgrounds. We found a really nice camp site at the northern end of the trail section, near the little jut of the reservoir.
Overall, a great area to hike and backpack in. The trails are mostly well marked and
we felt we were truly out in the woods, all by ourselves. Well worth it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Some trail maintenance completed 10/14 on the 5-6-7 loop. Chainsaw team hopefully to be out in a week or so to cut the downed trees/branches we tagged on the gps. Planning some sapling and brush cut back for April.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Note: The Tracy Ridge Hiking Trail System has been greatly expanded beyond the 8.9-mile loop described at the top of the page here. Check out a good map from the forest service here: http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5052731.pdf

My husband and I put together an approximately 20-mile loop which we hiked over three days, October 7-9. The trail is generally moderate in difficulty: some stretches up on the top of the plateau are quite flat and easy; there are some narrow sidehills; a few big climbs between the top of the plateau and the edge of the reservoir; many small stream crossings (pretty much all dry in October) and a few larger stream crossings that may be trickier when water is higher; occasional big swampy stretches, especially on the old forest road between junctions 5 and 7.

Like most hiking in the Allegheny National Forest, it's a nice walk in the woods. Occasional views of the reservoir in between the leaves; a few house-sized boulders here and there. Blazes are generally excellent; there are signposts showing one's location on the trail map at all the numbered trail junctions.

There are two developed campgrounds with vault toilets and hand-pump water: Hopewell, which is directly adjacent to the trail, and Handsome Lake, which has a longer connector trail going down to it -- we didn't go down to Handsome Lake at all, but I assume it resembles Hopewell. We did not camp at either of the developed campgrounds. On the first night we used an established backpackers' site near the outlet of Polly's Run -- water in the run was very low, so we went down to the reservoir for water. On the second night we used an established site on the north bank of the Tracy Run outlet. Tracy Run was clearly at a pretty low ebb but it still had plenty of water in it. Many other established sites dot the shores of the reservoir. Lakeside campsites are popular with boaters, so don't expect much privacy or solitude even if you stay out of the developed campgrounds.

We didn't see much in the way of wildlife -- squirrels, mice, and chipmunks in enormous abundance. Spotted a bear track near Nelse Run but no bear encounters. A number of songbirds, especially closer to the water.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Very nice hike. The 8.9 mile loop requires taking Tracy Ridge Trail to the NCT and then back up the Johnnycake trail. Or trailmarkers 1->2->15->14->12->11->10->17->3->2>1. The trail is very well documented with a map located at every intersection. You can make this a longer hike if you continue past the Johnnycake trail south along the NCT to trailmarkers 6 or 7.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hiked from the PA/NY border to Sugar Run Rd. Super wet and steamy as it had stormed the night before but great nonetheless. Completely alone the whole day except for the chipmunks. Plan to continue until I complete the 100 miles or so in the Allegheny National Forest. Always on the hunt for hiking partners as well.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A group of four did this trail in a day. It was grueling, and it took about 6-7 hours. If you're doing it in a day, do not overpack, wear good shoes, and try not to do it after a storm. Lots of trees down, and lots of muddy patches. Very nice views, and it seems like there would be a lot of cool places to camp to make this an overnight trip. Trails are marked, but be ready to make basically a 3 mile incline hike at the end of the trip.

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