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Clean easy walk.

Clean easy walk on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

trail running
13 days ago

I was really hoping this trail would be awesome...but I won’t be back. It is a flat, paved path lined with train yards and an abandoned concrete building. Not nice to look at and I didn’t feel secure running by myself.

It’s alright. Basically a paved walkway very close/through the capitol. A lot of noise/traffic.

great trail to ride our bikes on and take the dogs for a walk

I love this trail, easy walking or biking. So much to see, a lot of historical sights.

very nice

3 months ago

Great trail with different road options to customize

Nice clean trail. Had to keep a watch out for bikers coming up from behind. Loved the goats and gnome village as well as the Dick Winters memorial and statue port o potty was full on a Saturday.

Awesome trail.
Can’t wait till it is done from Dunbar to Point Marion.

4 months ago

Very Very muddy this time of the year and due to recent rains it was very rough. Trails are not very well m marked at all but overall nice scenery.

4 months ago

Pristine trail/walking/biking area in front of the stadium and along the water with great views of the city

if you want a really good workout, ride this Trail. better plan on a full day to do it from end to end

mountain biking
4 months ago

The good thing about this trail is that it’s paved the entire way, so it’s bike friendly. It’s also tree lined and mostly shady. The down side is that it’s rather short, and right in town, so you can hear traffic and such. Sometimes a short ride is all you have time for. The parking is good at either end, which is convenient.

5 months ago

very benign, deceivingly beautiful and peaceful, and exceptionally accessible trail running:. a dense suburban Oasis. for a quick 2.2, 4.4, or 6.6 mile run (1,2,3 loops) it is the best trail for time constrained trail runners (if u r nearby). love this trail. nothing technical, but NO pavement - mix of packed gravel, dirt, wood chips , grass ran 500 times and will run 500 more.

Easy walking trail. Sometimes crowded with Bikers and runners.

Great trail! Paved path along creek. Great water views.

Nice trail mostly shady in the summer months, also expanded for more than 2.5 miles.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Nice trail to bike on. Make sure you do on a weekend so you have enough time to enjoy it. A little hilly near Slickville, but all in all a nice trail.

Lots of people running and walking. Dogs on short leash only.

Nice even, easy black path. Great for bike riding with little ones. It was a great trail to teach my daughter how to ride and stay out of the way of others. Access to the creek, makes for a lot of fun. Wear bug spray if you go to the creek!

I love this nearly hidden gem of a trail. You get to experience the expansive open skies as you cross the river and can meander through the woods in Lower Merion. Comfortable wooden chairs and benches are along the path and hidden on lawns tucked away for those that stray from the path. We extended down to the start of the trail in Lower Merion and then headed up the hills through Westminster Cemetery. We found that is possible to exit the cemetery through the back on a short path near a beautiful partially overgrown historic building and connect back to the trail.

6 months ago

Asphalt and packed gravel. Great place to let the boys learn to ride their bikes on with others to teach trail edicut. Wide so others can past without startling them. Some parts are shaded and others in full sun. Mile markers and benches along the way. There are a number of rails, train wheels and a caboose along the way to look at. Great easy trail.

I live near the trail, and walk it a few times a week. It is well maintained, and relatively flat. Some areas have nice views. My kids love walking with me so they can see the little gnome houses, and the goats near the trail. If you’re looking for a challenge, look elsewhere.

Nice trail for senior walkers.

Great for skating outdoors! The app doesn't have skating as an option, but it was great for an outdoor skating session. There were almost ten of us skating on quad skates for the length of the trail and back. Paved and smooth for a little under 3 miles, one way. Would definitely skate/walk/bike there again!

Awesome trail for senior walkers. Shaded in many areas and pretty level. A great trail for daily cardio.

Urban riverside bike rides are always nice and I feel like they're usually shorter than this one. It can be extended across the river to the Point State Park side. There is also free parking for the River trail along the Allegheny Valley Expressway along the more northern part of the bike trail. Great city vews.

Flat. 1 mile loop. Perfect for training yourself to walk or run. Sometimes very busy with people and their kids and pets.

If you're looking for a nice paved walking trail I can't recommend this one enough. I've been coming here for years to get in a quick mile or two and the park is very pleasant - lots of nice trees and a gentle creek runs along one side of the path. I now come here with my disabled mother, as its one of the few places I found that isn't too strenuous for her (she can do the full mile loop now!). There's also a small gravel cut-across in case you want to add another quarter-mile to your walk (or cut it short if you're parked at the second parking area).

The trail can get somewhat busy on weekends, and mid-to-late afternoon, as a lot of people use it to get in an after-work or lunch break walk/run. But the path is plenty wide enough to allow for people to pass without issue. There are also men's and women's bathrooms located along the trail (during the warm-weather months) and a port-a-john that is available year-round. The main parking area has two handicapped spots as well with its own small paved walkway that leads onto the trail.

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