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good trail. it would've been better if jerks wouldve left trash behind

Not enough Braille on the signage.

3 months ago

Couldn’t see anything.

horseback riding
3 months ago

Great trail with level easy footing.

Seemed more moderate to me with some steep descents. Muddy when we were there.

excellent trail to hike and have a little fun climbing the rocks . enjoy the rocks be a kid again.

Nice paved walkway to do a evening walk with the dog. I personally like the more challenging trails but recommend this one for people who are just looking to be more active. This is not a true nature hike! Just a walk in the park.

Nice easy hike on boardwalk. Out & back with turnaround at French Creek.

3 months ago

Ok hike I took the white trail up (the only hard part of the hike) then walked along the trail to station 10 where I switched to the blue trail and walked around the rim coming back again to the white trail by station 3. The hike after summiting at Station 2 was relatively easy and not very scenic. Only a couple of the overlooks gave good unobstructed views.

This is a great trail to hike and bike.

3 months ago

great trail for foot to eye coordination, rocky and wet at times but overall great hike. watch out as normal for pa slithering residents. I personally said excuse me to a 6' timber just a week ago.

If you start at lhht rt 30 trailhead it’s about 5 miles. Great scenery on the way to an amazing overlook.

3 months ago

Hiked this trail earlier today with my husband, daughter and fur baby

Easy trail. Great view.

Glad I found this trail after living so many years near Philly. It only took me 20 minutes to get to the trail and it took me a bit more than 1 hour to complete. There are much better trails further, that have better views, challenges, are longer and are more variable but this was a great work-out on an early morning in a great setting. There is a large parking lot at the start, as shown on the map. I did the trail clockwise and instead of following the road, I should have walked toward Knox House; that is the way to miss the road/Bridge section. Another option of doing the trail is to park at General Washington's HQ. That parking lot is smaller but there are bathrooms nearby. The trail on Mount Joy is flatter and easier to walk than the trail on Mount Misery that has more (small) rocks but both trails are well maintained.

This trail was perfect for a day hike! Great scenery and waterfalls!! I did find some liter scattered about though, not much just some cans and bottles.

Great bit of trail. Difficult sections are followed by easy trail. Oakland Run is an awesome creek with plenty of mini waterfalls. The trail becomes pointless after you reach game lands; it basically becomes a grassy access road.

3 months ago

My wife and I took our 9 year old on he's first overnight hiking trip here and I must say this was a awesome trail. Only complaints are that it was very swampy and muddy in a lot of spots but it has been very rainy the last few weeks. Also there is lots and lots of overgrowth. To the point that some spots don't even look like there is a trail, however that could just be due to all the rain. That all being said we would do it again and as long as you don't mind mud and overgrowth, you will enjoy this easy trail.

Side note there aren't many campsites until you reach the mid point. We camped out for the night at painters Creek and there were 4 other camp sites around us that were already in use, so this trail is pretty trafficked.

Travel could definitely need marked out a little bit better, other than that it’s fairly clear and very good for hiking or mountain biking or taking the dog, very quiet, very secluded, need to find me a partner to go hiking with

Went saturday 9/22. Lightly trafficked is not true! this place was a nightmare! Full parking lot with a couple people even honking their car horns. Felt like I was in the city not the woods. The waterfalls were nice but if you are looking for some peaceful trails this is not the place to go! $16.50 for an adult to get in.

mountain biking
3 months ago

My son and I did six miles in this area and it is beautiful! The trails is easy and fun for the whole family, bring plenty of water.

hard but worth it! side at the falls is very peopley

3 months ago

I've given this trail a low score because this trail appeared during a search for hiking trails, the description mentions forest scenery and views, and there's no mention of it being a paved trail. I drove over an hour for a HIKING trail, which means not paved and meandering through the woods. it was misleading. this is a road bike trail or walking trail. I'm sure I'd enjoy this trail if I had come to it knowing it was a bike trail and planning to bike.

mountain biking
3 months ago

The trail was awesome! I hit the Hammer and Cold Run trails with my girlfriend on bikes. Great time! Beautiful scenery and everyone was friendly. The trails were exciting and offered a variety of obstacles, sights, and speed. Be cautious of mud, rocks, and tree roots especially when wet. We will definitely be coming back to hit the southern trails. Maybe even hit the same trails because they were so enjoyable lol.

I LOVED this trail. Went on a Sunday September morning, and we literally passed three people the entire time (and all of them in the last five minutes of hiking). Easy walk, some nice variety in the terrain. I loved the parts where the forest opened up and all the little stream crossings. The lake is visible for a good deal of the hike on your left. I can imagine that it gets busy in the summer, but it was incredibly quiet and peaceful, only a few boaters out. Loved it!

The trail is rocky but is nice. Well maintained but can be slippery after rain. Nice view at the top.

Pretty easy up until the top, when it gets a little more challenging, steep, & narrow. Super quiet, especially up on the Charcoal Hearths section. Hiked it with my dog and we had a great time. Didn’t encounter any other hikers, but saw lots of awesome trees, fungi, and rocks.

It's a good way to spend a day. Peaceful.

Did the trail counter clockwise. I Loved the trail, throughout my wife and I kept saying this reminds me of....(insert cool place you’ve hiked). Older growth woods to Hemlock stands, through the blowdown areas to the creek that runs the through the north end. A couple creek crossings stepping on rocks and a couple bridges also. Are only mistake was with the poor trail markings. The North country trail cuts through the north end of loop ( make sure you don’t get on it by accident) Follow the white diamonds - they seem to disappear at times especially on the return leg. We got on the North country trail and added a couple accidental miles to hike, but we were hiking on a beautiful day, with plenty of time left in day-no biggie. Basically at the north end you caught it for just a short time. At the sign post that has been ripped off with the with the white diamond- look to your right. You have to look hard to see Minister trail. Someone wrote on actual trail marker pointing at it. (Kind of dog legs here. All kinds of camping at north end.

HIKERS BEWARE. This is a beautiful hike, one that my boyfriend and I were thoroughly enjoying...Until we stumbled upon a yellow jacket nest on the trail. We both got stung collectively 11 times. Be extremely cautious. We were about 1 mike back on the trail.

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