My wife Kristen and I climbed to the memorial site from the Route 192 side on Sunday before Labor Day 2018. We entered from the farm lane where the large sign is off the road. You’ll have to climb over a field gate further up the farm lane. (We saw no posted “No Trespassing” signs) After climbing the gate, keep following the farm lane until you reach a black culvert pipe with a small stream running through it. You will see a very faded blue blaze on a tree at this point on left side of lane. The trail begins here. You will have to traverse through the stream a bit but there are planks in the water to help make the small crossing. Follow along the stream until you can make it up the bank. Start following the trail.

The first portion of the trail is an easy hike with a gradual incline. It is also getting “grown over” with some small bushes and grasses. About halfway up the trail where it flattens out, on the right, you will see the teepee structure and campsite. Once you pass the teepee area, the incline becomes steeper and the trail becomes rocky. It will make you start breathing heavier. Some areas are very rocky and the stones are loose but with careful footing you will be fine.

During this part of the hike, you’ll come along a couple clearings with views of Penns Valley. However, they are becoming “grown over” by the tree tops. Further up near the top of the ridge, you’ll come across a blockfield/felsenmeer where primitive steps were made to climb through the blockfield. There are numerous cairns in this area, too. Once clearing the blockfield, you are on top of the ridge and just follow the trail a few more steps and the memorial site will come into sight.

Our trekking poles came in handy yesterday, especially in the rocky areas and in the huckleberry patches along the way near the top. Chased out two snakes but no rattlers. Just two nice sized garter snakes.

We will definitely do this hike again! We are planning to do the Greens Valley Road side next time.