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Great trail with amazing views. Agree with other reviews about it being a moderate trail. Stick to the trail and you'll be fine.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Not a hike for beginners but I definitely wouldn’t rate it hard. More like moderate. All the falls are absolutely breath taking. If you’re using your phone for pictures I recommend bringing a portable charger because you will need it with the amount of pictures you’ll take! You could easily get away with wearing sneakers. Just some parts are a little slippery and there’s still patches of snow and ice. But overall 10/10 will 100% be going again soon!

Absolute breathtaking hike! Quite a challenge with most of this hike being rocky slopes. I like to do this backwards where you hike to the falls vs. seeing the falls first. Wear shoes with good grip and slip resistant. Get there early as it gets crowded, and dont forget your cameras!!!!

Easy trail. Nice walk with some water features.

A great hike. Very muddy today with all the rain, be sure to wear waterproof boots with your hike. Scenic hike along a stream! Very relaxing and easy loop!

Definitely not for beginners but an amazing trail nonetheless with beautiful views.

Great hike

A blast when it’s not crowded

I went on 1.27.18 and the ice was starting to melt. Challenging but beautiful hike. when you get to the trail head stay to the left because you get a better view of the falls

I loved this hike. It rivals my hikes in the grand canyon of Pa. Highly advise that you take the loop trail clockwise. This is a better way to see the falls and it is safer to fall going up if you slip. We went yesterday before it warmed up (28 degrees) and had to use traction spikes in certain areas. I would recommend waiting til warmer temps, but if you do it in the winter where there is ice be very careful!

challenging and beautiful falls view entire way.

Very challenging hike, winter time there was so much ice on the trail we kept slipping and falling. Wear good hiking boots with traction on the bottom. We hiked the entire loop, so at the beginning of the trail we took a right. It was super steep and tough. When we got to the ridge line it put us on top of the falls then we worked our way down from there stopping at each of the different fall sites. Hard hike but definitely worth it, beautiful!!

Super fun and scenic hike with waterfalls all the way up! I would rate this more as a medium difficulty rather than hard. I went in mid-April last year which was perfect weather. Would recommend going around this time.

Great trail and history. Old site of a mineral spring resort from late 1800s and early 1900s. Ppl believed the water had healing powers and came from all over to drink and bath in them.

can you safely take this hike without crampons?

Nice trail! Saw a small frozen waterfall along the way which was beautiful. Pretty view of the river, and the cave was cool.

Went with the hope of seeing the falls frozen and was not disappointed. Some spots can be a little tricky with the ice but that's to be expected, especially when everything has a coating of snow on it. Bring some Yak Trax or another type of crampons.....they make a world of difference when hiking in winter weather.

excellent little loop trial. 4 miles with a few awesome waterfalls and a great overview of the gorge. cold and snow covered which may have kept the hikers away or it may have been multiple warning signs of death.

Does anyone know if there is snow on this trail or if it has become slippery within the last few days?

This was absolutely one of the best hikes i've been on, it can be trecherous at times so watch your footing especially at the falls but it was beautiful.

Breathtaking beauty. Difficult climb but well worth it. We have a real good time.

4 months ago

Pretty short hike up to the cave, ended up parking closer than the app suggests. Cave is very neat! We brought cheep head lamps and also used phone flashlights are were able to navigate, probably would have preferred higher power head lamps. There are lots of turns and paths to take once inside the cave including places where people have installed ladders and climbing ropes! From outside the cave there is also a nice view of the water and trees. Looking forward to coming back!

*additional note, I returned today and noticed a few spiders which I believe to be brown recluse, watch out for this if you’re planning on going deep into a he cave!

4 months ago

Good trail. Some parts are poorly marked. Great for a day hike or an easy over night.

Gorgeous view and steep climbing!

4 months ago

We actually started this hike by parking off Bridge Valley Road and only had a short hike up the hill to get to the cave entrance. Definitely need head lamps so your hands are free to help scramble. Had the whole family with me (18, 15, and 12 yr old) and they all loved it. Met a few hikers who had a map from a visit Lancaster website showing a rough layout of the cave. We will bring chalk to mark our way for the next time we come.

4 months ago

love this trail, easy to moderate, with some hill climbs. wonderful views, rock castles, etc. plenty of water near by

One of my fav places to hike

love this hike. It's hard and amazing!

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