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Pennsylvania Map

good variety of views and landscape. mix of steep hills and flat areas. trail is narrow with drop offs for most of the way, so be careful

There was no hiking as of August 2018. You drive up a narrow dirt road and park at the end. The bridge is closed so all you could do was walk down a steep slippery path to check out the waterfall. The waterfall was kinda nice but it wasn’t worth the drive to go here. Nothing else to do here.

Great walk across beautiful land. Definitely more of a walk, than a hike. Know that going in, and you'll love it. If you're looking for technical trails; you'll have to go elsewhere.
Great place to take my dog, enough to stimulate her, and it sure beats the paved trails we have in chesco.

The initial walk down the gravel road is long and can be hot on a sunny, summer day because the road is open without much tree cover. The side trail to get to the cliff is easy to miss and unmarked but if using the hiking app it will mark where to turn. This next trail is beautiful. Its shaded and full of wild life. Towards the end of the trail it becomes rocky with large boulders, can be dangerous and difficult for young children or small dogs. The end of the path is worth the hike. Beautiful view of the gorge below and miles outward above the trees. Caution!!! Sunbathing on the edge of the cliff were two Copperhead snakes. My husband unbeknownst almost stepped on them. We actually have a picture of him standing just a small rock above the crease they were laying in. (Before we saw them of course!) Therefore, keep caution for snakes and tread carefully.

Didn't follow the trail on the map and took the Lehigh slope mentioned in the previous review. Has nice scenery on the way up, but you definitely don't get a great view until the top. Which it is well worth the wait. Many options to make the trip back down as fast or slow as you want.

1 day ago

A nice easy walk for the kids. Just be careful of the bike riders, the path is narrow at some places.

The trail that my bf and I hiked was very scenic and decent for hiking. What I didn't like was that it wasn't a separate trail. On the map, it showed all trails connect to other trails. It would be easier to follow if it remained its own trail.

Since each trail has it's own parking area, it would be hard to go on other trails. The hike back to my car would have been exhausting if I chose to switch trails.

This trail is a combination of logging roads and deer trails. Crossing the Billings Mill creek can be tough in high water (impossible). I bring two large trash bags to wear over my boots and pants to keep dry. Once over the creek there are many different trails to pick from. You will end up at the gas line sooner or later. Beautiful scenery especially in the winter. Ticks everywhere any other season.

a real relaxing trail

excellent trails

Beautiful, well maintained trails

Very pretty nature trail, both dirt and paved paths, the Conestoga River is very peaceful and there is a trail that runs right next to it with lots of hamocking oppurtunities

Great for all!

nice trail..great pics to come

1 day ago

Great views, the trail was more rocky than expected, trail is well marked for the most part. I was very happy to have this app as a guide. The trail is well maintained, easy walk. Perfect for a beginner.

I love Neversink, run or hike it frequently. But holy poison ivy! After the real steep incline on the long/orange loop it is unavoidable .

unfortunately the manor township portion is closed due to rock slide. Martic portion is boring as there is no scenery just runs along power lines

1 day ago

great introductory hike for teaching our kids backpacking. There ages were 14, 11, 7, and 3. There are campsites at about the ¾ mi mark, and about the halfway point ( 3-3½ mi). Has plenty to keep it interesting for kids (Creeks, water, views, unique rock features) but not too long. Does have some cliffs/ledges to be aware of. Love this place!

Just got back from hiking this trail today. The trail was definitely really cool, but it was very hard to find. What we did was we put the directions into the gps, but the problem is that when they told you you were there, there wasnt any place to park. We ended up driving to Sullivan Falls and parking there. From here we hiked further up the road until we found the trailhead and then proceeded to cross the river. We weren't really sure if we did the right trail, but we had fun and it was very pretty. We didn't see any orange trail markers like others on here say they saw so im not sure if there was a different trail we were supposed to do or not but we found our way around fine.

1 day ago

Trails are well groomed. Definitely nice for those slightly out of shape, nice mix of terrain.
A little confusing at times up on top but either way you go you loop back towards your car. A nice pavilion and restrooms. will go back and do more trails.

off road driving
1 day ago

Had fun. Good place for learning. Gotta have another vehicle with you. Full cell reception

Maybe this trail is nice in cooler weather, but today, the start of the path was very overgrown. Barely a sliver of path was visible. My husband went down the trail a minute or two to see if it was going to get better, but it didn't look hopeful. We opted not to hike it. Another distraction was sounds of gunshots. Maybe a nearby gun range? I wouldn't call this kid-friendly. At least not today.

Should be marked as moderate/difficult. In some spots it was challenging.

Very pretty , casual hike. Great relaxer.

Beautful hike, but yes be careful, We had a close encounter with a pretty big rattlesnake.

This trail is awesome!

2 days ago

Nice hike. Trail was well marked and well traveled on this Sunday afternoon. Definitely, take the rock loop trail to experience the geologic features of the trail.

Great place to run.

Haven't done it yet but curious how far in the Hertlein campsite is?

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