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A tough hike for sure but a very beautiful waterfall reward at the end! I recommend having a hiking stick. I didn’t have one and wished I did the whole time I was descending. I will mention that at the falls there are tons of bees. They appear to be common honey bees and not aggressive but they were everywhere. I had intended to sit at the falls and enjoy a snack but I literally had bees crawling all over me. One was crawling down my boot even. None stung me but if you are freaked out by bees or super allergic then be advised.

Nice, well marked trail with nice lake views along the Ridgeline Trail. Good rock bounding moments too.

Nicely defined trails with a few uncleared portions from winter blow-downs. Took a wider loop back to the car (past the Nobscot camp) with a couple of clear views of the Boston skyline. Not too much mud for this time of year. Great little hike.

8 hours ago

Not “easy”. More like moderate. Nice views at top

Great first hike for my 11 week old pup.

Nice, exposed in areas so if it’s hot and sunny it can get warm on high side of road. You could run this trail easily. We saw a big elk.

Did this loop with my three kids, 6, 9 and 12 years old. Amazing views, fun and exciting boardwalk and rocky section and a little beach halfway that’s great for skipping stones. I wonderful family hike.

8 hours ago

Description of the trails are accurate. They people who are reviewing, have misread, just like I did. Loops five through nine, are about 2.2 to 2.5 miles, with good elevations, but its loops 5 through 9, as in 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

I must have been on the wrong trails because I had to combine trail 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and some of the parking lot to get 2.2 miles. There was some good elevations. I am a runner, so I was running the trails and I didn't see any mountain bikes but I could see how they would want to be on the trails too - just glad they weren't because I was hogging everything. ;) Maybe all trails combined equal 5 miles? I needed to log three today so I was a little disappointed but otherwise, nice wooded trails.

8 hours ago

took a logging road to reach the falls, hard to find. rock fall made the falls small and hard to see.

Perhaps I missed the trail, but between the waterfall and the Malan's Basin trail there is little to no trail. I found it dangerous climbing cliffs from the waterfall, and even when I was definitely on the trail approaching Malan's Basin it was extremely overgrown and littered with fallen trees. I'm leaving this review as a warning because I'm afraid someone following the path I just took could get seriously injured or killed.

Nice easy trail while camping and geocaching at Bandy Creek last week.

Hiked this trail about a week ago. Great trail. This app would have come in very handy when I was camping with my four Shih Tzu companions at Bandy Creek. Lots of nice trails in the area but was only able to log about 27 miles worth before returning home. Hopefully I will be returning to the area in the near future for an extended stay and lots more hiking.

Fun little hike with a great view for a short distance

Trail rating is on target. Great views from the summit.

Hands down one of the best hikes I have ever done. Gorgeous view the entire way. Hiked on 6/17 and didn’t start until about 1 pm. The trail was still closed about 3.5 miles up, but still absolutely worth the hike anyway. Thick vegetation make this a bear’s haven and makes it easy to walk up on them. I saw a brown bear with 3 cubs. She was pretty stressed considering people were blocking her in front and from behind trying to get pictures and a good view. The trail is wet in some places from snow runoff and there are even some the small waterfalls because of it. It was fabulous! This trail really shows off what Glacier has to offer.

There are numerous inclines and raised roots. It’s beautifully scenic. Lots of wildlife. Well maintained and clean.

Went 6/19/18. Lovely hike, gets very rocky though. The view is beautiful and even got to dip in the lake. So worth it!

10 hours ago

did this hike after manoa falls. only saw a couple of people on it. can get very muddy! nice view at the top, not a bad up and back

10 hours ago

started early in morning and wasnt that crowded. pretty easy hike, great waterfall at top. would recommend! pretty slippery, be careful if it just rained.

lots of people here but didnt take away from fun hike. great views at top. rough staircase climb at end!

Went to hike the Grey Butte and Panther Meadows Trail in June 2018.
Google Maps sent us on the wrong road and we ended up on a logging road of pretty off-road-like conditions. Do not use the entrance via the Shasta Ski Park HWY. Take A-10 from Mt.Shasta City.
This road was closed about 2 1/2 miles before the trail entry.
The hike was beautiful leading through green meadows with spring water run off, trees and climbing up above the tree-line including a breathtaking view of Mt.Shasta and the surrounding distant mountains.
The terrain looked almost out of this world with patches of snow and beautiful wild flowers.
The trail’s signage is not the best, you have to look for rock markers to help you find the trail on occasion.
We saw only three pairs of hikers on this loop on a Tuesday afternoon.

most fun me and my cousin ever had mountain biking it was a blast and I can't wait to go back

Beware, there was a lone aggressive mountain goat tonight about half way down the trail, that followed us about 3 miles down, making aggressive gestures. I highly suggest you Google what to do if confronted by a mountain goat before heading up.
other than that, it was fantastic! We saw a bunch of other mountain goats by the summit and toward the top of the trail that were in groups & paid little attention to us. Incredible views & not terribly steep but you notice the lower oxygen high up, more frequent small breaks did the trick though.

12 hours ago

Great practice for high elevation hikes

Snow covered path uo top still and there are some hole in the snow, use extream caution. path is very steep, I found out real quick this hike is not for a faint of heart. beautiful summer day with panoramic view on submit. Did glisssading down the snow a bit, wish we had ice axe for some extra fun. Had lunch there with the family of curious mountain goat. there are so many stairs! Knees legs and the bottom hurts afterwards but 100 well worth it.

it was nice trail but a bit buggy, even with repellent the mosquitoes where everywhere. I am gonna try it again durring the winter and it should be much better.

12 hours ago

Was harder than I thought it would be because of how steep and slippery it was, but it did just rain a few hours before. Definitely a workout but worth it once you get to the bottom. Swimming at the bottom of the waterfall was rewarding.

Love this trail. Mountain perfection! Creek crossing is safe right now. There is small patches of snow at the lake but you won't see any on the trail. If you got sweet blood like I do, bug spray is a must! Mosquitos are out and hungry!! Great elevation gain hike & views to kill for!

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