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Disappointed trail turns into asphalt

If you’re not going Swimmin go elsewhere

This is a very nice well-paved trail with spectacular views of the bay. Great for walking or bike riding.


Really easy trail with lots of opportunities to see amazing birds. Not much shade and the lake Ayer is pretty low.

Beware! The reservoir is pretty empty as of July 21!!

Great for my first kayaking trip, we didn’t do the whole thing. Would definitely come back to see more of it.

12 hours ago

First time on Red Trail. Easy to Moderate. Slight elevation changes. As of post (7/2018), portion was shut down due to construction. Some trail markings were missing. Paper map worked better in questioned areas versus app.

We hiked only to the second falls, so total it was about 6 miles round trip. Entirely up hill for the three miles in. This was definitely a good work out, and the reward is so worth it. After you pass the bridge, make sure to turn around a couple times, the view is amazing. Once we got to the falls, there were pools to swim in, and we even went under the water fall. The water sure does take your breathe away, it is very, very cold!

Absolutely beautiful views! The trail for the lower falls goes up and down a lot, so if you're out of shape be prepared for that. I think this trail is probably more moderate than easy, but it's so very worth it.

This is a very nice trail for everyone but it isnt a loop. it is mostly paved along the river. There are access points at both ends of the trail.
About a mile in is access to unpaived mountain bike trails I've never been on.
As a Pokemon Go fan I appreciate the fact that there are Pokestops at the beginning and one about a mile in as well as a gym about 3/4 mile in and tons of critters as I call them

Went on a hike the trails are not well kept at all. There is a lot of trash and the trails get lost the deeper you go in. If you enjoy bike riding I recommend this one for sure.

13 hours ago

One of my favorite spots in Ithaca!

In my opinion, this is the prettiest park for hiking in Central Florida. there are many trials, and you can pick trails that give you the distance you would like to hike. There's a lot of wildlife around and the views of the Econ River are sometimes stunning. Over the last couple months, the trails have been flooded, restricting the amount of hiking you can do.

15 hours ago

Easy access, level and paved walking surface, plenty of options to fish (although nothing was biting!). It’s a newer park so no tree shade but there are covered pavilions when you want to rest and get out of the sun. Lacks a playground so the kids were disappointed about that. But great for me for walking/running.

Fun hike around Breakneck pond.

Beautiful hike! Saw a monk seal! We went a little too late in the morning, it got super hot by the time we finished. Ended up being 7 miles after walking around the water and trail!

trail running
21 hours ago

I love this loop. It’s really pretty and running over the bridge as you finish your jog feels great. Only thing is the trail is actually 1.3 miles so you have to run it twice for the description to be accurate.

Started about 11am today. Rented Kayaks from Kailua Beach Adventures for about $59 and ended up getting a waterproof bag for an additional $5. (highly recommended because we were soaked all the way out and back). From there we rolled our kayaks out to the beach and took off. It took us about 50 mins to get out to there and it was a little tougher than I had expected. We got out there and seen a seal and had some good luck snorkeling out there because we got close to some sea turtles. The way back was a little easier with the wind and not going against the current and took us 40 mins. Overall I highly recommend it! Bring some food and water for the Island!

Best place on this planet

We went on a Saturday (got there at 8am) and found parking pretty easily ($5). Luckily a ranger was there and gave us a map because this trail isn't well marked. You go through a few campgrounds. It was loud most of the trail. We either heard cars or the large amount of people on the lake. We had to move often for other hikers (large groups). The waterfall was VERY crowded. If you are looking for a trail that's peaceful and relaxing this is not the trail for you. It's closer to 10 miles as well. The trail itself is good for all fitness levels I would say.

1 day ago

Great place to hike in and camp, lots of great sites and trees down to find for firewood, but none blocking the trails, very sandy and all natural trails. Sunset was fantastic with wildlife, lots of birds, some gators heard at night, but not seen in day. Folllows along the river most of the trails I've travelled, so very beautiful scenery. Very peaceful and quiet once away from the road sounds, which doesnt take long. No unsavory characters encountered on my trips, 5 so far. My only issue is the bridge to the flagler loop has been down since last year, still not yet fixed at my last trip in March, otherwise it's 5 stars. No facilities at the Barr Street trailhead, not sure about the other. Looking forward to coming again soon.

This was my first backpacking trip. Did this trip on a thursday friday overnight. We stayed overnight at high falls the first night and traveled in a counterclockwise direction. We relaxed at high falls after hiking from 10-3 the first day and then hiked to cat mtn and out the second day from 930-3 . The deer flies and mosquitos were pretty bad but not intolerable and although it has been a fairly dry summer there were some very wet spots, mostly on the western side due to beaver dams, so yes waterproof boots are a requirement. The fishing at high falls did not result in any catches.

Not a destination hike. Nice for a walk during all seasons but this park has radically changed since the 1980-90's. The pedestrian bridge from the Salem Waterfront has dramatically increased the number of homeless and substance using individuals. Evidence of drug use and human elimination was evident. If you go, be safe.

Nice hike and a great view! Well worth it.

Nice walk through the woods that leads to a great view of Henderson Inlet. The main road that leads straight to the inlet could be easily traveled with a stroller, but if you are planning on taking the trail through the woods and you have a stroller I wouldn't recommend it because there are a few places where you have to go up and down stairs and there are spots on the trail where tree roots are out of the ground which would make pushing a stroller difficult. We had binoculars and could see seals soaking up some sun on the pier out in the water. The trail wasn't busy and is well maintained and clean.

Pretty view of the falls. One of the more crowded hikes along the Chatahoochee

1 day ago

Very busy trail on the south side of Umstead. It's pretty rustic so most of the time you're looking down to avoid stumbling over roots or rocks. I'm amazed how people run this trail with ease. In general, I favor the northern side of Umstead as they provide more solitude and are less rustic.

Many of the trails are marked poorly and duplicate as biking trails. The trails are thin and impassible so you must always look behind you when hiking, reel the pup in, and step aside to let bikers pass. It makes the time in nature a little less enjoyable.

1 day ago

This was a fun and easy hike for me and my dog. We arrived about 9:30 am on a Saturday and were the only ones there. Since it was the middle of summer there were plenty of bugs and lots of dust. It was an awesome view once u got down to the beach. We will definately go back again.

Great area to hike and fish

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