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Beautiful trail . Well maintained and marked. Along with seeing the river many times there is a section between marker 7 and 8 where there are virgin white and red pines. Very nice . It took me 3-1/2 hours to complete with several small stops for pics and grabbing water.

I went last weekend. the pond is drained and there is a significant amount of work being done around the trail. the paths are mostly closed as of 9/2018. I'm sure they will be open and great in the future but it was a disappointment for now.

Great trail, absolutely beautiful in many places. My only complaint is that it is not well marked at all. Trying to find it was difficult as was staying on the right path at times. Worth doing many times over!

12 hours ago

walked this trail many times...great place

trail running
12 hours ago

I’ve been coming here for years! It’s one of my favorite places to run. A measured 5 mile loop with plenty of scenic waterfront nooks to catch your breath if needed. Keep your eyes peeled, there are usually cats - and sometimes chickens running around here!

Beautiful! I am was super surprised by this trail. It meanders along the Missouri River and is totally beautiful. Fairly easy hike. Though I would not recommend taking dogs, my dog came with and there is a section of rocky path that was a bit difficult for him and it scared him. Plus he tried to jump into the river several times.

14 hours ago

We loved this hike, loved the variety of terrain, and it was the highlight of our hiking in Tahoe. It's a steep start but hang in there. I was very glad to have my hiking sticks for both the steep up and steep down on the return. The longer gentle uphill return was very easy. There are so many beautiful views, one more gorgeous than the rest. For a slow time of year, it was pretty busy. I don't think this would be very enjoyable during high season. It's 10.5 miles r/t to Vikingsholm according to FitBit and Google Maps. Definitely recommend!

These two trails should not be lumped together; they are separately great trails but so different they need to be done at different times. Laurel Ridge is a great lakeside trail with a lot of elevation change.

The other trail, called here the “Buford Dam Trail” is really the National Park Service Bowman Island Trail. It is well marked and follows the river from the spillway at the Dam down to the Buford Hatchery, about 2 miles one way. Easy and flat, but not as interesting as Laurel Ridge.

There is not a formal connection between the two trails. You leave Laurel Ridge on a walkway over to the spillway and then cross the spillway on a large steel bridge across the spillway. Follow your nose through a large parking lot (latrine and water fountain), down the road a short way to a parking lot at the Bowman Island Trailhead. The bridge at the start looks like it is closed but that is just to keep horse riders out. The trail is populated mostly by fly fishermen.


16 hours ago

Beginners flip-flop trail, with amazing secluded beach.
For a short hike, with a beach destination, this is a must-do trail. It is gradual, shaded, excellent lake views, and wide. 10-15 minutes one-way.
We did a Saturday afternoon drive to find a less-crowded beach at Lake Tahoe.
We heard about this trail from a friend, and decided to try it.
It is definitely a beginner's trail. The steepest part is a place where there are several developed granite steps (built) leading down to the beach. Most people will not need trekking poles for that spot. We brought our sticks for testing lake depth.
As you get closer to the lake, the emerald blue, lagoon looking water peeks through the trees, creating a heightened sense of excitement to get into the water.
The best part of this trail is the beach itself. Small, yet secluded feeling. The beach holds about 5-10 families, max.
I imagine it fills up early and stays that way most of the day. We lucked out. By getting there at 4:15pm, people were starting to leave, and it created space for us. The early September air was still warm, and there was plenty of sun.
For destination activities, it is the swimming, by far. Shallow, safe, and large submerged granite boulders to explore just north of the beach.
Bring swimwear, towel, flip flops, and of course, goggles. We could have spent all day exploring the underwater terrain. But beware, Lake Tahoe water is cold, even in summer. Just get in quickly and you'll get used to it after a minute. So clean and refreshing.
Next time, we will explore the other trails leading to the Thunderbird lodge. They seem to all connect. We will be coming back.
- Mike and Angel, EarthTrek Gear

Beautiful trail and well maintained!

I was a little skeptical because it was such a popular trail and I was thinking it.kight be a let down... and I proven wrong. it's a great walk/hike with absolutely gorgeous scenery. you're only hurting yourself of you don't go!

Best hike my wife and I have ever taken. Breathtaking views, shade, well marked, not a lot of traffic. Inspires us to continue getting in better shape so we can hike the full length out and back! Highlight of our Tahoe vacation so far!

This is an absolutely beautiful hike! It's correctly listed as "moderate" because there are a lot of elevation changes (small, but strenuous), sections where you are hiking on boulders (but the trail is also mostly dirt/pine needles), and several narrow spots. I recommend a hat, hiking pole, sturdy shoes, and plenty of water. Why anyone would bring a child in this hike is beyond me. The best time to go is after the summer rush before it gets too chilly. Enjoy!

1 day ago

Beautiful area. Very easy. Great place for a picnic or to just sit and enjoy the calm.

Good views and easy trails.

1 day ago

Stunning views, will def do it again. Wanted to see the wild pack of horses, no luck. Since this trail borders the lake, I'm sure it'll be less than serene on weekends, jet-skis, etc. When I went it was quiet, began around 7am on a Weds. Parking is $8, can get at a Circle k or QT on the way.

If curious about the name, https://www.google.com/search?q=Dr.+W.W.+Jones&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1

Interesting quote, from AZ Republic.... "Question: Who was Butcher Jones, and why is a trail named after him near Saguaro Lake?

Answer: The Arizona Republic's Scott Craven did some research, and here's what he found:

"Butcher Jones most likely is Dr. W.W. Jones, according to state historian Marshall Trimble. An online search showed Jones to be more than a medical professional. In the mid-19th century, he also owned mines in Arizona as well as a freighting business. He lived in Yuma, Prescott, Wickenburg, Phoenix and Tempe, and later in life became a rancher. He apparently was fairly influential in his day, and he was friends with Jacob Waltz of Lost Dutchman Mine fame. There also was a mention that Dr. Jones performed surgeries on his dining room table, which may have led to his nickname of Butcher (a Parks Department employee said of Butcher Jones – 'I am pretty sure he was a doctor, but apparently not a very good one.')."

Lovely trail, really. Hubs and I never saw anything clearly marking the trail though, so maybe we didn’t really hike this one. I read the reviews and lots of folks say it’s marked, but we seriously only saw one white fence post with red spray paint that said “SLT”. That’s it. I also never saw anywhere to refill water, like another poster mentioned. We did get some beautiful views and pictures.

trail running
1 day ago

Steep incline to start but otherwise a fairly easy trail.

A nice easy stroll through near the river. Nothing spectacular, but well maintained and convenient for walking into town from the WorldMark resort.

Was mosquito heaven, water was stagnant, other areas were dry.

Surprise, tres agreable ballade. Certains applombs, mais peu de vues en hauteur dégagées.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Espectacular vista y ambiente por la orilla del lago.
Súper sencillo el recorrido, apto para niños, principiantes, etc. Son 9km totales (ida y vuelta).
Caminata, trote, mascotas, bicicletas.
Área para descansar y convivir, tienda y amplio estacionamiento.

This trail seems like it would be more fun on a mountain bike. The path is narrow and, at points, not very well maintained (overgrowth in vegetation). Nothing scenic about it. Parking is also extremely limited. You’d be better off driving down the road to the Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary.

This was a gorgeous hike! Just as many other people have said BRING WATER! Couldn’t believe how many people had little or no water and wore flip flops. Even if you only go to the first falls it’s best to be prepared. More of a moderate hike than hard. Good variety of terrain on trail.

$10 entrance fee but you can walk right up to the overlooks from the parking lot. It was a bit too crowded for my liking but beautiful views. The trail was pretty easy. Really cool experience if you have never been here before!

2 days ago

I've been coming here since high school! It is very populated so it is best to go on week days. The parking lot is usually overflowing. It is best to drive across the bridge and park on the other side of the river and you can walk from another bridge and go about that way. There are lots of rocks to stop and swim along the way. Unfortunately, I have stopped going here due to increase in trash/broken glass. Still a very cool place to explore in the middle of the city!

Nice short hike. Trail easy to maneuver but is marked very poorly.

I’m rating This hike from a previous one since the sky opened up on us with thunder so I took my puppy and sat in the car until the rain let up but it don’t look good , I maybe waiting a while !!

Great challenging trail

Very nice trail! Not good for road biking due to big rocks mountain bike is better!!

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