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Oregon Map

The blue pool is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen, but I felt like I was on a high school field trip. This place was overrun with loud teenagers, frat boys, etc. As soon as I sat near the pool in the evening, suddenly there was a guy screaming, ripping his socks off and throwing them within inches of me, and jumping in. This isn’t exactly what I drove hours to experience... There was also a lot of trash and discarded clothing in the parking lot, which was flooded with too many cars. The trail was very eroded. Too much human traffic. I don’t think I’ll be going back, and looking for more challenging and remote trails instead. Getting down to the pool itself was a bit confusing, but a fun puzzle to figure out. I should also note this was during the summertime, peak season.

7 hours ago

Great trail. Great for dogs. It was muddy but there also snow so my boots were clean by the end.

off trail
over grown
11 hours ago

Not a bad trail, in a burned out area, and it was very foggy, so it was quite eerie. The forest was not as pristine as other nearby trails. The last 5% of the hike is really off-trail, with the path had to discern, but you’re near the top, so it would be difficult to get lost. Reasonable view from the top but partially obscured by trees. Overall, an enjoyable trail, but not my favorite in the wider Eugene area.

Great trail, beautiful with snow! Hike is longer than 3.7 miles. It’s basically 3.7 miles one way. Did it without spikes and it was a little slippery in some spots.

13 hours ago

Great hike. It was pretty windy and our baby freaked out on the way up so we didn’t quite make it to the summit.

Nice easy trail great for small children with plenty to see and explore

Dogs friendly on leash though many will have dogs off leash. Muddy and rocky at spots and narrow, but people are friendly. More of a moderate hike as either sloping up hill or downhill. Does eventually open up to a great view of stadium and Eugene through the trees. Bring mud friendly shoes!

15 hours ago

Probably my favorite place I’ve snowshoed. Absolutely breathtaking. The trail is beautiful, but you’re also able to just walk along the river the entire time. The beginning of the park is perfect for kids or sledding with mild hills and lots of room. Only a handful of people there on a Tuesday. And no one else on the trail when I went. Roads were completely clear getting there, and the park itself is just a little slushy.

This trail is great for the easy stroll or a mile trail run. The path is very well maintained. I wouldn’t say it’s a hike but a nice “nightcap” from a day of hiking

Miles 6-9 of the Wildwood Trail.

Hiked January 20th. Third time up to the point but first time in knee deep snow. I knew to expect snow and decided against snow shoes which made for quiet the journey. It was a struggle at points especially up around 3000 ft and then taking the ridge trail (which didn’t exist). I had to make my own tracks in which was knee deep snow every step - talk about a workout. I made it to the point after scrambling down the hill from the trail in untouched snow. Enjoyed it for a while but i started to get cold and needed to craw my way back up the hill to the main trail. The steeper path with all the switchbacks was by far more snowy and difficult than the trail down which was nice. I love this hike and will likely use snow shoes next time. However it was very invigorating to make the entire trek in Nike running shoes.

18 hours ago

Great trail moderate in activity level. It was wet and muddy today. The wind started to pick up once we got closer to the summit. The switchbacks were a bit slick on the way down. It was a fantastic day for a hike! Cold but nice!

19 hours ago

Ome off my favorite trails near eugene!i have done it numerous times over the years. Pretty muddy yesterday. New day use fee of five dollars at trailhead.

no shade
19 hours ago

I loved this hike. I got out before lunch and was the only person on trail until the end of my return. Beautiful white blanket of snow. The start has a lot of area for snow sledding if you have children and don’t want to hike. The stead climb is reasonable

20 hours ago

PLEASE READ! People have been targeting cars parked along the road for Angel’s Rest and smashing windows to break in. I got my stuff stolen yesterday and noticed glass from new and old break ins all along the road. Put your stuff in your trunk, keep your car clean, and do not bring any valuables that you can not carry with you. Other than that it was a beautiful hike and I would highly recommend as long as you don’t mind how busy the trail can be!

22 hours ago

Perfect day to hike this trail. sun was shining, birds were talking and the trail was super icy in the shade! It was fairly windy so dress accordingly and prepare for the game on/game off of removing a layer. If you take it counter clockwise you'll have a fairly short icy climb up near the ridge line. It seemed significantly harder without traction so bring it. Coming down the otherside you'll have a good 4 switchbacks worth of ice to traverse that was a challenge even with my yaktrax on. A group behind us committed to butt sliding so that's an option. Worth every effort to see the views though! The foul visiting the river and the climbers doing their thing were also fun to watch and photograph.

1 day ago

Awesome hike with an amazing view but very packed.

This trail has a lot to offer. The scenery is very pleasant and the amount of routes you can choose off of it are nice if you feel like verging off onto different trails. I would recommend trekking poles and waterproof shoes during the wet season, as the trails were muddy and decently steep at times. This gear would also help with the many rocks found on some parts of the trail and with the creek/fall overflow by the bridge (you’ll definitely be stepping on slippery rocks and water). All in all super fun trail with lots of different little obstacles to keep it interesting. We’ll be coming back!

on Fuji Shelter Trail

1 day ago

Snow was a bit soft so it added a level of difficulty but there was plenty of snow and fantastic views. Thank you to Meandering Goose for the log wall. We wondered how intentional that set up was and it definitely worked to keep the heat in- and I dare say, kept the stove free from the 4-5 ft of snow that the hut was buried in! We had to break an opening through a snow wall to get in and it was nice and dry in there!

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