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Oregon Map
8 hours ago

Absolutely beautiful park with nicely maintained trails and fantastic waterfalls!

8 hours ago

Very nice and pretty. This hike can be made easy to moderate, and for mountain biking easy and short for beginners or longer and hard for more advanced. The trail starts at the *end* of the dirt road where there is parking for 8-10 cars (you'll see parking along dirt road and a trail head but that leads elsewhere). Note that on Highway 101 there are two dirt roads a couple minutes apart that has name Cummins, make sure to use one saying creek and not the ridge one.

The trail starts off wide and well maintained with an easy slightly uphill walk. This part is the out back section and is easy. When you come to junction you can turnaround, or continue to the right until trail makes a left and starts a steep uphill where you can turnaround (slightly pass a trail sign, but no junction). This is also the way to go for beginner mountain bikers. For most part, except as noted below, this is a shaded trail in the trees.

For hikers wanting more of a harder hike; At the first trail junction go left uphill, rather than right described above. You will hike up a pretty steep, but not difficult footing, trail. You will hike up this along a ridge, eventually getting less steep and then a sunny clearing. A little pass this you will renter trees and come to a trail junction marked, go right. Next you go straight downhill on what is a small dry creek bed (in August). This is only bad part of trail as parts are very steep with rocks underfoot, but it is navigable though slow. At the bottom; trail turns left and becomes easy again where you see the trail sign mentioned in above paragraph.

For more advanced mountain bikers; I would recommend taking the easy description above (right at first junction) then going up the steep dry creek bed even though you'll be pushing the bike a good ways up. The reward will be a challenging but doable downhill along the ridge ride (difficult, little technical, but no jumps etc.).

No matter what you do of the above, it is a beautiful trail well worth it.

private property
9 hours ago

my hike started out rough since I as well as many others thought Logan Rd. was the correct entrance but after I found it shortly after.

However, the trail isn’t marked and the only reason I found the top was because a local had informed me you take a right at the knoll sign, then another right, and a left, my friend who came later couldn’t find the right sequence to finish the trail so that put a damper on things.

All in all I wish the trail had more markings or signage but the views were spectacular, it reminded me a lot of the Big Sur coastline in California. Great hike but prepare for lots of wind once you make it to the formation, I almost fell a couple times, and always bring water✌

10 hours ago

Before you go up the .6 mile trail, make sure your ready for a challenge! That trail can be a little tricky to navigate, both physically and figuring out where the trail is. Beautiful view at the top, and the 1.7 mile trail is well maintained.

11 hours ago

We only did have of this trail because it became fairly steep for some of our younger hikers . Nice nature setting , beautiful lush forest feels .

Great wide trail for kids, dogs, running or biking . Parking situation is easer at Germantown trailhead.

very pretty hike through the forest. not difficult.

13 hours ago

This is such a fun trail to hike on. It has 10 waterfalls on the hike! The best time to go is in the spring when the waterfalls are flowing heavy. It’s a hike that doesn’t disappoint.

13 hours ago

don't underestimate the short distance! this is a great hike, with elevation gain.

bridge out
14 hours ago

Due to the snow, you have to park about 2 miles away from the actual lake. The sign says closed, but you’re allowed to park in the lot and hike through the snow. Once we got to the lake, the view was absolutely gorgeous. We started on the trail around the lake and stumbled upon a large section of the trail that was closed due to boardwalks being broken. We still wanted to see everything, so we decided to make our own trail and go around...while we were able to make it, the snow is extremely deep in places and not very packed down (as expected), so it was quite difficult it maneuver through. But with a map and a GPS, we made it around the closed portion successfully. Definitely a pretty view and fun adventure, but be warned that you will need hiking poles and water resistant shoes at the very least.

It’s a completely paved trail but I only went up one way to the falls and came back down the same way.

15 hours ago

Awesome hike.
Cons: No trail markings so the route is fairly unclear and it’s definitely meant for mountain biking as opposed to hiking.

Pros: Killer views and multiple trails for different route options.

I definitely couldn’t figure out which one was the main trail but I’ll definitely go again to explore. If you’re into mountain biking this is a must! I’d recommend starting at the more northern entrance (which is JUST south of the Juniper trailhead), I started at the southern entrance and the gate was closed/locked.

16 hours ago

bird watching
16 hours ago

Very nice hike with good views and bird watching, look and listen for Sooty Grouse on the trail we heard one about halfway up.

16 hours ago

Lots of stairs. Great urban hike.

16 hours ago

Wonderful wildflowers

17 hours ago

It was a fun and beautiful trail, but the steepness made it feel more moderate than easy.

it is one of the most fun trails I've been on, and a certainly a very unique trail. you should do it. it's a lot fun.

not recommended for kids and pets

trailhead is just the reflective marker on the right hand side.

the two-log crossing to Clackamas Falls is a lot easier to cross on the way to the waterfall than on the way back. it's slightly inclined, so on the way back you need to deal with the slight decline. they are a bit wobbly too. I slipped on them on the way back and was scared shitless. there's a safer way around.

there were white oyster mushrooms growing on trees. they were delicious.

21 hours ago

Breathtaking views! Just beautiful! Had to stop about 1.5m in bc too muddy, but was incredible!

no shade
21 hours ago

over grown
21 hours ago

The trail path no longer exists. We had to do lots of back tracking because it was overgrown and didn’t look like a path existed

Very nice walk. It’s mostly level and quiet. We only met 9 bikers , no other hikers (weekday in April). If you want to see more than junipers head out on the other trails toward the cliffs above the river. Fun network of trails with minimum signage.

23 hours ago

I would not call this trail easy. The trail is still under construction and the last 1/2 mile is rough. I would not recommend this trail for anyone with walking issues. There are many exposed roots and slippery spots.

Love this beach but it can be busy. Nice rock formations after winter that get covered with sand through the summer.

I like the beach but it can be busy.

If you park at the mouth of the river near the bathroom you have a longer walk around 3 miles round trip.

Incredible views, a little busy on a Wednesday afternoon but not too bad. Couldn't find the loop trail down, as there were too many mini side trails, so just went back the "easy" way. Bald eagles and black squirrels were seen!

1 day ago

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