Photos of Oregon Waterfall Trails

bridge out
washed out
1 day ago

This trail is awesome and tons of fun! A good mix of semi-challenging climbs, relaxed trails and lots of variety in both terrain and weather conditions! Some sections have loose rocks, unstable footing, there’s mostly uneven footing in general, plenty of mud and a few sections where you have to cross over water or where the trail is actually a stream so waterproof boots during the winter are a must unless you want freezing, soaked feet. There is some trail damage from the fire ie washed out spots and a couple of the bridge crossings are a bit sketchy and may not be crossable with dogs (we saw some people with dogs turn back). There is significant snow and some ice near the top. I 120% recommend yak traks. It would have been a MUCH harder hike without them. We didn’t see a view because of the fog, but it was still beautiful and totally worth the last 2 mile push.