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19 days ago

Quiet, close hike close to home

trail is closed

1 month ago

Nice hike through the forest with a moderate elevation gain. 6.3 miles total. There are parts of the trail that are a little confusing because they insect with logging roads and other trails, so use the record feature to track yourself and you’ll stay on track.

Wide enough to get your groove on mtb'ing. Windy with small little climbs. Excellent trail work done!

Overall, the trail was lovely and a great hike. There was one spot where we got a little turned around due to the lack of signs, but we figured out we were supposed to walk along the side of the road for a bit and then cross to a different trailhead to continue.

May 2018 update. This trail is no longer open to the public and there are many signs that it is private property and closed as it is no longer safe. The other name for this hike is the Salmonberry trail. CLOSED

Tried to make it out here today. First, we drove past the trailhead, we thought it might have been the trailhead cause we drove over railroad tracks but our Google Maps told us to keep going. We only went a bit further though before it started to snow so we turned around and went back to where we'd crossed the tracks to give it a try. However, when we got out of the car there was audible gunfire from nearby. Turns out the trails runs parallel to an area where people like to practice shooting, even though there we signs that said "no shooting" (but they had bullet holes in them...) Anyways, we opted not to try since we weren't sure it was the correct trail head and the proximity of the gun range to the trail seemed too dangerous for our comfort. Once home I confirmed that the area with the gun range was the trailhead so we may go back later in the year when it isn't snowing.

Cool, easy out and back. Impossible to get lost since you just follow the railroad. Trail is becoming overgrown which is beautiful imo. Very cool old railroad structures. Careful on the bridges and in the tunnels.

so it only lost a star because it is covered in a foot of snow at the moment, making for a tougher trek. beautiful though. I'll definitely go back. we made it 2.5mi in to the first tunnel but turned back because of snow. I HAVE to go back to see the bridges.

My car was broken into at the trailhead. Be careful with your possessions. It was a nice trail, though.

Not much of a workout as far as elevation gain goes but by far my favorite walk in the woods I've taken in along time. Beautiful forest views with cool defunct railroad gear. Bring a flashlight, the tunnel is dark and creepy.

6 months ago

Great day. Trail is in good shape and weather was perfect.

12/31/17 4wd will definitely be needed once you enter the forrest. This hike truly is a GEM and has everything you could ask for in a hike. The railroad is quickly becoming overgrown and washed out so enjoy it while you can. Not recommend if scared of heights and the tracks are very slippery when wet. My dog was terrified of the bridges so be careful.

Not bad. A little bit of an ass kicker but no view points, and it isn’t clearly marked once you get to the bridge. Recommend hiking up the trail and coming down via the forest road

Beautiful fall walk! Will do this one again

10 months ago

Fun hike super easy flat out and back...it may have involved trespassing not entirely clear.

Perfect hike for our 7 and 9 year old. Got almost to the end before whines of "I'm tiiirrrreeed" begun.

This area is SO beautiful. I went in the middle of the week and was the only person on the trail but there was evidence everywhere that horses come through. The trail is pretty narrow and you will need to wear pants as the plants will get you elsewise. I loved the challenge of this hike, but honestly it didn't go anywhere! I was expecting a view on the top only to find a map telling me of other trails! I was gassed and turned around. There might have been an observation area nearby, but I didn't see it. I did see birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and a snake. So that was nice. Only 3 stars because of the lack of any good views. Heads up: the trail starts about 2.5 miles down a dusty gravel road; expect to wash your car afterwards.

11 months ago

Trialhead marker was taped off and said the trail was temporarily closed due to logging. Didn't say when it would open again.

Pleasant. Very peaceful/quiet on a weekend afternoon. Nothing special about the views.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

trail running
Thursday, June 29, 2017

This moderate trail is great for trail running! And the creek is perfect for soaking those sore joints while you're at it.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The path is narrow and subject to muddiness in wet weather, but today was warm and dry and beautiful. The trail is situated on the side a steep hill and the views are breathtaking. The plant life is very diverse with lots of bracken ferns, huckleberry, thimbleberry, salal, and sorrel. The path has a nice balance of shade and sun. My 7-year old daughter had a great time.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Great hike! From the trail head we headed to the right, from the wooden sign. We hiked out and back about 5 miles total. Trail was clear and dry. Dogs loved it!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Nice trail, good parking lot, road was okay (for my sedan). Lots of ways you could turn this hike into a loop. Also if you want nice views follow the logging road left at the end of this hike!

horseback riding
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This trail has been completed and should be open for use later this year. You will then be able to complete the loop with out being on any of the roads. There is damage to the railings on some of the bridges that was caused by the winter storms. Repair work will be under way soon. The bridges are useable. 4/25/2017

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Nice hike from storey burn trail head to MC area today. Trail was clear.

Very swampy in two locations. (Well, I guess it was February) Not quite "pull your boots off" muskeg, but it can get grippy. Other places it is very "bushy" around the calves, sort of like an over-grown single-track bike trail. Not too bad, though, and is not too steep... Gets you around ok, esp if you are older...

Monday, February 27, 2017

beautiful hike attempted hike 2/25/2017 the trail is covered in debris and hasn't been completely cleared yet. there is very little snow here. will attempt to complete trail in spring.

mountain biking
Sunday, November 13, 2016

this was my favorite local go to biking trail! I would take the gravel road to the story burn day use area. you're essentially at the top. I've done it as a loop but usually as an out and back. from the top day use area you can access the trail to the right (looking at the wooden Map sign). this takes you down a great and smooth downhill ride with beautiful scenery!! only issue is I've done it as quick as 15 minutes once I got comfortable with the trail (totally worth it though!) at the bottom trail continues straight but I would go right over the bridge and this soon ends in gales Greek campground. if you enjoy pain you can go up the summit trail from the campground or shuttle/hitch or what I did most, hike/bike back the way I came....the other option from the top is to go left (looking at the wooden sign) this side is fun as well but eventually drops in to some grown in wet area before opening up in to a forested area that then leads to university falls. the exploration aspect of this side of the trail was fun but the biking was not quite as smooth and fast....

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