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This is my second time on the Kings Mountain trail, my husband runs the Elk-Kings route routinely. The beginning of the trail is covered in majestic ferns and the end in wildflowers and views of Mt Hood and Coastal Range. One is deep within the forest almost to the top and this is why we felt it would be safe to take along our very energetic 5 year old. To our surprise he made it to the summit within 2.5h with lots of breaks and a picnic on the way up (and down). The trail itself has a lot of scree so he held onto us for those sections. He did fantastic scrambling. He was equipped with proper shoes and a vest. For a strong single kid with two parents to mind them this is certainly feasible.

2 days ago

Great hike but very rainy day. Was not prepared and did not bring trekking poles. We got to within half a mile of the summit and turned back when the wind kicked up and light hailing started. Will return soon to finish and possibly do the elk loop. On the way down I felt we didn’t need trekking poles tho they would have made it safer. Even with very wet conditions and proper shoes, our footing was solid. Got passed several times on the way down by gazelle like trail runners.

3 days ago

A little on the easier side, but still really pleasant. By noon it was heavily trafficked.

3.5 out of 5 seems like a fair score.

We loved this trail! It was muddy, and very misty, it felt like we were in a magical world. I was just waiting for elves or Ewoks to come jumping out. The mist cleared at the end of the trail for some beautiful views. Also saw some seals along the cliffs.

This is our favorite beach and typically our home base for our Oregon trips. Not too busy, but close enough to lots of other activities as well. So beautiful! Lots of VRBOs in the area. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Great hike overall. Arrive early on weekends in summer months since parking lot fills quickly early. Porta-potties, no running water. Moderate hike took me just under and hour to reach the top. You can hear the ocean for most of the hike. First third is wide, well-manicured easy trail that is mostly a decent. At about the one-mile marker, there is a nice view. If you're traveling with differently-abled people in your party or small children, you may want to consider this one mile marker enough. The second third of the trail was wet and muddy (in Aug.) and you have to traverse over huge tree roots. it's moderately treacherous. The last third was drier and and easy hike to the lookout. The lookout had a handful of people when I arrived at approximately 11 am. The views were great as expected.

I completed this loop yesterday. It ended up being about 7.5 miles for me (maybe because I got of trail a few times for photos). The first 1.5 miles is quite challenging, especially with the loose gravel. Many good view points on the way up. There is a notebook at the summit to sign,but I had no pen. I contemplated going back down the way I came for the sake of time, but glad I didn't (I can't imagine going down those steep grades without a pole). After the summit, you do have some rocks to get down, so you'll need to use your hands. Around mile 3 it's smooth sailing. The junction point is well marked and there are pink/orange ribbons to follow.

Once I got on the Elk Creek Trail I decided to do some trail running (mostly trying to beat the sunset). The trail is generally smooth (I did hit a couple rocks,so be careful), and it's downhill, so I was back at the trailhead in no time.

The views are beautiful, but I imagine you could get similar views on a less challenging trail. Bring plenty of water!

on Bayocean Peninsula

mountain biking
5 days ago

This is a nice easy trail to bike on with the family. About half the trail is packed but the second half is sandy beach. We returned the same way we came up to the point. Not a lot of folks on the trail.

Busy place but not to cloudy . Great place to relax :)

Amazing view , kids had a great time . Very well maintained trail and easy short hike .

I didn’t do the full loop, just up to the summit and down due to timing but in retrospect it was very difficult going down. The views at the top of the summit are great. About a mile in it starts getting rough with having to scramble up a few tough parts and towards the end there are a few saddles. I was a little confused with how to get there but just look for the elk creek campground and drive a bit past there. Definitely a challenge, and a leg killer. I wouldn’t bring a dog or children.

Nice trail on beach without lots of people.

Most fun hike I’ve ever done! Loved all the scrabble bits.

Would recommend bringing looots of water (you’ll need it) and some good shoes and poles to make the descent less terrible.

The ground is very crumbly in some areas, but nothing to be too concerned about as long as you’re careful and attentive, even if you’re wearing crappy tennis shoes like I was.

Avid hikers--this is an easier trail. If you are not use to uneven terrain, it may be more difficult. Really enjoyed the views towards the top.

FYI- go to the restroom before you start hiking. the port-a-potties are gag-inducing.

Love Oceanside will definitely be back!

Need a good low tide to reach Lost Boy Cave at the far end of the beach

14 days ago

An awesome place to go hiking it's one of our favorite places to go hiking. great view.

15 days ago

Super short, easy hike to nice view of surprisingly tall and picturesque waterfall.

This hike should not to be attempted without hiking poles and very good shoes. I consider myself a fairly avid hiker, and this was one of the more challenging hikes I've done - not because of elevation and distance but trail conditions. I'm not particularly interested in risky situations, but I'm glad to add this hike to my list of completed. Each step needs to be carefully calculated so as not to slide down the crazy steep, loosely laid trail. I highly recommend going counter-clockwise unless you wish for greatly increased difficulty and danger. Don't do this hike at all if you are not sure-footed and confident of your skills. Even if you are, use good judgment as you encounter the challenging, crumbly trail conditions. There are a few spots where an unexpected slip could be fatal. As others have said, bring tons of water. I brought three liters and drank almost everything. I ran nearly all the way down from Kings Mountain as the descent isn't nearly as crazy steep as the Elk Mountain side. Surprisingly it can be far safer and more stable to run because your feet are no longer pressing vertically with your body's weight, and your center of mass is constantly "falling" as you go down, so you don't really slip as much. I don't recommend doing that though unless you have quick reaction skills. Years of jetty rock jumping, river rock hopping and soccer ball juggling as a kid have given me that "footy" confidence. Makes me feel a bit like a ninja or jedi, and that can be fun. Know how to stop when you are running - either with baby steps or grabbing/kicking trees for a full stop - especially when you turn corners or encounter other hikers.

on Cape Lookout Trail

16 days ago

Nice hike, nice views. Wear decent shoes/boots because there are lots of tree roots and some muddy areas. Gets busy in the afternoon. There are some areas with steep drop off next to the trail. Be very careful if you bring children.

16 days ago

Beautiful views, and if you get there early enough to have the trail to yourself, you can enjoy the sound of the waves lapping at both sides of the cape. Moderate is a fair assessment - it's not overly strenuous, but there are a lot of roots and a stretch with lots of mud. There were definitely a fair number of people we passed that didn't look prepared for those portions. Also worth noting if you're taking along anyone who doesn't hike much - it finishes with a long (but gradual) uphill, so the toughest part comes after the visual reward.

17 days ago

This was my second time visiting the summit of Elk's Mountain. My first time I did the whole enchilada (Kings-Elk loop). I did this hike clockwise today and is the direction that I would recommend. I have descended down the steep trail on my first visit and the fun factor plummets. The dry dirt and fine loose rock make this trail very difficult to descend. Late July and the huckleberries were out. Yum! Had a close encounter with a black bear that crossed the trail ahead of me, about a mile north of the trailhead, on Elk Creek Trail. He must have been returning from the stream to get a drink. He wasn't afraid of me, which was a bit unnerving. I heard him on the hillside 5 minutes later. He had been walking parralell with me up on the hillside. The campground and smell of food must attract them.

I'm not that impressed with the view from Elk's Mountain summit. The view is just of other nearby hillsides with logged patches everywhere. I prefer the view from Kings mountain. On a clear day you can see Mt. Hood from ~100 miles away. The ascent on this trail feels more like a scramble than a hike. Constantly climbing over and down rocks, navigating loose trail soil. My favorite part of the hike was the notepad at the top. People write some pretty humorous stuff in there. :)

Final thought: There are much more rewarding hikes in the region for a similar energy expense. Table Mt., Silver Star Mt., Hamilton Mt., Larch Mt., Saddle Mt. are the first ones that come to mind. If you are going to do this hike, just do the whole Kings-Elk Mountain loop. It is a little more difficult but much more rewarding. I might be back in five years, but wouldn't be sad if I never hike this again.

Amazing views!

20 days ago

Really short, worth seeing the tree.

20 days ago

Amazing views almost the entire length of the hike. Crowded but worth it.

21 days ago

Definitely NOT an easy trail. The first kilometer makes you feel like it’s going to be easy, but then the trail narrows, you’re stepping through roots, and even clambering down irregular rock “steps”. I saw a couple people really struggling, and I wondered if they saw the Easy rating and expected a weekend stroll. There are also some crazy drops to the ocean, so keep your dog close. For those who make the trek, the views are amazing, but expect to be underwhelmed at the end lookout point. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great view, just not any better than along the whole trail.

23 days ago

Nice little trail. Great for a small hike with toddlers and small kids!

24 days ago

the trail is in good condition. it’s a fairly popular hike, I’m assuming since it’s close to the forest center.

nice trail, not too amazing though. sat down by the river and watched a bald eagle fly above me for awhile.

overall I’d say 3.5/5 stars, definitely leaning towards an easier hike.

The first mile is gradually downhill that gets a little more than gradual. The next mile and some change has a lot of roots that you are stepping over. Before you get to the end there are nice places to sit, view the scenery and listen to nature. The end is very small and can become very crowded on the weekend. Great trail but I can see some people that do not have sure footing not liking all the tree roots. Kids will love it.

27 days ago

Mom and I did this loop hike for the first time in 2011. It was very enjoyable and not difficult at all due to no elevation change. It was perfect weather for us. The scenery on each side of the "spit" is varied and beautiful. The bay is to the east and the ocean to the west. We saw some crabbers doing their business in the shallow bay, and there were pelicans in flight.

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