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Love this hike when the wild flowers are in full bloom. The pup loves chasing bugs and having a drink in the creek. Stop and have a snack in Mosier or at least a beverage and enjoy the local area

Worth the trip to the top! Winding trails with beautiful views.

Wild flowers in full bloom with Mt Hood and Mt Adams visible. Ran into a rattlesnake but came away without ticks.

Nice hike. Very windy. I went on a 74* day. It is a light to moderate traffic trail. Very little shade. If you go, take plenty of water, sunscreen and good shoes . As said before there are no bathrooms and no where to really sneak off the trail. We’ve all done it, don’t judge! Did see a few patches of poison oak, and came home with 2 ticks. Flowers, trees and views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams are worth it. Saw some amazing rainbow clouds!

Flowers in bloom right now. Nice hike .

Really beautiful hike but my god was it hot! Drove down from the Seattle area to do a few hikes along the Columbia Gorge. This trail had me stopping constantly to take pictures and also cool down. Worth the climb and sun exposure.

NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS as said before. I chugged a coffee and a bunch of water before my 90 min drive from Portland and let me say it was NOT fun to find a private area to go. Also you hear lots of rattlesnakes scurry off and there's tons of poison oak so BE CAREFUL. Besides that- it's a GORGEOUS trail. Tons of wildflowers, decent incline and absolutely beautiful! Very little shade and pretty dusty, so do it in decent time. I started at 11 and was done by 1. I didn't use sunscreen and was burnt beyond belief, that was dumb on my part.

Warning- it’s hot. Please don’t start the trail with small children past 1-2. Very limited shade on most of the trail- direct sunlight! We saw SO many hot kids and hot dogs- they were strugglinggggg. There are NO bathrooms and very limited private forrest areas. Don’t say you weren’t warned ;)

The wildflowers are beautiful. The views are stunning. Wonderful trail- stable ground, firm path, not too steep- utilizes switchbacks well, only a few rocky areas. Lots of people because of it.

There isnt a marked trail and while other descriptions said it was a 5 mile hike, mine ended up being only 2.5 miles since again there isn't an actual trail. Stay out of private property. Google might take you a little too far, in that case, just come back less than 1/4 a mile and you will find the gravel road that will take you up to the trail head. Stay to your left at the beginning and do not go through the barrels that say "no trespassing". It is an up, up, up kind of hike but the views of mt hood to your left along with the amazing wildflowers discuss in spring are so worth it. I would recommend to go for wildflowers season since that is what is famous for really. I went first week of May.

10 days ago

Hiked May 11: full bloom! Well-marked trail, steep in a few places, stunning gorge views. Beware of poison oak and no bathrooms at trailhead.

10 days ago

Hiked on May 11. Scenic gorge views, very easy flat terrain, abundant wildflowers: balsamroot was in full bloom. Beware: no bathrooms, lots of poison oak by the ponds.

Nice wildflowers but way too crowded with people oblivious to poison oak lining both sides of the trail.

Beautiful views and meadows. Wildflowers are in full bloom.

Beautiful wildflowers and a gorgeous view of Mount Hood and Mount Baker. No ticks but thanks to the last review I have brushed my hair three times since arriving back at my car.
There ARE rattlesnakes.. The one I came across was anxious to get away from me.

Beautiful hike with the wild flowers. Steady incline but not overall difficult. Huge amounts of poison oak right on trail especially further up. Also found two ticks in my hair and I never stopped moving or sat/laid down anywhere.

In early May the wildflowers on this trail are absolutely incredible!

The wildflowers are spectacular on Marsh Hill, but as we continued on the loop counterclockwise from the rest area, the track disappears and is impossible to follow. We had to turn around and retrace our steps. Beautiful creative wind sculptures on the property where we turned around.

We drove out to this trail today and had a fantastic time. It's a Wednesday in late April and the weather was perfect, 75 degrees with a light breeze. I'm pretty sure the weather doesn't get better. The flowers are in bloom, and coupled with amazing gorge views on a clear blue, I'd say it doesn't get any better. (and yes, I said it doesn't grey any better twice).

The trail is pretty easy, but not so easy you feel like your aren't even hiking. It was a good speed for my mom with back and sometimes knee problems, but she still got a workout.

The path goes up and down, with a general decrease in elevation, on the way in (and obviously does the opposite on the way out). The main path is wide and easy to follow, with some rocks to step over / around. There are a few smaller traiks you can take to loop around for a different view.

If your are a regular hiker, who is used to more incline, you'll find it super easy and it'll probably take 30 min. It's so darn pretty though, I say do it anyways. We were slow and loligaging, taking lots of pictures, and it took us an hour.

As a side note, we had a picnic on the beach of the Columbia at Mayer Park, which is to the north of 84 at the Rowena exit, and was pleasant.

Beautiful, easy, and so worth the views!

There were gorgeous views of the Gorge on this trail. Super windy when we were there. Beautiful wild flowers everywhere. Followed this with a walk up old scenic hiway trail which was also very scenic and easy.

It’s a nice 30 mins walk on a flat terrain with a great view of the river

Did this one first day of March! Wildflowers are in early bloom. Spring is on its way! Trail is easy to follow. Great views! Would love to snowshoe in winter. Wouldn't recommend in summer for hot temperatures and rattles. Great for all ages! Would do again.

Very nice hike take a camera

The trial has been changed, but the new path is easy to figure out and follow

great hike! my wife and I went for the first time today. alltrails needs to update the trail as it has changed. at the summit we ate lunch before hiking back down. the hike up will make you sweat. the summit was cold when we went, the hike down was just right. we saw a couple hiking up, the guy with no shirt (in cold weather). Here is a link from us walking the new route:

6 months ago

Beautiful in the fall!

7 months ago

Great views! Cute ponds!

10 months ago

This is a great hike offering views of the Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Adams. I have seen rattlesnakes on this trail almost every time. Be aware!

there's definitely a few people that need be thank for creating this wonderful Trail. the trail is in extremely good condition and the views are great worth sharing with Friends and doing it over and over

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