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1 day ago

very easy great swimming spot

Beautiful hike! The rock faces were stunning at every turn. The first portion was a steady uphill. The last third was flat. I wish it had been more of a workout but it made for a great part of the day!

We hiked Misery to River Trail around noon on a Sunday. It was early Oct. which was perfect weather for a hike like this. Air was crisp. The Misery trail is very vertical but doable for a mildly out of shape 52 year old. Just had to take frequent stops to catch my breath. It was worth it though! Back side was much easier but the steep decline was very slippery due to loose gravel. Take it slow.

Wonderful trail and a great view of Monkey Face. plenty of Trail Runners and pet walkers but not too overcrowded for a Wednesday midafternoon the river trail portion was very mild but crossing Misery Ridge was very steep with no guard rails. Definitely worth visiting again.

8 days ago

We started on this trail & ended up doing the entire summit loop trail. Very easy. Pretty view of the Crooked River with geese and ducks. This plus the entire loop was just under 8 miles with only one step section that didn’t last long. We brought a few snacks and water.

Did this hike 6 week postpartum. It was very challenging as I wasn’t in great shape yet, but was very doable. I definitely recommend! Go early! Wear sunscreen and don’t forget water! Very rewarding views. Lots of going up and but going down is challenging too with loose spots. Take your time!

This trail was beautiful! They were well marked. We did Misery Trail first and it was a bit strenuous but we just rested often. The views were spectacular!

15 days ago

Beautiful hike!

This trail was lung burner for sure! We took the misery ridge trail first and came back around on the river trail. Misery ridge is rated as difficult and river trail is easy, which I’m assuming is why this trail is labeled moderate. Took about 2 hours stopping for a few pictures. Views from the top are breathtaking!

Only did half of this (footbridge to summit & back) due to time, but a threat hike! Not for the inexperienced or out of shape. Will come back to finish this this and other again soon.

Completed this hike 9/21. Hiked the loop in the clockwise direction. That means we went left after crossing footbridge. Took the River trail to the Mesa Verde Trail, then hiked down the Misery Ridge trail. We found this the easier way to go since we had 2 kids with us. 11 years and 7 years old. My GPS app says we hiked 4.45 miles. I think that’s pretty accurate. On the Smith Rock map it says this loop is 4 miles and that doesn’t count the distance from the parking lot. So I don’t know why AllTrails says 3.6 miles.
The hike is breathtaking. Walking along the river and then seeing Monkey Face come into view...It was amazing. Then getting to the top...beyond words. You can see every mountain. Bachelor to Hood. I would do this hike again.

Took the 4-year-old and 2 month old along chutes to canyon trail to river trail then turned back about 1.25 miles in due to preschooler exhaustion. Gorgeous hike and even though it was a sparkling Sunday, beat the crowds. Super dusty and port-a-potties were full so empty your bladders before getting there. Lots of climbers to gawk at (do their mothers know they’re doing that?!?!?!). Great day!!!

26 days ago

Fairly easy hike, with some moderately steep parts, but overall barely broke a sweat. Worth the short trek! Incredibly beautiful waterfall, with many small swimming spots. Didn’t fish, but could see lots of large trout swimming around. Also, looks like there are nice camping spots just down the dirt street from the trailhead.

Beautiful hike, fantastic scenery. Completed this hike in September 2017.

29 days ago

This trail is gorgeous. Tons of payoff for pretty minimal effort, as we say in our fam. Definitely recommend.

Did this as a snow hike December ‘16 on a clear day and it’s one of the best hikes I will ever go on!! You can distinctly see every mountain in the Oregon Cascade range, it will take your breath away

Amazing things to see here the whole
Time . I really had to stop every few steps and look again as it changes so fast including climbers doing their thing on all the rock walls around

Hiked in September with my dog and really enjoyed it. Easy to moderate with a few rough spots but overall very nice. You will want to use a trail shoe for traction as the dusty trail can be a bit slippery the slanted portions .

This is a great trail, but boy it kicked my arse! I’m not very fit, and I have bad joints, so I’d either of those aren’t a problem for you it’s definitely doable. It took me about an hour to get up, and 45 minutes to get down the ridge itself; the river trail is quite pretty afterwards. I did the ridge first, which was easier for me as I can’t climb down stairs very well - if you’d prefer to go up stairs, go the ridge first, and if you’d prefer to go down stairs and up a hill, do the ridge last. There is an incline without stairs on both sides, but there are a fair few stairs up doing the ridge first.
You really have to watch your footing - I saw a lot of people fall, and I nearly slipped a few times myself, even with poles and hiking boots. Just be careful :)

1 month ago

This is a fun trail. I went with my friend who is a good hiker like me. It’s labeled as moderate which is accurate because some parts can be steep or rocky. Another group jumped off the cliff into the deeper water but we found sandy spots and swam. It’s very short but good for a hot day. There’s lots of lizards to find, be carful not to step on them!! Bring water, it definitely gets very hot in the summer. The road to the trail has many random turns but no service for GPS so take note of how to get back to the main road.

09/03/2018 This is a fun trail. Yes the beginning is steep and strenuous. But take a few breaks on the way up, admire the views, drink water, and you'll be fine. Once you make it to the summit it's all downhill or flat. There's a place to jump in the river about 3/4 of the way down the trail. Also as others have noted, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat and even chapstick. This trail is not that hard. Pace yourself at the beginning and you'll be fine.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Sad the garbage we carried out that wasn’t ours. We were fishing and did the fishing trail adjacent to the hiking trail. Saw a eaten baby elk and cougar prints. Nothing was left but the hooves and hind legs. Caught some brown trout hiked to the falls ten walked back. Super easy hike. It elevates a tiny bit and slippery dust texturally but I walked it in water shoes and a swim suit.

Shirt 1/2 mike trail just challenging enough to make it fun. You don’t have to trek back to the falls to enjoy the river as there are lots of places to sit and put your feet in. But it’s super cold!

Amazing views, well maintained, fairly easy to park even on a holiday weekend (Labor Day)

beautiful hike but the "cut off"does not exist. we found a trail to cut through but you had to do a bit of bouldering. just stay on the river trail

Bull shit trail info. The crossover after the summit doesn’t exist. You have to rock climb or go all the way around! Just crap

This beautiful hike takes you through some of the best areas of the park.

We did the route counter clockwise, and the first segment up Misery Ridge is pretty strenuous. The rest of the hike was all very moderate.

By far this hike has the best views I have ever seen. It’s a dangerous path if you are inexperienced or don’t have proper shoes and single person most of the way however the views are well worth it.

70 degrees and overcast was the perfect weather for this hike as it gets hot going directly uphill fast. You”ll see beautiful rock formations, the rivers, rock climbers and icy mountains in the distance. Also, you’ll see monkey face!

In total it took us about 2 hours (with stops and we couldn’t find the cut through mentioned on this trail) and we took the river route on the way back which was very flat.

Love this hike. Along the river there are so many fun detours and awe inspiring rifts and ridges, huge facing cliffs. Going up misery ridge is tough (duh) but amazing at the top.

1 month ago

Hiked in August with my husband and 3yr old Labradoodle. We would recommend beginning the hike at 7 o’clock in the morning or earlier. We started at 8:00 AM and I wish we began an hour earlier. For 80% of our hike we had the trail to ourselves and let our dog off leash. For the last couple of miles it started getting warm and we ran into crowds. This the reason for starting early. The AllTrails app was a little deceiving. Once we came down the chute trail from the parking lot, the map lead us across a green grassy patch to a small trail on our right. We walked on this trail following the map for a mile and realized it was leading us to cross the river on our left, but there was no way to cross it. We had to backtrack a mile, cross over the grassy area, cross the river on a footbridge and then head right to get back on track! No big deal. This is one of my all-time favorite hikes I can now say. There are a couple of stretches of climbing that take energy, so bring water and plenty of snacks for energy. We also used bug spray at the beginning of our hike along the river. We are good hiking shoes and wear sunscreen! The effort is worth it! Beautiful!!

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