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Not a long hike but a challenging one. Bring lots of water...

1 day ago

Perfect and lots of wildlife.

3 days ago

Fantastic hikes! Amazing beauty!!

Amazing hike. Very steep both up and down but so worth it! Go early to avoid the heat if the day. Bring lots of water!

5 stars for the first part of the hike! Hiking the steep steps up to the top is so fun and gives you such awesome views! The path down is neat too (takes you past Monkey Face), but once you get down to the river it’s a little less exciting. Still a really nice trail and we enjoyed it, but all the “action” is in the first half of the hike!

11 days ago

We went on this hike in February. It was chilly and we only ran into a couple other groups. Beautiful area, a short hike to the waterfall. You can enjoy this in just a couple hours.

on Steelhead Falls

15 days ago

Lovely area - long drive in for a short trail though. We took a lot of time to explore the area with the kids. Perfect length for youngers (or orders) who can’t travel as far but enjoy a destination.

Nice hike with beautiful vistas. The initial descent from the parking lot is simple, but the way back is harder than it look, and several people were panting hard. Don’t rush!

16 days ago

Nice quick day hike. The falls are only about 0.5 miles from trail head. We went just beyond the endpoint indicated on this site. I think you could go further but trail started getting overgrown. The second half of hike is mostly exposed, so be aware in warmer days.

A comment on a previous post that likened the difficulty to Everest. Not. At. All. I wore some worn out slick bottom running shoes (traveling) and had no problem on the trail. Saw no BIG steps. The trail splits at times, with some skirting the edge, the others staying up high. Just pick your lines and choose the hike you want. NBD. As we returned people were coming down the trail in street clothes and flip flops. That’s the difficulty level.

Beautiful and unique scenery. Did this hike with a group of six plus a little dog. This was back in the winter and we kept shedding and putting back on layers. Excellent work out while you enjoy the views and company.

Great short hike to impressive falls. No trouble following the trail and no sense of it being too narrow or dangerous as other posts implied. The color of the water is an amazing complement to the surrounding rock. Several people were jumping from the rocks into the pool below the falls. Looked like fun.

Strenuous hike to the summit and back down around the back, almost all in the sun. But you get the tough part over with fast and get to walk along the river trail the rest of the way. Took a nice dip in the water. Bring more water than you think you need

We got on the trail at 6 am on a hundred degree day and we finished about 9:30. you can do it much faster but we relaxed a while at the top. I have a great fear of heights so I also took longer than most people on the trail today. But, I faced my fear and went. I am so glad I did. However, if I were to do it again I would go clockwise along the river and up to the top and come back the same way. not nearly as steep and not the long dropoffs along the trail as going the counter clockwise part first.

Hot but beautiful. Lots of rock climbers in the area. Little tree cover.

Hot, but beautiful. Limited tree cover in whole area and trail is dry and dusty. Bring plenty of water!!

22 days ago

Trail was beautiful. Easy to veer off onto various trails throughout, bu getting down to the river is a must.

This is my second favorite hike of all time. While misery ridge is a bit miserable, the views are well worth it. We did the full loop and really enjoyed the leisurely hike down.

1 month ago

One of my favs! Heavy duty hike in full sun. If you're looking for a butt burner / vomit inducer start on Burma Road to Summit Trail, hiking up to First Kiss, then working the backside of Misery Ridge and ending at the Canyon Trail. Have fun and watch out for rattlesnakes, saw one a few weekends ago on the trail.

good workout in the heat.

Listen, I read this and thought oh how nice, a short hike rated as “easy” and decided to go on a 90 degree July day. I also read a review that someone did it in flip flops and that it was fine. I thought “perfect, I’ll wear my sandals and we can spend the day at the water and relax.” WRONG! This trail is narrow and is on the side of a cliff and it’s slippery due to dust from being so dry. This trail is very inclined and even has a set of giant steps. GIANT STEPS AREN’T EASY! The trail even slants sideways at one point and this is where we decided to turn around because of our lack of proper shoes and not being able to pass it without fear of slipping down. We were about 1/4 mile in if that... so the good lord only knows what the rest of your “easy” rated trail entailed. I don’t know who you guys are trying to kid with your reviews. But it’s very frustrating to drive 40 minutes expecting a cake walk and to find mount Everest’s ugly sister.

The water was pretty though, what we saw of it.

1 month ago

Fairly easy hike. A few steep parts. You can get down to water at several places. Falls are amazing and it seems so is the fishing.

Loved it! Steep and scary going up and down. And bugs by the river.

amazing trail, but bring water, lots of water. I started at 2PM and it was like walking in an oven.

1 month ago

One of the best waterfalls I’ve seen. Maybe because I’m biased and love central Oregon so much, though! The water is so green / light blue. Fun spot to jump off rocks :)

Loved this hike even on a hot 94 degree day. Views of rugged mountains, blue sky and river in almost every direction. Took us a little over 2 hours while stopping to take multiple pictures. Most people were taking time to enjoy and finishing in 2.5 to 3 hours. We were very glad we had our trekking poles on the steep, scree covered parts of the trail.

Hit this trail on a hot day it was perfect. The trail is easy with great views and the cliff jumping was awesome!!

Incredible views at the summit! i stood at the edge of The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland without issue but this hike was quite scary at some points! Well worth it!

Nothing Moderate about the first 3/4 mile, but once you get to the top the views are quite spectacular. Well worth the effort.

1 month ago

Easy hike, falls we’re not as big as I thought they would be. But a good cliff jumping and swimming spot!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike and scenery. The hard part is at the beginning, which is great.

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