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One of my favorite hikes of Central Oregon, this is my 7th time hiking it! pretty easy hike. Starts along the creek by some beautiful waterfalls and makes it's way to the base of south sister. Makes good trail running if your up for it. very pretty!

4 days ago

The approach isn't that interesting - a walk along the river with only occasional views, but the basin around Green Lake is lovely. In mid-June there were still a few snow patches but easily negotiable.

7 days ago

Lovely, easy and well marked trail... if you begin to the Left, it will take you through peekaboo views of several Cascade Mountains as you walk through volcanic rock - such a contrast and a visual delight. The second half of the trail runs side by side with Sparks Lake - I had to pause to not only breath in the breathtaking views but to take photo after photo around every corner. I look forward to returning as everyday in Central Oregon has different weather patterns (blue skies, high/low clouds, rain, snow and more) and each brings its own magic.

13 days ago

Beautiful hike. There before the bugs hatch. Had to turn around at the river. Running too fast and it was 36 degrees out. Plan on bringing some kind of shoe for fording across. One of my favorite hikes. Snow free to the river.

Very nice trail once you hit the river, The Falls have great view points once you get there. Not much elevation at all but made for a good workout being 7 miles. Probably a better mountain bike/ Running trail IMO is the only reason for 4 stars.

Awesome trail not to busy and well maintained. Went from Benham to Dillon Falls and back definitely worth the hike. My favorite parts were actually the lazier parts of the river watching ducks, geese, and kayakers making their way up and down the river.

This was an amazing hike from start to finish! The majority of the time you are next to the river and in a pine forest that provides some nice shade. The last third or so is opposite the old lava/obsidian flow, which provides for some other worldly sights as well. The finale at the lakes is just spectacular and well worth the effort to get there. It really is a hike with something for everyone. At this time of year (June 7) the trail was still about 50-60% snow-covered, but the path in the snow was well worn and easy enough to follow. The lakes are partially frozen still, but that just adds to the beauty. I can see why this trail is so popular but ended up seeing only about 10 other hikers on the path.

18 days ago

Recreation Fee Site: Parking at this site requires a recreation pass. Passes are available at this site, but can also be purchased from Forest Service offices or vendors. Acceptable passes include:
$5 Day Pass
Northwest Forest Pass
Interagency Annual Pass
Interagency Senior Pass (America the Beautiful, Golden Age)
Interagency Access Pass
Interagency Military Pass
Every Kid in a Park Pass
Northwest Forest ePass"

19 days ago

Beautiful trail; runs through a small patch of lava flow near the beginning, then hits the creek. You have to ford the creek before climbing up to some gorgeous views!

24 days ago

Easy out and back to beautiful fast flowing rapids (falls). Got too late of a start to go any further.

26 days ago

I did the hike over Memorial Day weekend and the trail was still 90% covered in snow. I would definitely recommend waterproof shoes/yak tracks/snow shoes. The lakes were still frozen over but still beautiful as ever. The two lakes sit in between broken top and south sister. Give yourself more time than you think. The snow makes it difficult to follow the trail.

Ran this with one other and my dog. Thought it would be a dirty path for a trail run but it definitely is pavement. Pleasant scenery and fun run, but know that it's not trail!

trail running
28 days ago

Great trail! Ran it with two others and my dog. 3.5 out, 3.5 back, we took the forestry road out and ended up running a half mile past Benham Falls, so not sure this distance is accurate. But still super fun!

28 days ago

mountain biking
28 days ago

Enjoyable ride with nice views of the river.

Beautiful trail!

1 month ago

Nice walk. The trail needs to be marked better. Don’t leave main trail by taking trail along river as it ends suddenly.Learned the hard way. Surprised there is not much traffic on the trail from Sunriver. River views are awesome. .

5/20/18: Amazing hike with great views. Still a lot of snow (~4-5 foot drifts). Might need to wait a little later in the season to get easier access to the trails.

Beautiful. Trail is very well-maintained

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great hike! I biked it with our two dogs and the trail was great, gorgeous scenery the entire way!

mountain biking
1 month ago

We took this trail yesterday with cruising bikes, (not ideal for trail riding) and had no trouble! It's an easy, paved trail most of the time, a few gradual, longer inclines, but manageable. It eventually turns into a dirt path before the falls, but still very manageable. The river views start out with wide, calm waters and eventually narrow into powerful, raging glory. So beautiful. I think the river was extra full and glorious from snow melt this week. Highly recommend.

trail running
2 months ago

Wife and I hit it together not much traffic on it. Great easy trail to clock some miles on. Definitely recommend.

Great hike through the forest and along the river! Nice views of waterfalls, rapids and lava flow across the river. Nice views of Mt Bachelor and Broken Top in a few spots too. A little muddy in spots, but it's early April. Trade off is no mosquitoes yet! Yay! Pretty easy hike overall.

Words and pics by Ian Smith
Eventually we choose the Pine Tavern at Bend (Oregon) for food and what a choice. Right in the middle of the restaurant are two mature pine trees growing out of the floor and straight through the roof. While I ponder how the roof might be sealed, Lorraine checks out the wine list until my gaze is taken by the lovely garden that tilts toward the Deschutes River.
The birds are loving it; a robin hops around the plants in a vigilant search for insects while a flock of waxwings are having a wonderful time at the bird bath as mallards paddle back and forth in the river. It feels like you’re part of nature without even leaving your table. The tasty food gets us thinking about what else to do and we decide to have a crack at Sparks Lake.
Sparks is renowned among photographers as being a place to get a good shot but, as is always the case, you have to get the weather right......that’s where Lorraine, the weather goddess, comes in.
It’s not that far from Bend up the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Highway and, as we pass Mount Bachelor, the local ski field, it’s so hard to imagine people skiing over a rugged lava flow; just doesn’t seem right.
We’ve a bit of time on board so we slip into Todd Lake first. It’s a 4 km stroll around a placid lake and, while it’s nice and there’s some interesting bird life, we’re hoping for better at Sparks.
To get into Sparks it’s a twisting road with, at times, corrugations and bumps, the like of which we’ve never seen in America where just about everything is sealed road it seems. In fact, you have a less than 1% chance of driving on one, according to statistics. Still, our hopes of a reward at the end aren’t dashed though the weather goddess has let me down a little because of a breeze coming across the lake.
Its potential is easy to discern however, South Sister and Broken Top stand stark in the background, ready to cast their images on a millpond should it transpire and, since it’s a while before the earth spins around and delivers darkness, we first amuse ourselves watching a chipmunk letting some birds know just who’s in charge of discarded apple. The frenetic energy they forever display never ceases to warm us to their ways; oh that we should be able to scurry as fast.
We then look in other directions and start to wander down past the lava fields. Where once the flow from Mount Bachelor cooled it formed a barrier to the heated rock still flowing beneath and, in places, it rose up to 70 feet like a giant loaf of leavened bread.
The level of the lake is low, the snow season wasn’t great and, it hasn’t rained much since, so you can walk some places where you’d normally get your feet wet and thus we follow a narrow band of sand beside the lava wall.
You can see how good this place could be but the ripple, however small, frustrates us so we have to be content with the leg exercise and the occasional snap. Still, it’s a pleasant afternoon beneath a virtually cloudless sky and we reach a point where the realization dawns that it’s pointless to walk any farther around this strange body of water with no known exit. Somehow, somewhere, it just drains slowly.
We’d returned nary 50 metres before we were rounded up by a young couple, she of boundless energy demonstrated by practising rock climbing techniques up and down the lava flow with mind blowing dexterity. In leaps and bounds reminiscent of a mountain goat did she ascend with a confidence borne of youth. As we waited expectantly for a slip she continued to confound us with her suppleness.
The entertainment over, as quickly as it eventuated, we idled back to the carpark and stepped back to our original viewpoint. The breeze was faltering and two other photographers were waiting in anticipation so we deigned to join them and everyone’s optimism turned out to be justified.
Though we didn’t get an atmospheric ruddy glow we got a crystal clear sky with classic mirror reflection. South Sister and Broken Top were haze free and it’s easy to see why there are so many shots on the internet of this spot. In the stillness we were mesmerized by the natural beauty of the setting. Oregon just keeps on delivering.
We drove home satisfied, we’d seen and digested much without travelling too far today.

5 months ago

Had the trail to myself except for a few fishermen. Trail got a little soft and muddy in places as the day went on so go early when it's still frozen.

Beautiful hike... Very easy

trail running
5 months ago

Missed the dirt on the way out, but took it on the way back and loved it. Great running trail with some pretty views. Highly recommend this!

horseback riding
5 months ago

My favorite time of year to hike the Green Lakes trail is in the late summer to see the wildflowers. I've also been in the late fall (snowfall permitting) though and it was just as beautiful!

trail running
5 months ago

Awesome trail run from SR. Did it with 2 inches snow on the ground in 20 degree weather and the scenes were amazing. the beginning of the trail isn't really marked very well so the Alltrails map was handy.

paddle sports
7 months ago

Beautiful calm and easy for beginners

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