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Springfield, Oregon Map

Lovely area to explore. Try to time it so not being used by school or other community groups - it can get busy during these times.

road biking
18 hours ago

Glad they are working on plantings to fully complete the project. This connects downtown Springfield with Clearwater Park and Dorris Ranch Park - great area to explore and be off the main roads.

Really enjoyed walking this trail with my Father who is a Disabled Veteran. The fact that it was paved made it easier for him to be able to walk around without tripping on logs or rocks.

The hike was especially short, and the views were not impressive.

Easy clean asphalt waking trail along beautiful Middle Fork.

19 days ago

(garbage, blackberries, poison oak and more garbage)

went on the short hike to the right. parked next to the big pile of garbage someone dumped where a few cars were previously loitering.
then walked through the BBs following the trail of garbage to the base of the tail.
part of the tail is really nice but about 90%of it is SUPER steep and covered I either garbage or poison oak.
you know you've reached the top when you come to the poison oak patch, Coors cans and red solo cups.

I'll be back with a machete and a garbage bag.

road biking
21 days ago

A good newly opened trail. Enjoy industrial scenery in the middle portion of it: humming towers, buzzing tanks, clangoring conveyors, stacks of logs/lumber on the left, a couple of rusty abandoned bridges on the right.

Nothing special. Not really in the wilderness.

Nice walk through the trees, near the river.

29 days ago

Simple walk through the park.

1 month ago

Would never have summited if some wonderful person hadn't put a rope in just the right place. Ran into a rattle snake a couple years ago so watch out for that. It very considerately moved over and let me pass with no harm to either of us.