Nice easy, flat walk. Well maintained with a soft path for jogging and road path for bikes. Can be a little noisy around the roads. Facilities at either end.

close by so I can do it on a rainy day and be close to home or just a quick ride.

on Mill Race Path

8 days ago

its not a bad ride super close to my house. quick to downtown

27 days ago

Great water spots along the paved trail once you’re in Springfield. Flat and great for your long runs.

Beautiful and well-maintained trail great for me, husband, baby and dog. Not a ton of people considering it was a beautiful Sunday morning. People on this path are so respectful compared to other trails in the Eugene area. I highly recommend for anyone that respects nature, beautiful forests, river views and enjoys solitude. Please don't use this trail if you like to blast your music for others beside yourself to hear! Keep it peaceful for others and wear headphones please (we encountered a group today that was blasting music so I had to comment on that).

I love this place! If I'm in the mood for an easier hike, this is my favorite place to go. Even when the parking lot is full of vehicles, the trails don't ever seem too crowded. They just added a bunch of small trails through the wooded area with nice small wooden bridges that wasn't there last time I had gone. There were a bunch of beautiful wildflowers in bloom when I walked through it last week. I really enjoy bringing my dog with me. Lots of people biking, walking, and running on the main river trails. Trails are in great shape! Lots of trails to choose from!

1 month ago

Nicely maintained, flat path. Very easy but also pretty and quiet. Some nice spots to stop for a picnic and a good history lesson too!

Jogging & walking by myself - thoughts races at first, finished strong & dipped feet in the river - slight right hip pain, need to stretch more. Sunny day!

1 month ago

Excellent kid-friendly stroll. If you go an additional .3 miles east at the bottom of the loop (shown as a blue line on the AllTrails map), you'll find a nice little trail down to the water.

Walked by the river with Jon, saw a snake, jogged some :)

Great trail! I took three kids (aged 3-9) about two miles in from Clearwater park. Well maintained, people were present, I felt very safe. Amazing views of the river. Path is paved, we had a stroller and no issues. Kids tolerated the 4 mile walk well. We will walk this path again!

Nice little trail. My 5 and 3 year old had no problem walking the loop, but there was SO MUCH dog poop! More than I have ever seen on any trails around here! PLEASE be responsible pet owners!! Nothing worse than cleaning dog poop off of my kid's shoes on what should be a nice walk!

Nice paved path for all activities. My oldest rode his scooter and I pushed the stroller with my youngest. Nice views and a beautiful walk near the river. Highly recommend!

2 months ago

nice loop, easy, saw birds, ducks, and a salamander

Decent trail with some pretty views. Mildly trafficked with some possibilities to extend this trail if you have the time.

4 months ago

4 months ago

Great spot to walk the dog or run some laps. Not the best views or anything, but it gets the job done!

I forgot to hit record about 1.5 in. Oops

Low traffic. Beautiful views of river after a long day of raining.

5 months ago

Just a leisure stroll for the pups sake!

Beautiful trail that extends into so many others.

8 months ago

Simple paved path.

great trail, paved and smooth. good views and nice shade in tall trees.

It’s a great paved path! Perfect for wheelchairs and dogs. The views were great and the benches were spread out. Such a peaceful walk for a family on a Sunday! Would love to come back here without the dogs and kids so I could walk or bike it.

Nice easy bike trail along the. Willamette River!

Follows a busy road and the path is a gravel road with trail to the river that are used by unsavory characters. Disappointing.

I have hiked all over dorris Ranch and it's a great place to go for an easy hike with lots of shade. Of you want a large hike you can park by the bathrooms in the upper parking lot(left road when you enter the ranch) and take the paved bike path to the last trail right, competing a larger loop with no repeats. If your not sure you reached the last turn from the bike path, it's a right before you see a fence following the paved path on your right side. The last third or half is following a gravel road back to the front of Dorris Ranch. The bike path is mostly in the sun, but the rest is shaded. Offers views of a Creak and river, as well as hazel trees.

10 months ago

Got lost. That was the best part. No rules then. Dog

easy trail with lots of shade. Barely any traffic at all.

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