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Beautiful views at he top and it’s worth the hike to get there are see them. Easy morning is best in summer to avoid crowds. Will be doing this hike again, beautiful and fabulous exercise. Would plan 3-4 hours.

This is a really beautiful area with a very easy hike in. We camped for only one night in October, but it was really magical as we had Duffy Lake entirely to ourselves.

One of my favorite hikes! Went in early July, great views with lots of butterflies and blooming flowers! Bit of an incline to the top but it’s well worth it.

I loved this hike. Quiet and not crowded like some of the others in this area. It was a bit dusty in the beginning but the scenery more than made up for it.

Oct. 16th 2017 Sunny nice day. Snow 2 to 3 feet at upper elevations, but snow on all the trail.

Mostly dirt, some snowy spots.

Great views

Stunning views, especially during early fall.

Amazing hike around the rim. Spectacular view point although the hike.

8 months ago

Hiked July 23rd: Great hike trail, little busy this time of year. The mosquitoes are bad just past the meadow near the top, BRING BUG SPRAY! This year the butterflies are beautiful and everywhere this year too.

Nice trail, a lot of new growth from past fire. Bring your sun screen or floppy hat. Might hit snow up on top. Walk through what I call a ghost forest

Started hike at sunset. Spent night on trail to watch sunrise and catch some great night time / early morning sunrise colors. Great views and fun trail to hike and explore.

9 months ago

This is the most complete backpacking trip you'll find in all of Oregon. Truly something for everyone. Excellent trail conditions as of Aug 12th '17. No name lake is predictably crowded with very limited tent space, but anywhere just below the lake is equally impressive and I would argue more comfortable and peaceful. Designated camping spots at Green Lakes were sparse due to the fact that many are under restoration, but if you get creative you will find excellent spots in the vicinity.
Any camping at Park Meadow is excellent due to the proximity and level of the creek running through the meadow.

Ample water supplies every couple miles. We had one 32 oz bottle and one 3L bladder per person and never ran short or dry.

Beautiful and scenic even though smoke limited the view. Our dog loves the patches of snow.

9 months ago

Just completed this loop today.

Started at Three Creeks Trail. Camped the first night at Golden Lake. No problems whatsoever. No Snow. Approximately 7.7 miles though a burnt forest, meadows and a couple river crossings. Bring sandals for the crossings. This section was all soft sand on the trail. Much like walking on the dry portion of the beach.

Day two was a long difficult one. 10 miles from Golden Lake to the No Name Lake.

Day Three was out from the ice lake to Tam McArthur Rim and back to Three Creeks Lake. When leaving the lake it can be easy to lose the trail. Having said that, it's also very easy to find/follow the trail. Either set your compass bearing and aim for the end of Tam McArthur Rim, or just follow the AllTrails geotrack. Look for all the cairns to help guide you. Just make sure you hit the Tam McArthur Rim Trail at the very end. I walked passed it and had to climb 150 yards almost straight up in loose lava rock to get back on the trail.

There were multiple snow crossings both approaching the mountain and leaving the mountain. All easily passable.

The last few miles down from Tam McArthur to Three Creeks is very steep and harder than I expected.

Thank you to whomever uploaded this track. It was an incredible help.

Did this trail 2 weeks ago. Left from Park meadows trailhead and after you hit park meadows you have to cut your own trail through the snow between south sister and broken top but just keep heading between them and you'll eventually hit a point where you will see green lakes. From green lakes we headed down to the soda spring trailhead and took that up to the broken top trailhead area and continued down. Too much snow between broken top and bald butte so we took a trail down and around that puts you right along some ATV roads. We ended up taking a horseback trail back to three creeks lake and hitchhiked the 2 miles back to park meadows trailhead. Great trip we camped at green lakes and somewhere at the east end of bald butte. Many water crossings that I took my boots off for. Super fun just have some directional awareness in the snow

This hike was amazing! We originally planned to do the 5 mile roundtrip hike. When we reached the top we continued what we thought was another half-mile past the "end of trail" sign and past the "not maintained trail" sign until we reached a viewpoint of the sisters and broken top. We had to do some exploring to find it. We realized how close we were to broken top and could see a trail beginning on a huge hill, we decided to make the trek since we were close. We followed the ridge line the whole way to the big butte-like formation that blocks the view of broken top for a while. You have amazing 360 views of the cascade range the whole way. The hike is easy with a couple of uphill stretches with snow that makes it slick. When you reach the big rock formation (not sure of the name) you will want to stay left of it and close to the top. There are some sketchy places climbing over boulders near the edge. Once you reach broken top you are able to follow the ridge all the way to where you could climb up broken top to see the views of sisters. We didn't make it down to the lake due to time, which was ok because the lake is still frozen over, and I think the view is more spectacular when the lake is thawed. We made the hike back in good time knowing the trail better, but be careful when you get close to the original trail because the snow can make you lose the trail very easily. The duration of our hike was from 2-7:30, that was with a lot of stops and exploring. Make sure you bring lots of water and reapply your sunscreen!!! We did not come prepared since we didn't know we would be hiking to broken top, so we got toasted. The hike is well worth it though. I highly suggest it!!

9 months ago

The drive to the Tam McArthur Rim trailhead was paved except for the last mile which was maintained gravel. The hike to the rim was nice. A couple small areas of snow in late July. Lupines were in bloom. The views were very nice. I'd give the rim portion of the hike a solid 4 stars. I continued on the trail to the base of Broken Top. It doubled the mileage and added some elevation, but it was more than worth it. Once you get up to around 8,000 ft you have truly amazing views of Broken Top, all three Sisters, and Bachelor. You also have very good views of Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, and Washington. I could also easily make out Hood and Adams. As a bonus, there were thousands of California Tortoiseshell Butterflies swarming. It was definitely a 5 star day.

Gorgeous. fields of wildflowers all over. Not much snow (easy in running shoes). Tons of mosquitoes even with a breeze. Take the side trail on the right that winds up the slope 3FG instead of trying to go up the massive scree hill! Also it's pretty exposed so caution with dogs getting too hot, esp their paws on the dark rock.

Hike started our GORGEOUS with a ton of wildflowers over the first mile or so. Relatively easy going for the most part, but there's still a fair amount of snow as you approach Santiam Lake... not enough to lose the trail, but enough to keep you paying attention to where the trail is! Tons of downed trees across the trail, especially between Santiam Lake and Duffy Lake. Duffy Lake was great once we got there... wonderful lakeside campsites, warm enough water for a quick dip, fishing and beautiful views of Duffy Butte!

Very enjoyable hike! Hope to do this one again! Great views at the higher elevations. Starts from the road in an old burnt area, then about half way up goes back into forested area. Interesting to see how the forest reacts after a burn. Lots of wild flowers. Still snowpack on the trail up on Jack. Passable but caution warranted.

Incredible views, but-as a trail runner-I had to turn around about half way through because I kept losing the trail in the snow...

Monday, January 09, 2017

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Did this trail today, pretty socked in with clouds at the top but some great views on the way up. Had quite a bit of snow. Will be doing this one again.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Breathtaking views with varying types of foliage. Perfect for the fall, we walked through some light snow but the walk is just difficult enough that we stayed plenty warm. The first 1/3 or so is a fairly steep climb uphill but it mellows out and makes for an easy journey back.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

We've read about this hike and couldn't wait for the weather to be cooler. It was a beautiful Sunday to hike Tam MacArthur. We knew the trail started at Three Creeks Lake, so we packed a picnic for when when finished the hike. The elevation of the parking lot is at 6550 feet. The first mile of the hike up was pretty steep. We then were up over Three Creeks Lake and it was beautiful. There was a point (and you'll see Jack pointing) where in the view ahead, you could see the Prow we were going to hike to and Jack was pointing to it. After that point, we reached the switchbacks which we were very appreciative of to make it easier going up. The hike up was moderate. We walked thru heavy forests above the lake and then a few meadows. The views were amazing. The one meadow we got to before we went straight up, there was a fork in the trail, but you wanted to take it to the left. Once we made that last trek straight up, we were on the edge and you could see we were very high high, 7732 ft. Once we got to the Prow, we continued west towards the snowfields about another 400 feet up to get a perfect view of the Sisters. Then we turned around and headed back to the Prow where we stopped and took in the 360 degree views. We could see Smith Rock and a lot more. This has been one of our favorite hikes so far. We were not ready to go down, but knew we had to. I always enjoy going back because you can see the hike in a different perspective. Once we got down, we got our picnic and headed to the dock, pulled our shoes off and let them rest in the the cool water. It was a beautiful finish to a wonderful day. By the time we got back to the car, we had hiked a little over 8 miles and over 20,000 steps. What a great day!

Thursday, September 01, 2016

This is a 5 star hike just for the ratio of hike to view. The overall trail is well-worn and easy to follow (although, at times there are multiple forks along the way). The hike itself is already at such a high elevation that you don't have to climb 1000s of feet to see a good view. Make sure to hike the extra 1.3 miles to the cindercone next to Broken Hand and see the grandeur of the Three Sisters along with a view up and down the Cascade Range. Extend your hike another 0.9 miles to Broken Hand to see the deep blue waters of the lake below Broken Top. Don't attempt to reach the trailhead too early in the season as the Forest Service keeps the road closed often times well into July or early August due to snow at such high elevation. Also, prepare for a substantial amount of exposure to the elements as there is very little shelter along the entire hike. Enjoy!

Beautiful and a great look out point at about the 5 mile mark that totally makes the hike !

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Great hike with my wife and daughter, legs get a wake up right away but then some relief as the trail levels out some then back to steep and level out for most of the way. Can't complain too much about the trail as we saw a cross country team running up and down the trail. Got to the Rim and had a snack. I continued on for a couple more miles until the well-traveled trail ends and then it is kinda sketchy and much caution is recommended from there on. The view of Broken Top's icy blue lake is fantastic. It sits in Broken Top's crater.

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