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Trail begins across the road from parking area. Follow the signs for Snow Creek. It intersects Metolius Windigo. Good signage. Creek crossings significant for November and partially frozen but doable. 4.5 miles of surreal burn area with spectacular (though obstructed) views of Sisters. Did this on a blue sky day in November. Watch for the turn to Golden Lake. I missed it and had to backtrack. Golden Lake is worthy with scenic Broken Top as backdrop. South Sister view is also great from meadow.

Very pretty, starting to get snow now though

10 days ago

Quarry to Peterson Ridge Tie Trail to Whychus Creek Overlook. Back on Whychus Draw Trail to Metolious Windigo Trail and back to trail. This mileage x2 due to technical difficulty. No bikes, no horses, very few other hikers. Beautiful. The best scenery was on the Metolious Windigo side of this loop.

13 days ago

Just in to the lake and back. 4.3 miles. First half burnt by recent forest fires. Second half and lake just fine. Deserted and still beautiful.

18 days ago

I've hiked this trail twice so far. Both times I went clockwise and not the ccw most recommend. I prefer getting the elevation done the first day, camp around green lakes then hike the rest in the morning.

I really like this trail. Just the right amount of challenge and spectacular views!! It was a little brisk when we started. The wind picked up a little too. Definitely pack layers. You’ll see a sign saying “end of the trail” but there is another 2 1/2 miles of trail to explore. Gorgeous back there with some steeper inclines. Worth the extra time. Broken Top seems to be in reach when you go all the way back.

mountain biking
22 days ago

I love this trail. October is the perfect time to ride this trail. It’s cooler, and there are not a lot of people out.

Beautiful mellow hike. Lots of creek/falls viewpoints. A few steep rocky parts, but they were short.

Great views at the top. Good reminder for us to get back in shape!

Amazing day for a Fall hike! 70 degrees You could not ask for a better hike this time of year.

Pleasant and easy Sunday afternoon scroll. Beautiful fall foliage. Downside: the constant presence of the sound of the highway.

Stunning foliage and beautiful views. Elevation gain is steady and moderate. Water and Mountain View’s throughout. One of my faves.

27 days ago

Felt longer than 5 miles to me today but it was lovely
Beautiful views!

28 days ago

Such a beautiful hike. We took our time and took lots of photos, so it took us just over 3.5 hours to complete. Gorgeous views of Clear Lake. The water is uniquely green, blue and aqua depending on the sun and depth of the water. You won’t be disappointed.

The end of the trail head has fantastic views and is one of the best spot to see the sunrise in the Bend. There is photo opportunities galore. The majority of the trail is not too windy, but the top has strong wind chill so bring layers if the temperature is low.

I did not extend the hike to Broken Hand, but will be making this hike next year with that plan in mind.

What a great trail! Off the beaten path which I loved. The trail loops around and leads down to Wychus Creek which is spectacular! One helpful note... to stay on the trail that leads down to creek there is a sharp right turn about 1/8 mile before the sign for Wychus Creek. It’s not obvious but it’s marked for horses as well. Thankfully another hiker told us about it.

1 month ago

Awesome hike! First time on this trail but will definitely go back. If you follow the trail around the perimeter of the lake it comes in right at 5 miles....took us about 2 hours. We did this hike today...gorgeous fall colors and spectacular weather. I’ve never seen water so clear before....and the submerged tree stumps still standing from the volcanic damming of the McKenzie river make looking into the water even more amazing. Definitely recommend hiking the trail counterclockwise otherwise you may miss the views of the 3 Sisters from the north end of the lake (if you go clockwise they will be to your back)....they will come into view shortly after you go past the northern most point of the lake on your return to the Clear Lake Resort parking area and trailhead. This is a very easy hike and one well worth the time!

1 month ago

This trail was amazing! So much diversity in the scenery. The wind was STRONG and cold when we went. The views were incredible. With two bad knees I felt challenged but not beyond my scope. You can take the "unmaintained" portion pretty much straight to Broken Top if you push a bit further. completely worth it. WOW.

You are pretty much walking through Lava the vast majority of the time. Pretty neat area if you have never been here before, not much of a repeat type of hike but certainly one that you need to do at least once.

Gorgeous fall colors of the leaves contrasting with the surreal blue of the ice cold lake water. Easy hike, almost flat, about 6 miles. It was a bit crowded even on a Friday early morning and parking can get challenging.

We loved this trail, went further than the sign the read "end of trail" towards Broken Top.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike at any season. This is a gorgeous and unusual lake. Just hiked this during Fall and it was beautiful lit up with color against the blue of the lake. Hike is longer than reported (about 7 mi/not 4.5). The trail seems a little different than when I hiked it 15y ago. Maybe it was rerouted. Watch out for bees.

Trail in great shape, some nice fall colors. Not too difficult, dog loved it.

1 month ago

Hiked the loop on 9/27 - 9/28 of 2018 CCW. The first few miles in this direction is through an area that has completely burned out and the dead trees look very eerie. Glad I went CCW so as to get this section over in the beginning of the trek and leave the great views for the end.

Lots of water sources in all areas EXCEPT NONE between the southern part where the trail turns sharply north. Before you start the northerly trek up to No Name Lake (CCW direction), be sure you have plenty of water. Lake and creek are not safe to drink. Lot's of sweat and the need to stay hydrated is very important. Three liters was barely enough for myself and dog. Were thirsty when arriving back to the lake and TH.

Worst part of the trip was being worried about following the correct trail. The entire Rim trail is horribly marked and there's several intersections with trails that have NO signs and are not on any map or Garmin. It was kind of crazy this way! Example, you're walking the RIM trail and you come across a sign that simply says "TRAIL" with an arrow heading off to the cliff. Then there's fork where it says horses one direction and hikers in the other, so you think you're at the section where the livestock trail begins and you only have 1.5 miles to the lake. But then a couple more miles later you actually come to that junction and wonder what the heck just happened.

Overall great hike but plan accordingly with water and be sure to navigate well. If you take the wrong path then you'll add extra miles on to your trip.

1 month ago

One of the best intermediate hikes in Central Oregon...I’ve enjoyed the lake in the summer for paddle boarding as well...

1 month ago

Sad to see all of the burned out area, but if you stick it out to the top you will finally get to unburned area. Views from the top today were awesome. Actual up and back trail length is 7.2 miles.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail last summer, just a week before the fire. Really glad to have had the chance to hike through the forested areas and meadows before they burned.

It took me just over 90 minutes to reach the top. Many of the other reviews here have mentioned the amazing views at the summit. Yep, I agree, although the day I went up it was quite smokey. Mt. Washington, for example, was barely visible through the haze. I'd love to go up again on a clear day.

If you're reasonably fit and an experienced hiker, this isn't a difficult trail. Just as I was coming out to the parking lot, I saw a couple just getting ready to go up. It was already past noon, so they'd be hiking during the hottest part of the day. They were wearing light-duty sneakers and blue jeans and had just one small bottle of water for the two of them. For these hikers, the trail may have been difficult....

Just a minor correction on the trail info provided here: according to the info sheet provided by the Deschutes National Forest Ranger Station in Sisters, it's 8.6 miles roundtrip (or 13.8km for us Canadians) with an elevation gain of 2351 feet/716m.

Stunning hike on a Fall day. I'll be back to go kayaking next Summer.

Hiked mid-September. Awesome HIKE, spectacular views of the mountains. No bugs this time. You do gain some elevation, but the views are well worth it. VERY popular hike, so don't expect to have the trail to yourself, even Mid-week. There were 20+ cars at the trailhead when we arrived at 10am. Remember to fill out a free hiking pass at the trailhead; turn in part of it & keep part of it on you when doing this hike. Enjoy!

Great hike. There are certain steep bits but overall it isn’t too bad. The end of the hike marked on the map is nice, but if you want great views continue along the unmaintained trail along the ridge. There’s spectacular views of broken top and no name lake at broken foot an additional 1.5-2 miles further.

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