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Read the reviews about the directions. Other than that the hike was beautiful!!! Wasn’t too busy on a Saturday around noon. Though i would suggest bringing or applying bug spray prior.

The views are amazing!

Awesome trail! 3rd time we’ve hiked it...normally we go in the fall but decided to try it today. We did find one very small snowfield which our dog enjoyed. Additionally we found several varieties of wild flowers in bloom which was a nice treat. The views were spectacular....Mt Bachelor all the way to Mt Hood! One of our favorite hikes in all of Central Oregon and highly recommend it if you only have time for one hike.

Stunning views and lots of butterflies! Bring water and bug spray

7 days ago

Discovered this trail after Three Fingered Jack was too hot (90s) for my pup. Even though the temperature still soared, there was enough tree coverage to provide adequate shade even through the burnt forest. Plus, the lakes are so lovely.

The trail is moderately easy with a minimal incline leading up to the south lake. There are at least seven campgrounds, one of which we stayed in. Don’t skip the northern lake as it has beautiful views of the surrounding area and a few additional campgrounds. Don’t be alarmed when you pass two blackened lakes on your way- those are ponds and are not the water feature.

Don’t forget your sunscreen. Two of the creek crossings were a bit more than anticipated but the views and serenity were well worth my wet shoes.

10 days ago

Waterfall is amazing! To get a really good view it does require going down a trail that requires you to use both feet and both hands but it is worth it if you can do it. A nice hike on a well maintained trail with some good mountain view’s. As others have pointed out, the google maps navigation will send you on the wrong path. Once you turn on to the gravel road from the main paved road, just stay on it for quite a while. It’s a nice well maintained gravel road. Take the left just before the one lane bridge. If you cross the bridge you’ve gone too far. Once you take a left head up to the left, not lower to the right. You will get to the trail head soon.

Did this hike yesterday, a Wednesday. There was a lot of cars at the trailhead but they seemed to mostly be at the lake. We only passed three groups the entire hike! The view at the very top is well worth the climb, but go expecting a fairly consistent uphill walk for at least 2 miles out of the 3 up. Beautiful views, wildlife and flowers- but wear bug spray! We got eaten alive!

11 days ago

My family spent a lot of time here when I was a kid but I never got to hike around until now. Great little hike. A lot of places on the highway side for hiking buddies to play in the water. I don't care for walking through the camp sites but that's the trail.

The burned section was long. Views were fabulous on the way out. Bugs at the lakes

Hiked this as a day hike. Up and back in 5 hours is doable but definitely a leg burner. Amazing views, the lake is perfect. First few miles are through the pole creek fire aftermath. Once you get through that the hike gets better and scenery improves.

Was beautiful early June with minimal snow. Bugs were thick and good fishing in the lake!

Really good trail lots of amazing views

Such a beautiful hike! Start early and beat the crowd and the heat.

Epic views! Lots of burned areas but there were also a lot of amazing sights which made this short hike well worth it. Maybe it was me but it felt like much more gain than 900 ft. Could have been the elevation that had me more winded than usual. Surprisingly the mosquitoes were almost non existent today. A few annoying biting flies but even those were sparse.

Absolutely beautiful the entire way, Won’t be the last time I go. All Trails or google maps wanted me to go down the Horse Camp Road But I just passed it and went down to the lake where the trailhead was easily spotted, Parking is a nightmare and I showed up at about 9:15am. Very busy but completely worth it in the end. Like others said, Bring lots of water and if you have those hiking pole things I’d definitely recommend them.

15 days ago

Did this as an overnighter the first week of July. As everyone says, counter clockwise is best. Mountains and lakes within view the whole time. Slept at Golden Lakes but up in the stone to avoid mosquitos. There were only a couple spots with heavy mosquitoes but we just kept moving through those parts. None at higher dryer elevations. Noname Lake was still covered in snow and ice so we did not sleep there but continued back to the trailhead using the Rim Trail. The Rim Trail was amazing! We skirted the rocks on the path around the butte which was a little sketchy but not too hard. The butte is the only hard part in trying to find a trail.

If I were to recommend this, I would say take three days and camp in Green Lakes area first night. Then take a day trip with only water and extra clothes to summit South Sister. With the last day being to climb to Noname Lake and Rim Trail home. :) Lots of Miles but two mountain tops and amazing views!

16 days ago

Great Hike. Nine Boy Scouts and three Scout Leaders did the loop counter-clockwise from July 6-8, 2018. Day 1 was Three Creeks Lake to Golden Lake. About 8.5 miles. Lots of down fall and a few streams to cross. Day two started at Golden Lake and ended below No Name Lake. About 11.5 miles. Great views at the saddle between Broken Top and South Sister. Started to run into lots of hikers are Green Lake. Last mile involved lots of elevation. Day 3 started with the hike up to No Name Lake. The lake is pretty, but the money spot is the ridge above No Name Lake. To the North, we had a full view of the Sisters, Mt. Washington, Three Finger Jack, Jefferson, and Hood. Many photos taken. From that point the trail along the ridge is very rough -- loose rock and snow fields on steep pitches. After about a mile, you link up to the main trail and it's smooth sailing back to Three Creeks. Overall, the hike's rewards vastly exceed its drawbacks. Highly recommended.

Completed this today with three kids and two dogs. The trail is straight forward and offers great views throughout the Three Creeks Lake region, the greater Sisters area, and up to 11 peaks. Today we saw into Washington and at the rim point had everything from Bachelor to Adams. The trail is dusty and exposed so better in morning or later afternoon. Bring lots of water and if you have dogs be sure they are leashed at the top due to the trail going right next to a 500+ foot cliff face. The hike affords great views and are awarded all the time. Once at the top of the ridge, it is flat until the final pitch up to the point. In the end, be sure to cool your feet in Three Creeks Lake. This time of year shows lots of alpine lupin, butterflies, and blue skies.

17 days ago

Pretty amazing loop. Agree that CCW is ideal. Get the burn out of the way first, many many downed trees on trail. I recommend skipping the little lake offshoots and scrambling the NW ridge instead. Even if you only just gain the ridge (8200ft) the views are epic and it’s much more peaceful than the highly trafficked lakes. Water ever few miles. And as of early July 2018 there is little to no snow on route. Most of it is near the rim portion and can be done in tennies. Would do a few weeks earlier (mid June) if done again, as the peaks are prettiest with ample snow. Beware of mosquitoes!!! Hoards of them anywhere below ca. 7500ft.

Beautiful views! Go early as it gets hot and the butterflies come out...like really come out!!

18 days ago

Beautiful hike to North Matthieu Lake. Well worth the effort and gorgeous views as you go. A few things others haven't mentioned yet -
1) Don't take your first right if you have joined the hike from the Lava Camp Lake parking lot. If you do that first right - you will end up hiking on a lava trail to the Pac Crest Trailhead. This trail however, has a lot of amazing views of the mountains that you may not otherwise see - but is very hard if you aren't sure footed.

2) MOSQUITOES - Lots of them. Maybe there was just a hatch, but WOW. Take your repellent. Along with the swarms of mosquitoes you will also experience dive bombing and head circling big flies. Miserable if you aren't prepared. Our baby wore a buff to cover his head, ears and neck to stop the complete meltdown.

3) The trail feels like you will never make it to the lake and keeps going up - but don't give up. Once you feel like you may have gone the wrong way, and you will never get there - it will be right around the corner. :)

4) Dogs - off leash everywhere. Just be aware if you have your dog with you - and are using a leash - that almost everyone else isn't. Bummer for those that care and leash their dogs.

We will be doing this hike again - and will get to the South Lake the next time - as well as to see the crater everyone talks of.

Go for it!!

Gorgeous hike around an amazing "clear" lake! We clocked it at 7.2 (easy) miles, not 5. We had 5 kids with us, ages 3 1/2, to 10 years old and they all did great.

love love love this hike!! so many options. Walking by the river and seeing the waterfalls was beautiful.

19 days ago

Worth hiking! I have never been so close to the North Sister. Also, I enjoyed snow near the South Matthieu - the 2nd of July!

19 days ago

This was a REALLY beautiful hike!! Went on 6/29, We started on the PCT at hwy 242, took the lava fields to the trailhead, it added an extra 2 Miles total to the hike but it was well worth it. Then we followed the lava wall all the way for the most part and you could also just follow the PCT the whole way to the south lake, then follow the lake trail all the way back for the loop. Both lakes were gorgeous!! The signs and directions seemed backwards to us, so we added some extra miles, but still fun and found another hike for another day! The directions on some of these trail signs are misleading to say the least. Easy to follow the lava wall. That is the reason for only 4 stars. And it was steeper than I anticipated. I’m not in terrible shape, but it was definitely a good up hill workout

20 days ago

Make sure to take the Lake trail up and the PCT down to maximize views! Watch your steps coming down. Trail has slippery rubble. Burnt forest is strangely beautiful. A good reminder of how fragile our forest ecosystems are. The lakes are beautiful not too many people but the bugs are out.

mountain biking
21 days ago

Some technical rock gardens, and a good steady climb to the Ridge. Maximum beauty. FS bikes recommended, but my 25-year-old Trek 7000 did just fine!

Stunning views at the top! And the butterflies were thick! Steady up not too strenuous. Very little snow to navigate. One of my favorite hikes to date.

Never did find the trail. Ended up on a terrible road we had to stop halfway up. Better directions are needed! Did find a hill to picnic on and see the mountains!

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