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Sisters, Oregon Map
14 hours ago

I hiked this trail last summer, just a week before the fire. Really glad to have had the chance to hike through the forested areas and meadows before they burned.

It took me just over 90 minutes to reach the top. Many of the other reviews here have mentioned the amazing views at the summit. Yep, I agree, although the day I went up it was quite smokey. Mt. Washington, for example, was barely visible through the haze. I'd love to go up again on a clear day.

If you're reasonably fit and an experienced hiker, this isn't a difficult trail. Just as I was coming out to the parking lot, I saw a couple just getting ready to go up. It was already past noon, so they'd be hiking during the hottest part of the day. They were wearing light-duty sneakers and blue jeans and had just one small bottle of water for the two of them. For these hikers, the trail may have been difficult....

Just a minor correction on the trail info provided here: according to the info sheet provided by the Deschutes National Forest Ranger Station in Sisters, it's 8.6 miles roundtrip (or 13.8km for us Canadians) with an elevation gain of 2351 feet/716m.

Stunning hike on a Fall day. I'll be back to go kayaking next Summer.

Hiked mid-September. Awesome HIKE, spectacular views of the mountains. No bugs this time. You do gain some elevation, but the views are well worth it. VERY popular hike, so don't expect to have the trail to yourself, even Mid-week. There were 20+ cars at the trailhead when we arrived at 10am. Remember to fill out a free hiking pass at the trailhead; turn in part of it & keep part of it on you when doing this hike. Enjoy!

Great hike. There are certain steep bits but overall it isn’t too bad. The end of the hike marked on the map is nice, but if you want great views continue along the unmaintained trail along the ridge. There’s spectacular views of broken top and no name lake at broken foot an additional 1.5-2 miles further.

10 days ago

Lovely area. Can't go wrong with any trail around here. I went from Green Lakes Trail, camped at the base of the mountain, and summited the next morning. The walk is pretty straight forward. There is one 20 foot vertical wall at the top. It is recommended to use ropes on this wall. Be careful!

Here is a video showing the summit route:

12 days ago

The trail reopened recently after the Milli Fire in 2017, so we took the opportunity to hike it on Thursday. The trail itself was very defined, but a large portion of the forest is completely burned. Although an interesting sight to see, I was definitely more on edge worrying about snags falling..so I was eager to get past the fire damage. Unfortunately, it was hazy the day we went, so our views were very limited at the summit, but on a clear day this hike would be absolutely beautiful. There is something so cool about walking through the burned sections and seeing the wildflowers and nature growing back. We only passed one other person the entire hike. Make sure to bring sunscreen, as the tree cover is now gone. I had never hiked this trail before the fire, so I have nothing to compare it to.. but I think it is still worth doing now after the damage.

there are so many amazing views and photo opportunity on this trail. Be prepared for a climb, but this is a well marked and we'll worth it hike. Just breath taking.

13 days ago

Great trail , really easy beautiful area
Lots of trout in the creeks

13 days ago

Camped across from the lake, hiked the trail around the lake. Took pictures and fished for a little. Was a great time, nice even workout. Saw plenty of people fishing, no one seemed to be catching. A nice lake all around. Reasonably easy trail, paved or packed the complete loop.

17 days ago

Great trail
It was a smoky day
Can’t wait to go back on a clear days
Lots of scenic mtn views

Awesome trail. Very loose rock when summiting. Insane views. Will do again

19 days ago

My friends and I didn’t actually hike the loop start to finish. Ended up starting at Green Lakes TH on accident, but we made it to Golden Lake the first night. Great views of The Sisters and Broken Top the whole way and at the campsite. Turned around the second day and back to Green Lakes and up to Small Creek. Took most of our gear off and went and summited Broken Top. I recommend not using the app and stick to the trail signs if you are coming from that direction (soda creek, green lakes) it ended up taking us basically straight up part of the mountain without a visible trail. Hiked about 20 miles the second day. Spent our second night towards Green Lakes and then hiked out of Soda Creek in the morning. We didn’t do “the loop” by a completionist standard but I’m told we did all of the good parts.

Pick the whole thing or a section. It’s all great. Evenings are my favorite

22 days ago

This hike is not worth it unless you go to the bottom of the falls and the "trail" to get down there is sketchy, but the waterfall is beautiful. The view of the waterfall at the end of the regular trail is not really a good one.

We did this hike on September 1 and the trail was open, albeit with a warning that snags could fall on your head. The bottom 75% of the trail is completely burned to charcoal and the trail, although obvious, is very dusty/ashy. Upside: It's marvelous seeing how small plants are already hard at work re-colonizing the ashes. Downside: The dirt is very fine and gets kicked up into a lingering cloud when hiking in a group. If you are sensitive to particulate matter you might want to bring a scarf or mask at least until the winter rains have gotten a chance to damp down the dust. However the view at the top is worth it if you can stand the slog! Clear views of Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Three-Fingered Jack, Mt. Hood, the Sisters, Broken Top, Little and Big Belknap craters, and some amazing lava flows. Great places to eat lunch with the views at the top.
We're a moderately in-shape group of mixed ages and it took us 4.5 hours round trip included multiple geology nerd breaks and lunch.

24 days ago

Morning hike to started day off, Smokey and overcast. Trail is easy and a enjoyable hike for all ages. I will hike this trail again!

Awesome hike, 90% of the travel is over a lava flow, so be prepared for that and wear a sturdy shoe. Amazing views during the entire hike but the summit views are rewarding.

Good day hike for my kid and dog. Lots of PCT hikers this time of year!

29 days ago

A great day hike for the average day hiker. Although a little Smokey, it offered some nice Mountain View’s.

Lovely waterfall - must walk down at trails end to be at the bottom of the falls. Beautiful

We had a stroller and a dog! Perfect for the pup, but a little hard on the stroller but we made it all the way around thanks to the hubby! Was perfect

Great hike. planned on a 2 day 1 night trip. but things happened and I had to get out of there did the whole loop one day. proved its doable but not recommended unless you're in the condition for it. Apparently didn't get the memo on the dead elk and I refilled my water at the creek below no name and again at green lakes (another creek). I guess that means either I got lucky or my inline water filter worked well. clockwise or counter clockwise I can see it being good, just depends on if you want to get the climb out of the way earlier or not.

1 month ago

What an amazing hike,
Theres a huge Creek and such geometrical forms on the trail,
It was the perfect weather and great sunrise to watch

Took us a little while to find the trailhead because we accidentally passed it and were looking past the campgrounds. The trailhead is right next to the first place you can get a wilderness pass. There's a second spot by the campgrounds which we made the mistake of going to. The trail was beautiful, just hard enough but not too hard and the view was amazing. Very busy trail though, lots of people to pass and let pass.

1 month ago

We accidentally went clockwise on this loop - so we got our butts kicked. None the less, it was still incredible. Started at three creeks and hiked to green lakes the first night.. this was amazing view to wake up to! Second night was spent at golden lake which was also beautiful. You have to jump in it! :-) And the third day hiked from there back to three creeks. Very hard but great backpacking trip!!

Hot weather and scary, burned forest, but the trail was easy and North Matthieu was beautiful. No bugs!

on Broken Top Loop Trail

1 month ago

Originally had planned to do the loop in two nights and three days, but pushed through to do one night/two days. I agree that clockwise would be my advice as well, maybe some additional climbing the first day going uphill, but I would not have had the physical and mental strength to do the last part on a second or third day. Skirting Broken Hand was a little unnerving but doable - happy to have gotten it out of the way on day one. Camped at Green Lakes which was beautiful and not super buggy. Lots of water sources along the way but also a lot of exposed trail pretty much the entire time. No Name Lake is gorgeous but I wouldn’t get water there due to the animals on the ridge (dead elk ). Not sure how long they’ve been there, but best not to take chances. We backpacked this on August 8-9, 2018.

Beautiful walk through burned forest, amazing views from the top. PCT was easy hiking in and not overly crowded.

Pretty good hike and fairly easy. Less that 1000 ft of elevation gain and the path is nice. Lots of burn area which is a little unsettling. Most trees look like they could tip at any time. Both lakes are cool and it’s fun to see the PCT hikers come through! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.


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