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Scappoose, Oregon Map

Not an overly challenging hike, but very peaceful, fairly well maintained in most areas, and a good view of the river by the end!

My first hike in a couple of years so I wanted something easy. There and out was actually 7 miles, I went mid August and there we no bugs really. We went early so plenty of parking, by the time we got back it was packed. It was an 85 degree day so we ended up at the beach in the water after which was nice. I know I’ll go again. I loved it.

I've hiked a few sections of this trail, specifically, all the way from Scaponia Park to Vernonia. This trail follows along the Scappoose Vernonia Highway, but does not CURRENTLY end where the description here says. It actually ends at the end of Knott Street in Vernonia behind an unmarked gate. I have a recording that shows the map. If you begin in Pittsburg, you will be met with signs from Weyerhauser warning you NO TRESPASSING. All in all, a nice getaway from the city, but you certainly won't meet many folks on the western portion of this trail.

trail running
2 months ago

this is a great trail for biking, running or walking (not really a hike). it is an trail that used to be a rail road carrying logs from Vernonia, Or to the river in Scappoose, Or. Miles 0-3 (hwy 30) are all paved wide path. the views of the mountains and farm land is gorgeous! there is a quarter mile section that boarders a mobile home park but it's really not bad. I run this trail 4 days a week and am completely safe. there is not a homeless population out here like another reviewer suggested. miles 3-17 climb into the hills and it is gorgeous! mostly all shadded makes it an ideal place to run in the heat of the summer. it is mostly gravel during these miles with some patches of pavement.

mountain biking
3 months ago

We started at parking lot across from B&B market aprox milepost 4 Mountain biking . It starts as a gradual climb along a small creek and gets steeper towards mile marker 9 and on. We went to mile post 12 and is a nice downhill ride back. Aprox 2hrs roundtrip. There are other parking areas along the trail also.

Easy, peaceful, good for hiking, biking (wide tires), and horseback riding. No motorized vehicles.

Really great trail. It’s all flat, so fairly easy to walk. Amazing wildlife too!! There were bald eagles the flew literally feet in front of us. Super beautiful. And the beach at the end is more or less your own private beach. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 are the MOSQUITOS!!! They were awful!! I had 10 bites on just one hand. If I got that many on my hand, imagine what the rest of me looked like!!! Will definitely be going again, but not before I douse my body in bug spray.

Nice easy trail and I’m thankful that other reviewers mentioned the bugs. We came equipped so enjoyed the walk as we looked for birds and watched a variety of water vessels go by. Cute little lighthouse so worth the drive out there.

Hiked this on June 13. Well marked trail, make sure i purchase a day pass to park. Beautiful scenic that follows the Columbia. The mosquitoes were insane but we found if just kept moving it was harder for them to bite us.

Did this hike about two weeks ago. SUPER muddy, trudged through water numerous times, ruined my shoes, and I came home littered with some gnarly bug bites, but fun regardless! Really nice hike, pretty easy 6 miles, not too many people on the trail, and just a nice little escape for a couple hours through a different area of Sauvies than what you would normally go to with some cool little scenery transitions (woods, small meadows, beach, right along the river, etc).

Of the forty something hikes mentioned in Falcon Guides’ Best Dog Hikes in Oregon, this trail made the list. It is definitely off-leash friendly (regardless of the leash-only sign posted at the parking lot by the trailhead). Not a really spectacular trail but it was cool to see the lighthouse and hang out at the beach. Easy 6 miles hike.

went in the afternoon. parking lot was packed. seen people heading out to their cars as we were heading in. Very little traffic on the trail and nobody at the lighthouse when we arrived. Walked out watching the sun set. Beautiful easy hike.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Nice Bike ride from mile marker 4 to 13 on the trail.

4 months ago

A local treat! I love this trail and the fact that not very many people know about it. I enjoy running/walking this trail after work or on the weekends.

Do NOT do right now! Did this hike on Sunday 6/3/18 and I have over 20 bites on my body. They are not normal mosquito bites, some are about the size of a quarter and feel like they are on fire! I was wearing long tight workout leggings and a hoody to cover my face during this hike because of all the bugs. Just wait till it’s warm and not so damp!

Flooded out today.

Wide easy trail to walk. Half sun half shade.

Nice hike with dogs. Make sure you use the bathroom before you hike because people at marinas are not too friendly.

This was a great walk, a little harder since I took my toddler in a stroller. Saw a sea lion catching fish by the lighthouse that was pretty cool to watch for awhile. Only encountered 2 other people the entire time. Also, wasted a lot of time in the morning trying to buy a parking permit. If you’re going, make sure to pick one up before you get there.

Well, I was waiting for that perfect April sunny warm day to hike this trail and it came!
Gorgeous clear skies, with views of majestic St. Helens and glimpses of the lighthouse perfectly perched at the end of the trail.
Snakes, herons and hawks were easily spotted.
Nice flat ground, a little muddy in some places but not bad.

Love this walk, it is different from season to season. Very magical. I wish folks wouldn’t litter. The blackberries are bountiful in their season. Amazing bird nests and you will likely see a bald eagle and some geese.

Easy trail with a great payoff! On a clear day, the views of Helens are amazing.

Love exploring these trails. Def a leg burner.

Love this place! Nice easy walk that is usually lightly traveled in the “off” months. Great beach at the end for the dogs to play on!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Family friendly, trails are clear, not too busy (we went on Labor Day). Kids will bring swimsuits for the beach area by the lighthouse next time. Didn't know about having a parking permit, hope I didn't get a ticket. I'll probably go back soon with a small group of friends for a nice trail run, great distance!

Sunday, September 03, 2017

First few miles are paved and lined with trailer parks or highways with frequent homeless dodging in and out of the pathway.

This is an easy hike except where the trail is overgrown and pushing through the thicket is necessary. Which is fun in its own right. No water covering the trail anymore. Just watch out for blackberry branches that can jump out and scratch you.

trail running
Saturday, July 08, 2017

Lots of asphalt, broken and intact. It was nice to run a local trail that isn't filled with lots of hills and elevation.

Parking can be tricky depending on what trailhead you start at.

Great trail, with a great finish at the lighthouse.just make sure to bring your allergy medicine

Trail still flooded about 1 mile in. The water has gone down from about 3 weeks ago.

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