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Sandy, Oregon Map
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1 month ago

Vegatation is swallowing the trail right now. No worries though because I will be coming back again. Solid trail with some pretty tough hills

2 months ago

Muddy walk down on main trail, nice hike back up on nature trail.

Down a 2-3mile long gravel road with no signs about there even being a legit day use site until you can see the parked cars at the end, there's a sign there

3 months ago

Nice trail. Still quite a bit of snow when you enter the wilderness area about 2.5 miles in. As for the directions. After the last right turn (at the gate). You are almost there. About 1/2 mile more. Don’t worry the road dead ends at the trail head and you won’t miss it.

This trail is in the middle of Sandy, Oregon - not Eagle Creek. There are actually another better hiking trail - Jim Slagle Loop Trail down here.

The directions are super hard to follow and the markers are misleading. The beginning of the trail does give a cool post apocalyptic feel though

10 months ago

I have not hiked this trail yet, but it is very obvious that many AllTrails users are confusing this with the other Eagle Creek trail in the Columbia River Gorge just off of I-84 east. There are many reviews that need to be house cleaned/reviewed and moved to the correct trail or deleted. This type of misinformation could lead to someone having a very bad experience. Tighten it up people!

10 months ago

okay so alot of people are getting this hike confused with the eagle creek that is off of I 84 with all the waterfalls, these are two separate trails and should not be confused.

If you try to follow the trail as laid out here the first section of it will be a broken up road that is kind of technical to walk through if you want to make good time. I wasnt even sure if any trails were going to be there when i got towards the end. I spent several hours carefully picking my way through the tore up road looking for a trail and eventually you come to a section where the road was left paved. If you look directly to your left you will see a east bound trail marker for the douglas trail. If you keep walking the paved section of road to its end and there is a sign for the douglas trail to continue to eagle creek. According to this map eagle creek started further down the road and i wanted to see if it was there. the road was broken up again and i walked it another half mile or so and never found the start of the eagle creek. So i hopped back on the douglas trail that headed towards eagle creek and hoped to run into it then. Douglas trail is very overgrown in places and i never found where eagle creek hits it. So essentially you have broken up road and the small section where it is paved is douglas trail and i do believe if you take the west bound douglas trail it leads you down to eagle creek. But as far as eagle creek trail. I never saw it. I believe where douglas trail hits the switchbacks was combined with eagle creek trail because i did get that far on the douglas trail before turning back due to time.

Was still a fun and different hike. Hope this helps the next person.

The bridge in the pictures is at the end of this trail. Start there. If you attempt to begin this trail at the listed starting point, you will surely be lost and unable to find the trail.

Trailhead was hard to find and the trail was not complete

Monday, August 07, 2017

Perhaps this is an old access road. You're walking down a very long hill to the edge of the river with only one small access point. There were 3 men fishing down there so we couldn't even get to a point we could be by the water. Then we had to hike back up the huge hill. So not worth it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Awesome trail!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

This is our favorite spring hike!! A lil tricky to find trailhead but well worth the time. Will be heading there soon!

Friday, May 08, 2015

We had to stop to ask for directions because we couldn't find the entrance (take Wildcat Creek Rd.) but once we got there the gate was closed. Turns out it's been closed for sometime now. We hiked up the road which was about 3.5 miles and is on an incline but fairly easy to walk. Once you reach the end of the road, there is no indication of the trail (it was off to the left a little). We eventually figured it out and left a pink marker for future hikers to find. The actual hike is a beautiful one that takes you through the woods, it continues to be at a slight incline, some more difficult then others but doable. We ended our hike near the dead tree, which has a nice bench to sit in while you relax and enjoy the amazing view of Mt. Hood. Overall, a moderately easy to medium intensity hike, it took us 6 hours to complete with a couple short stops and turned out to be a 15 mile hike round trip.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Couldn't reach the trail head. Tried accessing from Fernwood Cir but the only road leading up the mountain was a no entry. Wildcat creek rd has a locked gate. Only rated as a 1star because we haven't completed, yet.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Roughly 7 miles out and back from the McIntyre Ridge TH to Wildcat Mountain view point. This is steep in areas the first approximately 1.25 miles up the trail head. Depending on a hikers condition, I would say this is a moderately easy to moderate hike. Beautiful scenery, and I'm sure even better if there wasn't such a low cloud cover. Definitely doing this hike again.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Great trail! Would be a beautiful summer hike due to the shade presented by the gorgeous trees! It's not a steep trail, but you get some elevation. All forest trail above the creek.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

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