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Roseburg, Oregon Map
trail running
5 days ago

This is part of North bank , BLM habitat, and should be listed as such.
It’s only soggy in the 8-9 months of the year it’s raining in the roseburg area. In the summer it’s pretty hard packed and dry. Stay on trail to avoid poison oak!

11 days ago

We enjoyed exploring the North Bank Ranch area. Lots of great trails and very few people. However, the title of this trial (Dunning Ranch Trail) was not seen on sign posts or on the BLM map located at the trailhead. We were pretty confused but still enjoyed the variety of hikes — the most visible one is steep and a good hike up. There is also a trailhead to the north of the parking lot (look for opening in the parking lot fence) that is more flat and leads to a variety of other trails.

This is a nice drive but have never seen/heard of people hiking it

I avoid this area because there’s homeless camps and homeless people everywhere and I do not feel it is safe any longer. They’ve found dead bodies and people get mugged all the time.

Great hike, very pretty and beautiful views! We did stumble upon a RATTLESNAKE in the middle of the path on our way back to our cars though!!! I was grateful in this moment that I hadn’t brought my dog, who would’ve surely been curious and possibly bitten. It was nearly 9pm and just up from the parking lot. I’ve lived in Oregon and this valley for most of my life and this was my very first run in. So just be aware that they’re out there lol! Aside from the adrenaline rush to cap off our hike, it was a great evening, beautiful sunset and just what we were looking for.

Stopped here with my pup for a quick hike on my way from Seattle down to Medford. We loved it! Great trail and beautiful views. I’d say this is more of a moderate hike because of the steady incline — so a bit more rigorous than a walk in the woods but not too difficult. Perfect pit stop!

4 months ago

Yeah, this area isn't the greatest. It's a walk / running path if you need one, but I wouldn't go at night or alone. Kind of shady if you know what I mean. Nothing really special to see either, It's worth doing at least once, but I won't be going back often, or probably ever.

5 months ago

I tried to find where this trail using my navigation but was unable to find it and where to park. Any help would be appreciated as I am not from Roseburg.

Heavily populated by homeless, I wouldn’t recommend walking this alone or at night

7 months ago

Absolutely love this trail! The pups and I have explored almost every inch of this trail with its many loops and is easily one of our go-to adventure spots. The first two miles are pretty steep and the further you go, you will find a few more steep climbs. If you stick it out, the views are breathtaking, especially on a clear day!

8 months ago

From late Sept. - early Nov. this is a beautiful area to pick chanterelles. Be watchful for the elk herds, this time of year. The bulls are a little aggressive. Surprised to see it listed on this app.

horseback riding
10 months ago

This is a trail in the north bank habitat wildlife area in roseburg by glide -great place -beautiful . Not too muddy right. Now . Not sure why it is listed separately.....

10 months ago

I did not get to hike to far on this trail, my grand daughter was with me and after the first bend she did not want to go. It was a beautiful day. I would not call this easy. The trail is steep, but it is free of brush. I to got a tick on me also.

B-o-o-o-o-o-o-ring. Roseburg needs more paved bike trails away from traffic.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

More of a moderate hike with the first 2 miles 95% uphill.
Not bad, not great.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

more for driving or biking.

It's ok for a little get away.However it's located directly in town.

(AllWill) nice easy trail

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trail is along side interstate 5 and 4 lane streets for about 60% of it. Did not enjoy this walk and won't be back. Only rated one star to post review.

off road driving
Monday, April 17, 2017

It's a really long trail but when you start getting deeper into it you can find a lot of back trails to drive and also amazing views

Monday, April 10, 2017

Beautiful, scenic, and great for dogs. Steep, too. I wouldn't rate this as easy. Will do again.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

This is close to town but far enough to feel like you get away. I have gone many times and have found ticks often. Other than the ticks, it's a wonderful hike.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

This was a nice hike, not quite what I was expecting. Peaceful area, nice views. Hiked it June 11, 2016. recommend long pants as ticks were abundant. Only wildlife we spotted were a couple lizards and birds. :(

Sunday, March 20, 2016

It was more difficult than we expected but we completed the entire loop, measured 7.8 miles for us. We started on the right trailhead (facing away from the road). There was a lot of elevation change but gorgeous open views which is hard to find in Douglas County. We hiked in February and there were some wet spots along the trail and a lot of standing water on the trail at the end, our feet got wet the last mile. Walking sticks helped on the inclines. We took our dog and he loved it. Saw a few deer. We will definitely be doing this hike again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I've hiked here a few times and really enjoy the views and the good workout with all the hills. I even saw a black bear when hiking here in October!

Monday, May 25, 2015

a nice place to take a stroll or jog to work out. did about 4 miles of it. honestly it's not meant for "hiking" or relaxing in nature, it's more a place to get out and move for exercise. lot of people out and about on a Sunday. i would consider it a little unsafe for a single gal out jogging or walking. saw homeless & drunks hanging out in parks and benches and disc golf and rivers edge. shade in areas and full sun.

horseback riding
Saturday, February 21, 2015

I just moved to the douglas county ty area and asked a few horse people where to ride and they recommended Dunning Ranch. I parked at west entrance because I saw horse trailers there. I don't know if there are other entrances. They i.proved gravel and dirt road is nice and the views are spectacular! However I recommend that your horse be conditioned before attempting this trail. My guy has been on winter lay over and it is nothing but up hill in steep climb for miles. Notoozing forward to being jammed in the pommel all the way back to the trailer. But letting him rest frequently we went quite far up and the views are just stunning. I feel like I'm the only person in the world.

We walked the part of this trail system that includes the duck pond behind Fred Myers off of exit 125. The path is well maintained and the pond and watershed is quite active with ducks, cranes, beaver, turtles and other wildlife. Many people out today. We walked the nature trail as well and were not impressed. Very run down, not maintained. See my track comments. However, the trail system on general is in good shape.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

This trail is actually part of the North Bank Habitat Management Area and starts at its West Entrance. I, too, saw no bicycles on my hike but did run into one person on horseback who was finishing a ride just as I started mine. No others on the trail but it has been raining quite hard and I was looking for a nearby trail in order to intentionally hike in bad weather. Murphy's Law, it didn't rain at all during my trek. The trails are improved gravel roads and improved dirt roads. Note that on wet days the dirt turns to slippery mud and as the downhill part of my hike was quite steep, the mud was actually quite treacherous. I had to walk off to the side of the mud trail and hold onto small tree branches to keep from slipping. The views as you climb elevation are spectacular and this time of year you can see the patchy fog roll throughout the valleys. This is an old cattle ranch and there are some small buildings and remnants of those days scattered throughout the trails. My loop today took me down the Chasm Creek trail but there is not much to see. The creek is only visible in the lower portion of the trail and once you start climbing up this part, there are only trees to see. The entire management area is a great place to take kids (in better weather) and there are many other trails and loops to take besides this one.

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