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Great view! A bit of walking in the trees but ends with a perfect view worth the walk.

Highly recommend this hike! Elevation gain wasn’t too bad, the views of Mt. Hood were incredible! Not highly trafficked, there was a little traffic at the 4 trail junction but not terrible. The 4 trail junction was a little tricky but there is a large map that shows you the way. Great trail, I will definitely do again!

Great trail! Just make sure to pick up a Day recreational pass from the store before the salmon river turn-off. Well worth the drive!

Beautiful hike! This is my perfect kind of hike - beautiful trees and wildflowers plus stunning mountain views, not too difficult or far. When we went past Mt Hood and back into the woods, we ended up turning around and going back from where we came so we could look at Hood some more :) We drove in from Portland-area and the road had a ton of potholes but not too bad. However the route back down going towards Hood River was pretty intense. There was one gap in the road so wide my car had to go around it (couldn't go over it) and we were half off the road on just a little sliver. Scary. But we and the car survived and it was beautiful all around!

This was my second time doing this hike and it did not disappoint! We had an incredible cloud-free view of Mt Hood surrounded by gorgeous wild flowers. I brought my pup and he loved every second of this hike.

The road leading up to the trail head is pretty nice, but there are a few big pot holes to watch out for!

My wife and I did this hike yesterday and both thought it was absolutely awesome! Beautiful and serene views from the top of Bald Mountain, very secluded, and the hike through the forest is gorgeous. Keep and eye out for deer. No snow on the trail.

Beautiful and unique hike with great views of the mountain! The avalanche lilies are in full bloom through the burned area right now (6/29) and are absolutely gorgeous. A few portions of Lolo Pass road are very rough with deep holes across the entire width of the road and large rocks, so I wouldn't recommend driving up in a vehicle with low clearance. As of 6/29 the upper portion of the trail is still covered in snow in places and can be challenging to follow without a gps, but it looks like it should be melted in a few more weeks. We did have phone service on most of the trail, so we were able to use the gps on our phones to follow the trail. If you choose to continue onward, be prepared to trek over sloped snow fields, which can be a bit slippery. We were able to cross them without any special gear, but it was challenging in places. Make sure you wear good waterproof boots for the snow, and trekking poles might not be a bad idea either. If you are able, I would recommend taking a little extra time to continue onto the Timberline trail and make the short trek to Dollar Lake. The cutoff to the lake was hard to find in the snow, even with a gps, but well worth it.

Epic views, wildflower explosion, the best Oregon summers have to offer!

Beautiful little hike along the river - great for an out and back one night backpacking trip. Would recommend setting up camp within the first couple miles and then continuing on the trail sans pack for some gorgeous views. Once you leave the river around mile two, camping options very sparse for this short option trip, but hiking up the hill is well worth the effort for some spectacular views and great cardio.

Took my first trip here on 6/15/18. The trail is fairly easy to navigate, however there are some downed trees that require a little bit of ducking and climbing over.

1 month ago

Got chased down this one by a hornet once. A different time I dropped my phone 30 feet down a cliff. 5/5

1 month ago

As of 6/2/2018 no snow on the road or at trailhead. Some snow on trail about 1/2 mile in but other than that completely dry. Very easy to navigate. I love this hike! Bald Mountain is my favorite hike on Hood because it’s moderately challenging with an intense uphill push at the end. View is breathtaking!

1 month ago

This trail kicked my ass. I hiked from the zig zag ranger station to kinzel lake before camping and hiking out in the morning. There are about 3.5 miles of constant blow downs two thirds of the way through and a fair amount of bugs. As an experienced but out of shape hiker, I found it grueling

Road is clear to the trailhead as of 5/27. Made it about 2.4 miles in before relinquishing to the snow. You can hike off trail along the ridge to get a bit further but we just kept encountering snow so we turned back and followed the trail back near owl point where we continued again, until we lost the trail to snow. Excited to do it again!

Terrific hike with the river and scenic view at the top. Very worthwhile and nice hike worth doing again. All Trails directions for the. trail head suck. You need to go all the way to the bridge for the trail head. All trails directions have you stopping 2 miles before the trail head - so our 8 mile hike turned into 12.

I give this trail a 3/5 because the trail is poorly marked and I was only able to make it about a mile in before the trail was no longer accessible due to snow. I went as far as I could through the snow but the snow made the trail hard to find so I decided to turn back. The area was beautiful and the views are amazing. Definitely looking forward to revisiting this hike later in the year and hopefully giving it a better review. Until next time, have fun and be safe on your journeys;)

The view at the loop is so rewarding!! The trail is really easy until just past the permit box at the edge of Salmon-huckleberry Wilderness, where it really heads uphill. PERFECT on a sunny day.

Intense uphill, but I’m a beginner hiker and made it up in about an hour. Steep/cliffy in some areas.

4/5 stars because the trail is poorly marked which becomes problematic in snowed areas. The road to the trail and first half mile of the trail were fine. The deep snow began shortly after and makes it difficult to make it to the summit. My boyfriend tried his hardest to redirect us while I verified previous hikers foot prints, it didn’t work for long. We made it about 2/3 of the way up until we decided to quit. Super upset and wishes I had researched the trail more.

2 months ago

Great conditioner! This trail is no slouch. Views are minimal for all of the work invested. Not enough payoff.

Tried to get to it yesterday. Stopped by snow at 3600 ft. Did not have 4WD

There was still snow on the trail, I would definitely wear boots if you have them. There is a lot of foot traffic. So quiet and beautiful, we can’t wait to do it again!

Snowy, beautiful, amazingness! Had to navigate through some slick areas but well worth the effort. Glad I had trekking poles and good traction boots. No snow towards the viewpoint.

5 months ago

Steep start that leads toward two epic views: one of the valley and one of Mt. Hood. Went about 5 miles (in/back).

Haven’t hiked to the end but if you want to walk close to a roaring river a lot then this is for you! Disclaimer, the first little bit you are walking around a ridge so at first you are far from the river but when you go down, you enter a magical grove a trees with a creek and the roaring river going around it. I feel like I didn’t want to go any further b/c it’s so charming and inviting!
PS at the trailhead pay attention to the signage since the parking lot is this trail on one side and the Old Salmon River trailhead is on the other side. Easy to confuse the trails.

7 months ago

This is by far one of the most rewarding hikes I've ever done. It is a quite difficult one and it's definitely not for the casual hiker. If you plan on doing the entire distance, you will probably need as much daylight as you can get. It's better to do the loop instead of coming back the same way. If you end up doing the loop, the way back will be on a road so even if it gets dark, you will be fine. We couldn't make it to the end and we opted for the smaller loop but next time, with better preparation, we will! Dress in layers and don't give up at the switchbacks-it gets a lot better afterwards and the views are well worth the effort.

First time hiked this trail. The view is so beautiful in winter. Driving there was a challenge, but it was so much fun. The road is covered by ice and snow. You need an 4x4 or an AWD car to get to the trailhead + make sure you have your snow chains with you. My car is Subaru Lagacy Outback. Its clearance was not enough in some parts. I know how to drive on snowy roads, so I didn't have much trouble. The trail: First 0.5 mile of the trail is easy to hike and crowded. It seems like people come here to take their Christmas trees. Between the 0.5 and 1 mile section there is so much powdery snow on the trail. After 1 mile, the ground is frozen, so it is considerably easier to hike. There are fallen and about to fall trees everywhere. I had to stop after 2 miles. All in all, it was a fun day.

7 months ago

Super tough switchback but totally worth the view! We were so high it was dizzying! Can't wait to go back!

There was no snow anywhere on this hike as of Saturday, October, 28, 2017. There were some puddles in the road at Lolo Pass but the trail was dry with only a few logs across it. There was about 100 feet of muddy trail on the north side of Bald Mountain if you choose to extend this hike a bit and loop around Bald Mountain.

8 months ago

I haven't made it all the way from point A to point B for the full 18 miles but I have made it passed two of the viewpoint saddles and all I can say is WOW! What great views! I especially love the rockpile viewpoint because Mt Hood looks close enough to reach out and touch! Plus class 2 scrambles are always fun!

My only grief with this trail is simply how tough it is! In 2 miles we had climbed 2000', that's a huff and puff type of climb! I will say this is a great training trail for those looking to do trails like Defiance.

I will definitely be back when I have more time and aim to get to Devil's Peak and possibly even traverse it from the backside near Kinzel Lake.

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