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Portland, Oregon Map

I'm from California. First time on this trail and it was awesome. Loved walking through the lush forest and the views at the top are pretty great!

2 days ago

An enjoyable, short loop. I did every other trail in the Pittock Bird Sanctuary as well. There are a number of benches and areas to rest and take in the scenery.

Great mountain bike trail for beginners.

4 days ago

Beautiful trails, well kept.

A nice trail. Decent amount of ascension. Great view of Portland at the summit. There is an actual mansion and numerous functions are held there. Nice place to take your dog, or someone who is new to Portland. It can get muddy due to the heavy foot traffic.

4 days ago

Nice way to spend an hour, close-ish to the city. Busy but not overly so. Not sure why the description states no dogs - there were plenty of dogs on the trail.

Too close to people, roads, and such. Tough, it can be fun to meet new friends.

I prefer being further away from civilization. Quite a few people, and some construction made for a less immersed in nature type hike.

This was beautiful hike with luscious views and a little bit of rain. So different from the dry LA trails that I am used to. It was a steep enough climb for a bit of a challenge and the reward was Pittock Mansion and a gorgeous view of Portland. You also pass by a stone house which is a picturesque spot. I recommend this trail especially if you’re a trail runner!

All concrete, nice city views but not very pretty along the trail itself. East side very noisy from freeway traffic

nature trips
12 days ago

I like this trail a lot with its stream and lush trees, but it tends to be very busy even on days with inclimate weather. I also have a dog that is scared of other dogs and on this trail people often walk their dogs unleashed. I find this super annoying bc I’ve had to ask people to call their dogs back to them. Just because your dog is “good” off leash doesn’t mean I want it walking up to me and my dog.

12 days ago

You can cross the St. Johns on foot bridge to pick up the Ridge Trail, and meet up with the Leif Erikson trail which goes all the way into NW Portland. My favorite urban hike, by far!

I discovered that, if you go up Wildwood instead of continuing on Wild Cherry, you can access the top of Alder via NW Leif Erikson Drive (which isn't paved, but a little stretch of gravelly road). If you do that, you can then make an actual loop by crossing over to Alder (which is a more narrow path and mostly uphill, but not too steep) and then go down Alder swing back up Dogwood to the top where it reconnects with Wildwood and take Wildwood all the way back down to where it connects back with Wild Cherry - and then back to the beginning! It's 6.2 miles. Took me a little over 2 hours, but I'm slow. Going up Dog was also uphill, but again not too steep. It was fantastic. Highly recommend this route if you're not up for really steep climbs, but want the extra distance while making a "loop." Lots a pretty wildflowers out right now too!

Not a hike, more like a casual stroll. The bridge is amazing, and there are plenty of activities around this area. However, it gets crowded and there’s a sizable homeless population that hangs around here.

15 days ago

I went there on the weekend with my dog. It wasn’t overcrowded. The paps were very beautiful with all of the different types of trees and greenery, streams everywhere. That being said the pups are really hard to follow being is that the majority of them are leading to people’s private yards or back to the road.

Easy to follow, year round, dog friendly, can be steep in certain areas but very family friendly. Nice view of Portland at the summit, along with a basketball court, playgrounds and restrooms.

Beautiful trail! The view from the top is amazing!

18 days ago

Did the 30+ mile thru hike. Took us about 12.5 hours point-to-point with ample rest/stretch/feed time and a detour to Pittock Mansion. It’s pretty much just walking through a bunch of forest for a reeeeeally long time. Super shaded so not too hot, but definitely Mosquito City. If you’re looking to do the thru-hike, I’d suggest starting at the southern trailhead in order to get the majority of your elevation gain out of the way before you get tired/sore. Also, you’ll be more likely to take the extra quarter mile to check out the Pittock Mansion viewpoint which is stunning and the only view you will get on this hike. Also, be prepared to share the trail with like, everyone in Portland. Overall, a good time.

Great trail. Get there early and park on an offshoot off Skyline to avoid chaos at the Germantown parking lots.

Fantastic New bridges placed since my last visit a few years back.
I mean you really couldn't get an easier trail, wide, gravel, well compacted path, if you didn't have an incline..well at least there's that

This year I'm exploring all the hidden hiking gems within Portland and the surrounding area. There are so many places I've never been though I've lived here all my life. This hike was one of those experiences, and I enjoyed it greatly. I chose a low traffic time, so I don't know how crowded the trail normally is. There were just a few others braving the steep climb up and quite a few more enjoying the park and view at Council Crest at the top.

My second visit, walking the loop around Oaks Bottom Lake, this time with Mom. We saw tons of wildlife, and it was a perfect weather day.

21 days ago

Took my puppy here today for a little trail hike! It was very green and pretty and great for some fresh air and nature. The path was a little hard to follow/find if you’ve never done it before because many parts will lead up to streets, neighborhoods, or parking. We ended up making our way through the whole thing and stopped to play in the creek for a bit. Definitely recommend if you like moss, slugs and nature!

22 days ago

Leave it to me to turn a half mile path into a 2 mile walk. I tried walking down every single path, but it was difficult to remember which I had already been down. Ended up walking in circles a few times. Very pretty grounds. I loved the stonework and stuff from a former time. The lady attending the gift shop was very friendly and informative.

22 days ago

I didn’t have a lot of time so I had a route and I wanted to stick to it. I spent a lot of time looking at my phone to make sure I was on the right path (I wasn’t a few times). Lots of beautiful trails to explore and definitely a nice quiet hike close to town. Personally there were just too many cris-crossing trails. Would still recommend.

Enjoyed this hike a lot, will definitely do it again!

23 days ago

bad parking situation, no views, overgrown trails, confusing trails, lots of trash and probably homeless camps. Condom wrappers, broken glass, beer cans. So awful. Would never go again.

Pleasant outing. Trees.

Great combo of nature, suburbs, and a nice park. Really enjoyed the loop

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