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1 day ago

This trail has the coolest view of St. John's Bridge but it's a bit of a bummer that it's at the beginning. I still recommend this for anyone who is looking for a quick and fairly easy hike, but I'd say it constitutes as more of a nature walk considering there's no other noteworthy viewpoints or look-outs. At least you get the view of St. John's twice! It's great if you want to get out of the city and hike around some nature for a bit without driving an hour and a half outside Portland.

Beautiful trail. I had accidentally parked halfway along the trail, so I didn’t get to see the view but it was still great. Very heavy traffic though, if you’re an experienced walker be prepared to be constantly going around families with children running around and teens blasting music from speakers.

Too busy and too many people / children. felt more like a nice walk in a populated park than a forest hike. Beautiful trail though!

Awesome close in trails from Portland. Beautiful scenery and not crowded during the week. Lots of little bridges and moderate inclines. Took about 1.25 hours to do this loop.

9 days ago

good short trail for dogs and kids

9 days ago

I have taken this trail many times in different seasons. My husky loves the areas to explore. Easy trail but can get muddy during the rainy months. Summertime is great, and there is a picnicking area should you want to add a stop. The loop is well travelled and is easy to follow; additionally, there are wildlife information postings to add to the education of the area especially nice for those not having been here before.

Nice short hike.

12 days ago

very nice combination of trails. lots of dense forest.

Nice city trail walk. Westside of the trail near Sellwood bridge is blocked in places due to construction.

boring hike. scenery stinks. if you're doing the full 9 mile hike, take wild cherry, then wildwood, then firelane 1 to nature hike. then just reverse it to get back down. decent for trail running but not for a nice hike.

This was actually a REALLY great trail for someone trying to get back into hiking again! The whole first leg of Ridge Trail is a steady/decent incline. Then, when you come to the cross road, you can go left to continue and uphill trek on Ridge Trail, or go right and give your calves a break on the nice, smooth path between Ridge and Hardesty (a chunk of Northwest Leif Erikson Drive) that you share with runners, leisurely walkers and bikers. When you reach the trail marker for Hardesty, it’s all incline again until you meet up with Northwest Firelane 7 Road, which is another nice stroll before you turn back on to Ridge Trail and start your decline!

I initially thought “Dang, I must have chosen the harder direction to go!” when I turned right and did Hardesty first, but after finishing the decline back to the cross road and closing the loop, decided the difficulty level is pretty similar, and the right turn might actually be better if you’re just starting out, because you get that short break on Leif Erikson.

All together, a nice, woodsy trail in the middle of the city, a beautiful view of the St. John’s Bridge, and it looked like I was just coming in on the tail end of some beautiful wild flowers! I uploaded photos of the directions I took at each junction that kept me on the loop, because it was a little confusing, and I did have to back track a couple of times when I made the wrong turn. Thank goodness for the All Trails App and it’s glorious tracking capabilities! =D

My only negatives are the road traffic noise for the first leg of Ridge Trail (hey, city life) and the fact that it would probably be a little sketchy if it were wet/muddy. A lot of Ridge Trail is compact, super fine dirt, which I could see being REALLY slippery when it rains. Also, wear bug spray. =)

Great 4th of July hike. We really used the downloaded map. Would have had trouble staying on the trail otherwise. Our GPS logged 5.4 miles.

Wild Cherry is a bit steep but Wildwood and Dogwood sections of the trail are easy.

It was a good little hike for my first solo with both dogs. It was moderately trafficked, especially at "intersections" of the Wildwood trail. Lots of wildflowers & berries & butterflies. Elevation could be considered moderately difficult, but not an issue for experienced hikers. Over all a very pleasant day hike.

trail running
15 days ago

Trail ran this during June last year, upper parts are not as travelled and would make great for day hikes away from most people. Crowded near Fire lane 1, Hardesty Trail any where that runs along Saltzman road and Hoyt Arboretum. Nothing of significant grade and extremely well kept, they even put a bunch of new seats near the north end.

Very busy trail. Lots of people not wearing the right attire or understand hiking etiquette. If you can get through that the view of Portland from the top is amazing.

Forest Park is one of my favorites and this trail is one of the best. It’s cool, shady, and peaceful with little to moderate traffic. There’s a beautiful and accessible stream running alongside most of the trail. I recommend going in spring or summer for the full lush, PNW forest effect. The trail is well marked and a relatively easy hike.

23 days ago

Forest Park is one of my favorites and this trail is one of the best. It’s cool, shady, and peaceful with little to moderate traffic. I recommend going in spring or summer for the full lush, PNW forest effect. The climb is steep in some parts but I wouldn’t say it’s too challenging.

awesome trail. great to go with your dog. big open meadows, lots of side trails to the water. we went during a week day morning, it wasn't busy. the views of the Columbia River are fantastic. great spots for picnics.

27 days ago

Super familiar park for me. It's not a place to get solitude, but it is a great place to hang out or get exercise. The trails are varied, and some are less populated. There's often some kind of event going on, and there are many areas for kids to enjoy as well as adults. Though I've probably hiked every trail over the years, now that I have a GPS, I guess I'll do it all again while painting cyan lines on the map.

Beautiful hike and views at the top are nice especially on a clear day, but don't let the listed elevation gain fool you into thinking that this is an easy hike. The first half mile or so it's pretty level, but the last two miles are a real climb. Uphill the whole way. If you're not in good shape, are new to hiking, etc, plan on going slowly and taking plenty of breathing breaks. That said, there are 60 and 70 year olds who've been hiking a long time and some runners who don't find this climb to be an issue.

27 days ago

Walked about 4 miles after visiting Pittock Mansion. Trailhead just off parking lot.

I'm from California. First time on this trail and it was awesome. Loved walking through the lush forest and the views at the top are pretty great!

29 days ago

An enjoyable, short loop. I did every other trail in the Pittock Bird Sanctuary as well. There are a number of benches and areas to rest and take in the scenery.

Great mountain bike trail for beginners.

1 month ago

Beautiful trails, well kept.

Maple is a beautiful trail, but NW Saltzman is just a small gravel road. Nothing pleasant about that. The fire lane for the last stretch of the loop is, honestly, miserable to hike down. Steep, very, very bumpy, dirt decline that one could easily twist an ankle on or worse. Nothing much to look at song this stretch which also features views power lines overhead. I'd strongly recommend plotting an alternative route back to the trailhead.

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