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Took us 2 hr ... good one .

Good city hike. Wanted to stay close to city and get a good hike in, and this did the trick! The views from Pitock Mansion were great as well!

Nice uphill walk, very nice area.

Beautiful summer trail. Lush, few other people. Signage not good

6 days ago

This trail has the coolest view of St. John's Bridge but it's a bit of a bummer that it's at the beginning. I still recommend this for anyone who is looking for a quick and fairly easy hike, but I'd say it constitutes as more of a nature walk considering there's no other noteworthy viewpoints or look-outs. At least you get the view of St. John's twice! It's great if you want to get out of the city and hike around some nature for a bit without driving an hour and a half outside Portland.

7 days ago

It was beautiful by the playground area& everything to the right of it (coming down from parked car).
bridges are well maintained, pathways with signs, railing but then you walk past the play area&the mini stone bridge-
it's as if they stopped giving a damn.
especially after crossing the road.
For my first visit here I wish they had trail markers instead of a bunch of trails that go every other way.

Okay but it seems like this park is more for appearance rather than an 'urban nature walk'.
No Forest Park.

Half way through this trail, it just stops. Nothing is marked. There were enough spider webs to make a king size blanket. Seriously though, the trail just stopped as if it weren’t being kept up at all.

Beautiful trail. I had accidentally parked halfway along the trail, so I didn’t get to see the view but it was still great. Very heavy traffic though, if you’re an experienced walker be prepared to be constantly going around families with children running around and teens blasting music from speakers.

Nice trail. Love the old growth.

Easy hike, just be ready to be hiking in the outskirts of the city.

14 days ago

good short trail for dogs and kids

14 days ago

I have taken this trail many times in different seasons. My husky loves the areas to explore. Easy trail but can get muddy during the rainy months. Summertime is great, and there is a picnicking area should you want to add a stop. The loop is well travelled and is easy to follow; additionally, there are wildlife information postings to add to the education of the area especially nice for those not having been here before.

Great place for long boarding as well. Laurelhurst is seriously one of the best parks in SE Portland. Hammock!

Nice short hike.

used this mixture of trails as a template for a slightly more extensive walk to make up for the fact we couldn't do mirror lake trail an hour from town because there was nowhere to park.

17 days ago

very nice combination of trails. lots of dense forest.

Nice city trail walk. Westside of the trail near Sellwood bridge is blocked in places due to construction.

boring hike. scenery stinks. if you're doing the full 9 mile hike, take wild cherry, then wildwood, then firelane 1 to nature hike. then just reverse it to get back down. decent for trail running but not for a nice hike.

Great 4th of July hike. We really used the downloaded map. Would have had trouble staying on the trail otherwise. Our GPS logged 5.4 miles.

Wild Cherry is a bit steep but Wildwood and Dogwood sections of the trail are easy.

It was a good little hike for my first solo with both dogs. It was moderately trafficked, especially at "intersections" of the Wildwood trail. Lots of wildflowers & berries & butterflies. Elevation could be considered moderately difficult, but not an issue for experienced hikers. Over all a very pleasant day hike.

18 days ago

trail running
20 days ago

Trail ran this during June last year, upper parts are not as travelled and would make great for day hikes away from most people. Crowded near Fire lane 1, Hardesty Trail any where that runs along Saltzman road and Hoyt Arboretum. Nothing of significant grade and extremely well kept, they even put a bunch of new seats near the north end.

Very busy trail. Lots of people not wearing the right attire or understand hiking etiquette. If you can get through that the view of Portland from the top is amazing.

I liked the trail and with all the side trails available it’s easy to make it as long as you want it. I ended up hiking about 4.5 miles but I had some significant incline that made the shorter hike a good workout.

I took my dog here for a hike. I love all the different trails. You can spend hours here just exploring. Hoping the Owl Bridge opens back up soon!

26 days ago

Nice place for a relaxing walk.

27 days ago

I have to admit that on a 85° day, 656 ft. elevation gain feels more like 1656 ft! Be that as it may, the trail is well maintained & has very few trip hazards. This day we found the sky at the top hazy so the view we were anticipating was somewhat subdued. Still, all 3 of us (2 humans, 1 dog) enjoyed the climb & felt satisfied we had accomplished something worthwhile. Not sure if we'll find a parking ticket on our car at Marquam Nature Park when we get back because we weren't able to complete the trek in 2 hrs with time for a rest & snack at the top. Council Crest is lovely & deserves sufficient time to enjoy.

Forest Park is one of my favorites and this trail is one of the best. It’s cool, shady, and peaceful with little to moderate traffic. There’s a beautiful and accessible stream running alongside most of the trail. I recommend going in spring or summer for the full lush, PNW forest effect. The trail is well marked and a relatively easy hike.

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