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Great hike on a spring day when you want or need to stay close to town. We loved the various staircases and easements that popped up throughout the route

Nice walk, dogs got their workout in.

6 days ago

Did Wildwood and branched off to Redwood....It was beautiful and I suggest going early on the weekend. The only concern I had were some of the paths were skinny and there were a number of fast runners that would blaze by without much warning...we were on a skinny path with a drop-off and I felt like I was going to be pushed over.....so just be aware of pounding feet behind you, otherwise excellent.

We parked at Sellwood Park and started from there. The beginning was ok - saw lots of birds - got a good pic of geese with their goslings. However, it ends up on a paved road (Spring Water Corridor) and we walked that back with bikers blazing by us....very boring and even though it was maybe 3 miles, it felt like 10 because of the walk back. I think though this would be a good beginner, introductory hike for someone new to it...better than sitting indoors!

6 days ago

For a park in the middle of the city, I was thrilled to hike the trail, and I enjoyed the scenery. It put me in a youthful mood to explore every nook and cranny. If I lived near this park I would enjoy hanging out there and writing in my journal.

good elevation with a great view in the beginning of mt adams and st helens.

This is such a hidden gem. Lovely trail for a family hike. Not too busy, even on weekends.

7 days ago

My first time to Kelly Butte. The park has potential, but it seems less maintained than other Portland hill parks like Tabor and Talbert. The trails are less "friendly" in their steepness in places and are a bit overgrown. It seems there are far less visitors to Kelly. There are spots with litter and graffiti. Several trails have signs posted by the city not to trespass. I tried to stay away from those paths. Some trails marked on my GPS and AllTrails are no longer trails. An underground reservoir is fenced in where there were once open trails. I was intrigued to find out there was once an underground civil defense bunker where city officials could flee during times of war. It was the first of its kind in the country. After it was shut down, there was a time when homeless occupied it, and it has since been filled or sealed off. There are sections of trail that conceal the fact you are in the middle of Portland. The out-and-back to the west offers a view of the city near the fenced off reservoir.

8 days ago

I absolutely love the parts of this trail I’ve hiked, and I’m so intrigued by every trail that branches off, I get more and more excited about going back. It’s gorgeous and challenging and it’s wonderful in every type of weather, and it’s really hard to resist stopping and taking photos of everything.

Love this Hike/Run

beautiful view of downtown Portland.

14 days ago

This was a great easy hike! I used this as a way to ease back into hiking this summer. When we used waze to find the trailhead we did actually start at the end of the trail rather than the beginning. However it was nice I be able to see St. John’s bridge twice rather than just once!

This is a sweet trail if you like lush green forest. It’s nice that it is so close to town and yet does not feel like you’re in the city. We only did half, it’s a little strenuous for someone who is out of shape and somewhat challenging if you have difficulty walking.

15 days ago

Very nice walk with my sons, we wished we had brought binoculars to see the birds better!

17 days ago

Beautiful up until you get to the fire trail, where it gets a bit boring and repetitive. Parking is also a hassle in Linnton, we ended up parking in “downtown” Linnton and walking in. Not sure how well enforced the no parking areas are near the trailhead, but I saw plenty of cops passing and didn’t risk it.

Great for finding mushrooms and berries, though! And the creek at the beginning is nice and peaceful. Not many people on a weekday evening, and no signs of homeless camps.

On a weekday this was a great hike. Few people on the trail, easy to maneuver, good workout for me and my dogs. Beautiful views at the top.

Love Forest Park. Parking area can get quite full on the weekend. There is another parking area to the SW where you can park too.

The first part on Leif Erickson can be a mix of mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners. Later on Wildwood trail the traffic is lighter (and no bikers allowed).

21 days ago

Great moderate hike, and the Skyline Tavern is at the end for refilling water bottles and a beer. Pretty well traveled, some signs of homeless camps off the rabbit trails but not overly so.

There are dozens of possible routes to try out in Tryon. Today my route most resembles the fingery weirdness of this loop. My goal was to fill in some of the inner paths that I missed my last visit when I chose a wider perimeter loop.

First time trail running down this path was thrilling!

Fun. Moderate in, easy out. Some small muddy patches here and there, but nothing terrible. Pittock Mansion is worth the short hike.

Loved this hike. I just love Forest Park's feel.

Loved this hike. Only downfall is listening to car traffic, other than that it was great. We took lunch to have at the top, made it very nice. Will do this again next time I am in town.

The hike by the water is beautiful!

Ok trip that is conveniently near Portland. It never really gives a feel like you are away from the urban center, though.

One of my favorite places to walk nearby when I don't feel like planning a hike. Crowded, but that's not a problem. It makes it interesting. Not very good for bikers though with all the walkers to dodge.

After a year in Spokane exploring all the trails, even those inside the city limits, I decided I would do the same back in the Portland area. It's funny how you can live in a place your whole life and not bother to explore things practically in your backyard. Tryon Creek Natural Area is a pleasant place to visit when driving an hour out of town to a more remote trailhead isn't an option. I started from the south-most entrance on Andrews Road so I could hike the biggest loop possible. One down, many to go!

Nice loop with 4 adults, 1 kid, and 2 babies. Lots of wildlife: wood ducks, a heron, a bald eagle, and more! I much preferred the trail half in the woods. The stretch on the paved trail was a bit dicey with bikes zooming by and no real shoulder to step off to the side. Lots of roots and some mud on the trail, but my friend’s Bob stroller handled it just fine! Parked at the amusement park.

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